islabike cnoc 16 box dimensions

Available in two sizes, the Cnoc 14 is suitable for three year olds and upwards and the Cnoc 16 is designed for four year olds and upwards. I decided on the Cnoc 16 with 16 inch wheels (a similarly-speeced Cnoc 14 is available) solely because I wanted something that was – perhaps on the large size… Classifieds Rules Which would hinder his ability to lift the bike on and off kerbs, and maneuverability.

Just bought my very nearly 5 yr old after progressing from Cnoc 14 and he loves it.

Newsletter Settings. I'm thinking of buying one of these as a step-up from a Giant Little Puddin for the youngest, who is soon to be 5 but is a little above average height for her age. I have indeed taken a proper look at that sizing chart, and according to that, she should be OK with the smaller Beinn 20".

This review was completed with the CNOC 14″ Large. Digital membership just £20/year (equivalent to just £1.67/month), Singletrack Cycle Of Good Inner Tube Belt, New Stif Squatch Launches – The All-Round 29er Hardtail, DMR V11 pedals scrutinised, ridden and then opened up, Whether you like it or not, bikes are political, 6 Reasons Why Mountain Bikers Should Vote. At 4.8kg (inc pedals), the Cnoc Pro Series saves a huge 1.3kg over the already lightweight current Cnoc.

Has anyone had experience of these with a growing family- which would you recommend? Because the Isla CNOC 16 is lightweight and has only one gear the bike is very easy to pedal and climb hills. we have kept the original box and we have the spare tube and allen keys which the buyer can collect following purchase. The Islabikes CNOC 20″ is an impeccably designed, ultra-lightweight kid’s bike that your young rider will be begging you to take out for a spin. Our boys are 12 and 8 with a 3.5 yr age gap and we went Cnoc 16, Beinn 20 Large, Beinn 26 Small, but we had to get the youngest a Beinn 24 for a year, and just sold it last month.

Log in or register to join the conversation. The thing that put me off is that she couldn't manage the old 20" bike we have "in stock", but then that frame is clearly bigger. If not, you can get access to some of our features by registering here for free. Perfectly suited for paved trails, light off-roading, moderate hills, and long rides, the CNOC 20″ is versatile, comfortable, fast, and just plain fun to ride! Listed is a Islabikes CNOC 16 bicycle in fair in great condition, a few scratches. Full Specification Isla Bikes has a very good size guide. Completing this bespoke package are Islabikes own super narrow handlebars, grips, stem and saddle ensuring all contact points have been made specific to the needs of children. Price: £1199.99 Sizes: XS, S, M (tested), L Weight: 9.19kg (no pedals) Frame & fork: 7005 aluminium frame with fittings for mudguard, rear rack, and (stock models) external dropper seatpost.Islabikes full-carbon fork with 1 1/8in straight steer and mudguard fittings. You only need two tools: WD40 and Duck Tape. Both CNOC 14 sizes also come with dual-hand brakes as well as a coaster brake. But it has also been a provider of jobs and income for dozens of families of our team as well as a source of revenue for hundreds of freelance contributors. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I'll get one on order!

Find inspiration in our Gear Guide that will keep you out on your bike through wind or rain. TELL YOUR FRIENDS  This is a thoughtfully designed bike, designed specifically for kids by Isla Rowntree, (great to see a female bike designer!). He has no problems starting and stopping safely.

More than anything else we want to have a reciprocal relationship with you and the best way to make that happen is through our memberships. There are a few signs of wear as you would expect, but I have done my best to show any scratches in the photos. Schwinn Scorch 16″ and Breeze 20″ Kids’ Bikes Review.

Get Started I just wonder if we should plump for the next model up, Beinn 20 which also has derailleur gears. Link Removal My 5yo son is in between the two in terms of frame size: the saddle on the cnoc 16 he has is near the highest setting (before the seat post's insertion in the frame is too little), but geometry wise, it's perfect for him that way. If your child is using this bike for fun, for commuting, for sport then this bike does it all with ease.

The thing that put me off is that she couldn't manage the old 20" bike we have "in stock", but then that frame is clearly bigger. You could join them and open up this and countless other articles and reviews from just £2.50/month. WISH LIST My wishlist, or rather my kid wished, that there was a kickstand and a basket. It has an aluminum frame, weighs 13.2 lbs., has a hand brake optimized for tiny hands, and has a fully enclosed chain.

Premier Club Islabikes site has excellent info for recommended heights and inside leg for each of their bikes. SUMMARY The CNOC 16 is a lightweight starter bike for kids age 4+ with a minimum inseam of 16.5 inches (42 cm).

From the light action braking for tiny hands to the frame to the fully enclosed, free-floating chainguard and you can even add a fender that fits for those kids who ride in the rain. Contact Us I'd take their advice. I'll get one on order. The Isla CNOC 16 is a perfect fit for 4−6 yr olds with a minimum inseam of 16.5 inches and a height of 41 inches. It has fittings for training wheels, and is available in Orange, Lime Green, and Pink. Forum Rules 1 for the kids to have a good experience and 2. for the car light parents who have to carry the bike on their cargo bikes or trailers when the kids get tired. Although perhaps a tad expensive, recent experience has shown that the bikes will hold their resale value remarkably well! Login/cookie issues? BUT IT'S A MEMBER-ONLY STORY. This makes the Cnoc 14 suitable for many sizes of kids in the 3-4 year old age range. Because the Isla CNOC 16 is lightweight and has only one gear the bike is very easy to pedal and climb hills. Islabikes Cnocs make for the perfect first bike for your three or four year old Islabikes Cnoc. You may be interested in a duplicate bike in green, which I also have for sale. Size wise it was slightly too big when bought 6 weeks ago, but he has now grown to the point where he is almost standing flat footed when sat on saddle. A 20 inch bike, at this point, would only represent extra weight to carry. My small, nearly 4 year-old was just barely large enough to pick the 14 large rather than the small. We’d love you to join us as a paid member of the Singletrack community – we promise you a return on your investment through the content we have and will create for you. At 13.2 lbs it is one of the lightest weight bikes available on the market. We can’t wait to try the Isla Beinn 20 which looks like it has a bike rack and a kickstand and 7 speeds. Islabikes now offers a smaller CNOC 14 with a seat range of 13″ – 16.5″ for younger/shorter kids who are ready to ride.


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