italian names for boys
Raul is undoubtedly a lovely name that you would love to give your son! It can be funky as well as a traditional name for your son. Bosco is the name of an Italian saint and thus a great way to tribute him.

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It can be an authentic yet uber name for your baby boy. If you choose to name your son this, be sure he will have a hip and cool name with a bit of traditional touch! Suggest Name. The meaning is really beautiful to make it very famous amongst the parents for their little boy.

Alessandro Defender of men.

These names are either originated in Latin or have Latinized versions of names taken from other languages.

It also means rose. It is considered to be a pretty cool name to keep for this generation of kids. Drago means ‘dragon’ and all you funky parents looking for a quirky name, do go for this one. Geno means ‘God is love’. Although this name means ‘clown’, Zan is a pretty cool name to give to any young person. That is what this name means and would be a perfect fit for your little boy. Used as a variation of the name ‘David’, this one means ‘beloved’.

Not as common as it once was, the meaning from Italian origin actually means rest. Kara means ‘beloved’, and it will suit your child a lot. It is very popular among Italian parents as it describes exactly how you feel on the birth of your little bundle of joy. It’s a classic and a pretty famous name. this name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard. For the parents who want to go a spiritual or traditional way, you can opt for this name.

Used by several Italians, this name means ‘He who is the greatest’.

The name means well-born or ever-living. The meaning of this name is connected to the Adriatic Sea. Fabian means ‘farmer’ and is a simple and grounded name for your baby boy.

The name is infamous due to Dante Alighieri, the Medieval Italian poet and his Divine Comedy. A cute little name for your sweet little boy. A little boy given this name could grow up to be of strong mind and intellect and run his own company if not higher up.

It can be an Italian first name or even surname.

Domenico means ‘belongs to God’.

The name means ‘one who possesses a lot of money’. The boy named Armani will make a good company for all the Guccis and Channels whose parents are fond of luxury brands.

The name means ‘accomplishment of the multitude’. This is a very famous boy’s name of the Italian origin which means loyal. It will be a perfect name for your baby boy who will grow up to be a strong man. Jacob is a name of Hebrew origin and means supplanter. Choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions that you will make while pregnant. It means ‘courageous’ and thus will perfectly suit your little hero! The aforesaid is the list of more than 70 Italian boy names including some fantastic suggestions for the twins, come from Italian or Hebrew origin and have a beautiful meaning associated with each of them. Gianni means God is gracious. This boy’s name of the Italian origin comes from the word Primus. This short and sweet name of the Italian origin is very popular and meaningful.

The name means ‘bright fighter’ and is a strong one for Italian boys. So if God has listened to your prayers and gifted you with a son, then this is the ideal name for your little one. A commonly used name, Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’. What better way to make your son feel loved than name him this gem?

It is one of the best Italian boy names. It is a Renzo in Italy means Third link or third son.

We must say we dig the stylish tone it carries with itself. The name means ‘a man of luck’ and is a hugely popular one among all Italians! Happy parenting, folks. It means ‘God is gracious’ and is a reasonably chic name to give to your child. The meaning of this famous Italian name lies in its name itself.

Yovanney is the Italian name which is related to the Hebrew name Yovanny. In the Bible, the olive tree is the symbol of beauty, fruitfulness and dignity. it means someone who rules a estate or a house.

Instead, give him a short and cool name with a beautiful meaning attached to it! Is Switching to European Baby Formula a Safe Deal? A baby boy given this name will grow safe in the knowledge that he is priceless to his parents and will be loved and cared for more than any precious gem. Aldus is a very popular name for the first son or the elder son.

Italian Boy Names.

A man known for his riches is called Edgardo. Bravo is a boy’s name of the Italian origin which means excellent or courageous. Ivano: It … Belvidere is a boy’s name of the Italian origin which means beautiful to see.

He must not be ridiculed for his name. The names are derivative of Italian and Spanish. Elio has become a popular name ever since Call Me By Your Name released. In the Old Testament, he was Adam and Eve’s, second son. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Nicolas means ‘victorious people’, and it is relatively common among all Italians to use this for this baby boy.

Although it sounds holy, this surely can be a very cool name for your boy. Yet another popular name among Italians, Alessandro means ‘defender of mankind’. Leonardo.

A trendy name among Italians, this means a ‘small person’.

It is also used as a short form of Luigino or Eugenio.

It is one of the best Italian male names which means ‘Sacred name.’.

The name is popular as it has a beautiful name inherent in it which means ‘God is Gracious.’, The pronunciation of this name is Jon.

A very popular name in Italy, Matteo means gift of God, and this may explain its popularity.

Angelo will surely be a perfect name for your little bundle of joy. Logan comes from a Scottish surname and means a small hollow while Lucas means Man from Luciana.

This name of the Italian origin comes from a place’s name – Gaeta is a region in Southern Italy, to the north of Naples lies the gulf of Gaeta.

This name has different versions, but all of them have a somewhat similar meaning which says ‘it was told by the God’.

The name means Warring or God of Mars. Often we stumble upon cool names but doing a bit of research about the same doesn’t hurt either. An Italian name which means a little saint. 10 Amazing Benefits Of Kiwi Fruit During Pregnancy, Banana During Pregnancy: Benefits and Nutritional Facts, 60 Meaningful and Auspicious Rohini Nakshatra Baby Names, Top 70 Indian Celebrity Baby Names with Meanings, 80+ Cute Asian Baby Names For Your Little One, 150+ Simple and Latest Marathi Baby Names With Meanings, 176 Best Baby Names in Malayalam Language for Boys and Girls. It not only sounds stylish, but it also seems pretty strong. I hope you find this list exhaustive enough to help you choose the best apt name for your child. Even if your child misbehaves, it would be difficult to reprimand him with a name like this. Santino would be an ideal name for a little one with cherubic features and an obedient personality with maybe a glint of mischief in his eyes.

Although it sounds French, it is an exquisite Italian name.

The name’s popularity came from famous designer Georgio Armani. While some parents decide to go with popular common names, some prefer unique ones with meaning. It has, therefore, gave rise to names such as Adriano, Emiliano, Dino, Mateo, and more.

It is by far the most beautiful meaning name you can choose for your son.


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