indie record labels that accept demos
LIMITED OFFER! How serious are you with your music?

As an artist, it’s about more than just your music. Too large, and it can freeze when opening or fail to load. Buy custom cube beats for $149! Other artists with Babygrande are Jus Allah, Freeway, Journalist 103, and Grand Puba. If you don’t have a track record of building a fanbase, a label is unlikely to consider you a good investment. Not every artist has the power and the money to compose, release, and market his or her music. They become one of the leading bands of that era. Some of the hits released by this label include Elements, Fired Up, and Be Yourself among others. Buy custom rock beats for $149! Kiss Dance aims at promoting new talents by accepting your demos in the genre of electronic music including Tech House, Deep House, and Techno. If you want to get a step ahead on your pitching and demo process, GigFaster is here to help! If your music sounds like these artists, feel free to submit your demo tape for consideration. Babygrande has released the songs of the artists with genre on electronic, Hip hop and rock: Here are some of them: Brand Nubian, Havoc, Jus Allah, Freeway, U-God, The Alchemist, Drako, the Yutes, Journalist 103, and Army of the Pharaohs. With their years of experience in discovering singers, promoting albums and organizing shows, you will definitely get an edge over your competitors. We maintain a database of venues and labels that are open to booking and signing new artists. They also work with !K7 to extend their network.

These Albums are, naturally, rap pieces. There were other record labels that released his songs; namely, Swami, Skybucket, among others.

Here's Cardi B and Bruno Mar's collaboration.

Their song combines a jack swing tempo intermeshed with light R&B. Atlantic Records have made music superstars in all genres. Like all labels, our artists and our repertoire are the keys to our success. Victory Records is one of the independent record labels that is making it big in the industry. You can upload your content to

Be part of the music industry by using our custom beats in your next song. They only accept mp3 files with a quality of 320Kbs. Previously, they have started with soul, jazz, rock and R&B. With these information, you are just a few steps away from your dreams. The company has more than 3,000 materials focusing on various genres like hip-hop and indie rock. Your demo is your key to making a great first impression to the record label and eventually, your ticket on how to get signed to a record label.Therefore, it is important that you make your demo professional and appealing as well. Gentlemen Lounge accepts full-length tracks in mp3 format and 320 Kbs. Once your music is available to stream and download, your work has just begun. 95% of customers that use our beats get their songs accepted on global streaming platforms like Spotify. Here's the official video of "All for One". Listen to the video of Dan Sartain's "Bohemian Groove" to have an idea of how his music sounds. But it was Victory who has released their debut album. $149 Everyday! Whethe, The last few weeks have been full of fear and what ifs… When will this end and everything get, Related Post: 3 Things To Do Before Every Gig, You’ve doubtless heard about advances that artists receive from a record label after signing a con, Start Submitting to Music Blogs, Record Labels and Booking Gigs Today, The First Thing You Need To Do To Grow Your Music Fan Base [VIDEO], Do This ONE Thing to Reach More Fans on Facebook [VIDEO], How To Use Facebook Custom Audiences To Reach More Fans [VIDEO], Why You Don’t Get Responses From Record Labels [VIDEO]. All Rights Reserved. Twisted Recordings was founded in the year 1996 by Mark Davenport and Rob Stefano. Some claim demos are only a waste of time due to the freedom that allows anyone to send their tracks regardless of the quality. Sidefunk Recordings currently accepts demos in music genres such as Funk, Hip-hop, Breaks, Glitch Hop, and Nu Disco. Loud sonic currently features hip-hop music genre. Most often, the only rejection letter you will get is silence.

Be part of the music industry by using our custom beats in your next song. They continuously diversify their roster by accepting artists offering new genre. Too small, and it will look grainy when viewed at full size. Victory Records is one of the independent record labels that is making it big in the industry. Some groups under Victory Records are Ringworm and Bayside.

Some of them are Chris Cohen, Wild Nothings, and Craft Spells. BBE Music is the home record label of DJ Spinna, John Morales and J Dilla. Chris Cohen is a singer, producer and songwriter, who can play several instruments, such as bass, guitar and drums.

Your bio section will bring that across to the label and help sell you as any package. You can reach them through email or follow them through their social media accounts to get updates from the company. With more than a decade in the music industry, Babygrande is famous for introducing new talents and promoting the career of seasoned artists. Listen and determine if it's your kind of music. Choose .jpeg when saving and keep it to the middle of the range in terms of pixels. LIMITED OFFER! Buy custom hip hop beats for $149!

Listen to "Avalanche", a rap piece, and learn their music. Here at Revolver, we continue to search out the latest talent and look to be part of an artist's story, and are currently accepting demo submissions to discover new artists to team up with! Here's a sample of Chris Cohen's music, "Green Eyes". The more submissions you make, the better chances that you can land a recording stint. It may sound old and tired, but you have to nail your bio section in order to be taken seriously. 90% of unsigned artists don't have quality recordings of their songs.


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