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Also, Wayne's odd posture that appears both rigid yet relaxed at the same time. Once the singing stops, the discussion resumes. In the season 1 finale, Tanis gives one to Stewart, even though she'd already gotten her money. The original videos can be found on their YouTube channel here, with promos for the television show available on Crave's channel here. In the Easter special, Glen and the hockey bros walk in on Roald contentedly painting an enormous self portrait. : "Uncle Eddie's Trust" to reality TV (most pointedly. In the season 1 finale, Tanis gives one to Stewart, even though she'd already gotten her money. Book-Ends: The first season begins and ends with Wayne defending his title as the Toughest Guy in Letterkenny. Roald, after he becomes Stewart's right hand man. Tagged with canada, canadian things, humor, humour, letterkenny; Shared by HaveACharlieDay. ", "Fuck you Jonesy, I made your mom cum so hard, they made a Canadian Heritage Minute out of it and Don McKellar played my dick. Jerk Jock: Jonesy and Reilly always immediately start insulting Wayne and Daryl for being hicks as soon as they see them. Even after he reclaims it, the breakup still affects him several times throughout the first season. : Wayne discusses in a Season 6 episode that whenever McMurray finds out someone's gay, he gets really... weird about it, invoking this trope.

fall, winter, etc..., as well as TV seasons), relationships, and both new and old characters.

Put on a Bus: Devon moves away in Season 3. "Dirty fuckin' dangles, boys!" Season 5 reveals that Tanis swings both ways, Dax and Ron are introduced as gay, but they both flirt heavily with Katy at the speed-dating event. Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": The hockey coach is known only as "Coach", Evil Laugh: The Hockey Coach shows he has a pretty pronounced one in Season 5. Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne are Those Two Girls. Motor Mouth: Jim Dickens, the local auctioneer, as is typical of those in his profession.

Wayne is well aware that dating Marie-Fred is going to get him in a shit-ton of trouble with her brother, the aggressively English-hating Jean-Claude. Fuck, ya almost wanna let it in ya got so much mouses.". The Voiceless: None of the skids besides Stewart, Devon, and Roald speak. (trailing off) Yeah...yeah...". Also in series 3, Gail points out that Katy's had a "busy winter," specifically citing some gossip going around town about the models, Bonnie's hot tub party, and the Hicks' encounter with their Québécois counterparts, Les Hiques. The city’s more ghetto, run-down neighbourhoods get plenty of screen time, and as with most cop shows, the pits of humanity are on full display, but not just with the criminals. ", "Fuck you Jonesy, I made your mom cum so hard, they made a Canadian Heritage Minute out of it and Don McKellar played my dick. "Dirty fuckin' dangles, boys!" "Good n'you?" ", "Fuck you Jonesy, tell your mom to leave me alone, she's been laying on my waterbed since Labour Day. Cut Your Heart Out With A Spoon: Shoresy's colorful descriptions of what he. They also mention this being done on their behalf by a family member or first date after somebody insults them, and they're not too keen on actually going through with it.

In "The Letterkenny Leave," a passing reference is made to, Wayne always throws out the last bit of beer in a bottle because he believes that "the bottom inch of a beer bottle is 50% spit.". It’s only a matter of time.”. Also applies to Tyson, who is friendly to Wayne after being headbutted into unconsciousness. "You're goddamn right it's my choice!". How a poorly named, poorly conceived pop-up started a controversy. The main cast has remanined largely consistent since then. Becomes irrelevant in Season 3 when Devon allegedly moves out of town. Face, Nod, Action: At a hockey faceoff in Season 3, several of the opponent Loggers makes sexual comments about the Ferda duo's ex-girlfriend, to the effect of "Who brought the fuckin' rocket, boys?" Clint Squint: Wayne's default expression. Because You Were Nice to Me: Joint Boy was willing to not fight Wayne for the title of Toughest Guy in Letterkenny because in the previous episode Wayne fought a guy who was picking on Joint Boy's mentally-challenged second cousin. Whole Plot Reference: Subverted. Wayne with regards to Katy dating Jonesy and Reilly — and. Large Ham: Stewart and the rest of the skids tend to be as hammy as possible. In Season 3, their mere presence keeps degens away from the sled shack. Insistent Terminology / Hair-Trigger Sound Effect : No one is immune from getting mocked for saying "to be fair..".

She also shamelessly pursues any guy she set's her eye to. Wayne is well aware that dating Marie-Fred is going to get him in a shit-ton of trouble with her brother, Season 5 has Hard Right Jay. Gae reappears in Season 5 for Stewart's intervention. the government is hiding the fact that nuclear war was waged without casualties. for Reilly and Jonesy. Probably the thickest accent is the marble-mouthed McMurray.

A minor one. Then, as of the Season 3 finale, Katy, Jonesy and Reilly after she informs them she only wants to date one of them. For whatever reason, everyone in town keeps calling him "Jimmy Dickskin," and no amount of correcting people seems to help. Subverted Catch Phrase: The above-mentioned town greeting gets subverted when Wayne confronts Tanis. She returns for a couple of episodes in Season 6. Wayne meets Marie-Fred outside a dance club and says he has a question, but she tells him to ask it inside. He gets strangely frustrated when the Shamrockettes win the championship and looks at the garbage can longingly.

They later produced a few sketch videos. Christmas includes Wayne giving a gift to someone, that person being shocked that Wayne would give them a gift, and Wayne replying "Yeah, well, it's tradition, so yeah.

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Series/Letterkenny. Wayne and the gang vs. "degens" from up-country. (trailing off) Yeah...yeah...", Valentine's Day includes Ron exchanging increasingly ridiculously.

Good Ol' Boy: In a town that has plenty of these, Wayne stands out as a gentleman. The Bus Came Back: Gail returns, as horny as ever, in Season 6. Wayne, Daryl, Katy and Squirrely Dan do this, Season 6 starts with Wayne and his new girlfriend talking for hours on end about Wayne seeing some guy using an iPad at a urinal, and. Katy engages in two polyamorous relationships; one with Reilly and Jonesy in series 1, and a brief fling with a couple of toy-boy models she brings back from the city in series 3. The Ginger and Boots, on account of their reputation as ostrich fuckers. Episodes after the first change the opening to "There are 5,000 people in Letterkenny. Tempting Fate: At the end of the first season, Wayne says he's looking forward to some peace and quiet in town. only to be greeted by an audience of two people, so he sneaks it to her while everyone else is distracted by the fight so that she doesn't come back. Of course, this is. For whatever reason, everyone in town keeps calling him "Jimmy Dickskin," and no amount of correcting people seems to help. "You're goddamn right it's my choice!

Epic Fail: Stewart was apparently a big local DJ back in the day, and decides to book the Ag Hall for a comeback performance of all his old DJ personas. The Letterkenny Irish only talk in a specific order. In 2.3 "Relationships" cold open, Squirrely Dan mentions a comedian talking about Americans having six different kinds of Captain Crunch.


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