ironman arizona 2019 results

Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Number of athletes per agegroup, country or finish time. These times do not reflect any roll down that took place. It was Team…, Movistar’s Alejandro Valverde, 38, says that neither injury nor age has slowed him down in his career, and his performance has improved even more…, In his latest book, Bradley Wiggins called Lance Armstrong the ‘perfect winner’ of Tour de France. 2019 Season Results: Race Date Time Place. Mostly flat with some rollers, the run will take you around Tempe's salt river, and give your crew enough chances to cheer you on. The swim is fast and easy to navigate.The three looped bike course is mostly flat with a slight incline at the end, and while it can get pretty crowded during the last loop, it allows spectators to see their athletes multiple times. Advertising on You can access a spreadsheet of the full results from Ironman Arizona 2019 on my Google Drive.

T2 was more straightforward.

40. I would suggest to layer up during the first lap of the bike, and be ready to shed some layers as the day progresses.

Froome also agrees with...... Next season will see Ben Swift returning to Team Sky after being part of UAE Team Emirates for two years. ), and medical tent didn't have the emergency blankets out yet. a spreadsheet of the full results from Ironman Arizona 2019, Ironman Arizona 2018: Age Group Results and Kona Qualification, Ironman Arizona 2017: Age Group Results and Kona Qualification, Ironman Arizona 2016: Age Group Results and Kona Qualification, Ironman Arizona 2015: Results and Analysis. The course was not technical, with some 90 degree turns, but mostly straight. 2019 Ironman Arizona :: November 24, 2019 | Trifind triathlon calendar Support the continued development of these stats. As we move forward in the field though the differences become smaller and at the fifth percentile time there’s little difference between this year and the past.

During the run, the temperature never got warmer than high 60s. The swim was pretty straight forward. If you are like me, I would advise to take your own nutrition, and avoid the overly sweet taste of these products (but that's just me). Stay tuned for for more new innovations! there is also divergence between age group winners and those further back in the field for many of the divisions presented above. DNF. Competitors. The swim was spectator friendly, there were multiple buoys that made navigating easy, and water temperature was cool (60s) which made it wetsuit legal. Once you leave T2, you are greeted by hundreds of spectators cheering you on, and making the pain seem less obvious. Both b ike and run DNF rates are quite high for the course. 2007 Results at: Because of the new swim orientation, T1 was about a half mile away from the bike bags and tent. My family was amazing though. I didn't really think the additional heat was needed, but some found it welcoming.

Filter results by gender, division and country. ), and I changed as soon as I could. Ironman Arizona 2019: Results. Ironman Arizona is located in Tempe, about 20 minutes away from Phoenix airport, with easy access to hotels, Airbnb, and other accommodations.

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