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Get rid of this leftist turd who has pushed western WA into a cesspool!!! He jumped into a crowded field of Democratic Party candidates last year, and we presume he was serious about that effort.

IT WASN’T THEIR INTENTION FOR THE PEOPLE TO SERVE THE GOVERNMENT. In a shocking turn of events, The Political War Room news network has learned from WhatFinger.com news site,... © @ 2020 All Rights Reserved - The Political War Room - The Political War Room Store, B4 U Vote: Biden Scandal Grows Risking National Security (Updated), HALLOWEEN MASK PREDICTION: What The Hell Does This Have To Do…, Journalist Resigns After Being Threatened Not To Publish Biden Story, BREAKING: FBI Investigating Hunter Biden’s Laptop, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY: ‘ HIDIN’ BIDEN ‘, POLITICAL MEMES: The Political War Room Memes, “I Will Die Before I Give In”- Mike Tyson Receives a…, MIKE TYSON vs BUSTER DOUGLAS 30 Years Ago Today Buster Douglas…, SUPER BOWL 54: Champions The Kansas City Chiefs. Governor Inslee made a new name for himself in Washington State. It really seems like Inslee is doing things like that on purpose. Criticisms and debates are encouraged, but be constructive and don't harass anyone. During the Inslee administration, millions of acres of land including homes and towns have been destroyed by wildfire.

His lawyer, John Henry Browne claimed the crash was a "horrible, horrible accident" and that there was nothing political about the case, however. Get up to 50% off. It only took a few months for him to renege on that silly “promise.”.

if the leftists & liberals vote for this turd again, it just shows what imbeciles the WA morons are… The shame of this specific scandal is that it directly harmed tens of thousands of unemployed Washingtonians who were not able to receive their unemployment since it had been sent overseas to Nigeria.

As long as they have a full stomach and their favorite TV show is on they are good to go. by trailrunnerwithpups. A: Just one, but it really gets screwed.

Membre du Parti démocrate, il est élu à la Chambre des représentants des États-Unis entre 1993 et 1995 puis de nouveau de 1999 à 2012. Durant son premier mandat, l'État connaît une forte croissance et investit massivement dans l'éducation maternelle et primaire ainsi que dans les infrastructures de transports. politics › inslee Memes & GIFs. Il représente en effet le 4e district du Washington, une circonscription plutôt conservatrice du centre de l'État[3]. Obviously, you haven’t studied Washington State’s bureaucracy in action.

Stay Connected. Jay Inslee for President - Join the (unofficial) movement on Reddit at r/Inslee2020, Jay Inslee, running for president to save the planet from the sins of humans destroying it, Inslee was the first governor to stand up for refugees and the first to fight the Muslim ban. Depuis 2013, il est gouverneur de l'État de Washington. News.

The Political War Room Facebook Page. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It seems unlikely Governor Inslee was purposely trying to infest Eastern Washington with apple maggots. Now that it appears they are moving even more of their production (and jobs) to other states, this will cascade into very negative economic impacts in Washington. Il est élu avec 49,8 % des suffrages contre 44,1 % pour le républicain sortant Rick White (en). Inslee got heckled a while back when he tried to speak in Pasco.

"I didn't want to see that," Taylor's father Matt said of the meme, reported the Seattle Times.

This is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a $5,000 fine (See RCW 17.24.141). White or transparent. politics › inslee Memes & GIFs.

He can let the bureaucracy careen off the rails into scandals and failure with no consequences as he sees fit.

Jay Robert Inslee, né le 9 février 1951 à Seattle, est un homme politique américain. ... Jay Inslee, running for president, successfully proposed a huge public option in WA state that would open the door to M4A.

When “mostly peaceful” violent protestors seized 6 blocks in Seattle and declared it an autonomous zone a few weeks ago. Humor and discussion around U.S. and world politics. to a Nigerian fraud scheme isn’t troubling enough, it is important to put this in the context of previous scandals which also negatively impact the residents of Washington State.

"At one point he asked if the injured pedestrians were okay.

He’s from Washington. You thought only extremely gullible suckers fell for that one. The Republicans have been mostly timid in their official opposition, and the corporate media rarely ask tough questions. The immediate objective was to recover and destroy the infestation before it could spread and devastate the local economy, which depends on growing maggot-free apples for distribution around the world.

“Maggot Man” seems to be a shorthand way for some to express their feelings about Governor Inslee. It seems unlikely he intended to launch an apple maggot infestation by his actions. "[I] totally reject the language of my cousin Mike Brown who made inflammatory comments about recent protests," wrote Inslee. And you thought failure to wear a mask or social distance was bad. The GOP has no gonads and the Dems are all bolshevik billionaires or their pawns.

"The defendant stopped several hundred yards from the scene," prosecutors said. You can verify here. This is Washington State, and these things get buried when politically necessary. Durant ses mandats au Congrès, Inslee fait partie de la commission de l'énergie et du commerce[4].

Bob for AG. 1,096 views. Humor and discussion around U.S. and world politics.

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"That guy needs to be fired now. Do you think he really doesn’t know about the apple maggot quarantine areas? The uniparty remade the voting system so that our involvement literally doesn’t matter anymore–taxation without representation. Inslee can keep his eyes fixed on the other Washington on the banks of the Potomac rather than Puget Sound, and he can negotiate a plum political position assuming Trump loses the election.

The worst elements of the bloated bureaucracy/politician class thrive and encourage apathy. 1057.


Footage captured the white car driving the wrong way up the Stewart Street I-5 exit ramp, despite numerous "Wrong Way" signs, as per the charging documents. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. For some reason, a majority of people in Washington State believed him, which is a bit sad in hindsight. One of the protesters stopped Kelete's car by blocking it until state troopers arrived.

One reason Inslee fears to do his job and fire the obviously incompetent Department of Employment Security director Suzi Levine is because she is a major campaign donor to his political campaigns (as well as her husband), and she has helped Inslee (and Obama) raise big bucks over the years. L'élection est considérée comme serrée face au procureur général de l'État, le républicain Rob McKenna[6].

News of the controversial post emerged after a horrifying video allegedly showed Dawit Kelete ploughing into Taylor and Love on a freeway with his car.

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Donate to Inslee's campaign to get his his track record and his ideas on the Democratic debate stage! Auparavant élu à la Chambre des représentants des États-Unis dans l'État de Washington entre 1993 et 1995, puis de nouveau de 1999 à 2012, il est candidat aux primaires présidentielles de 2020.


Malgré sa campagne présidentielle, aucun candidat démocrate d'envergure ne s'était lancé dans la course[15]. Criticisms and debates are encouraged, but be constructive and don't harass anyone. Most people are not paying attention to this until they are either directly harmed or impacted by something done by those in charge….

N'arrivant pas à dépasser les 1 %[12] voire 0,5 % dans les sondages[14], sa présence aux prochains débats semble alors compromise[13]. How many businesses are closing for good and blame Governor Inslee? Durant ses études, alors que se tient la conférence des Nations unies sur l'environnement de Stockholm, Inslee passe une année en Suède pour étudier la qualité de l'eau et les questions énergétiques[3].

However, eventually, his mismanagement and failures will catch up to him and it could be more than just the rural residents of Washington State who start calling him “Maggot Man.”, OUR CONSTITUTION BEGINS WITH THE PHRASE “WE THE PEOPLE.”  IT WAS THE FOUNDER’S INTENT THAT GOVERNMENT BE CREATED BY THE PEOPLE, TO SERVE THE PEOPLE.

Inslee has held nobody accountable so far, and accountability in this case appears extremely unlikely. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Il est réélu tous les deux ans entre 2000 et 2010[1].

Inslee doesn’t view the Republican “opposition” as being effective, and he clearly feels that no Republicans can stop or constrain his political objectives. he knows what he’s doing….

Glen, I think most people know but don’t care. Why is Governor Inslee abusing Washingtonians? ELLENSBURG, Wash. - A local brewing company is facing pushback after posting doctored photos of Gov. On July 6, Brown was placed on administrative leave, according to King County Sheriff's Office and an internal investigation is pending. Here is just a small sampling: The Inslee administration just ambles along, mostly unconcerned about whether their incompetence, failures, or lack of effective policy is noticed. Proclamation #20-31 “suspend background checks for childcare workers” A sign of the times. En 1996, il se présente au poste de gouverneur mais il perd les primaires démocrates en réunissant seulement 10 % des voix[4].

Kelete is an Eritrean immigrant and a US citizen living with his parents in Seattle. Once local officials realized the problem, a frantic search for the infested maggot apples ensued. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. Captain Planet for President.

The Political War Room Facebook Page.

Inslee may be willing to write off rural Washington, but eventually those who see the decline and lack of leadership in the neighborhoods and urban areas of Washington might not want to take another bite out of the Inslee maggot apple either.

This has become a common occurrence in the rural areas of Washington state.

Specifically, this violates RCW 17.24.081(5). I haven’t had a TV since the early 1990s, but as for me and mine, we are focusing on full bellies and caring for one another.

Il propose un plan d'investissement de 9 000 milliards de dollars pour ramener les émission de dioxyde de carbone américaines à zéro d'ici 2045[12]. As a gesture of goodwill, he brought some homegrown apples with him as gifts.

Boeing was given a huge tax break, which was not extended to small businesses in Washington State. A: Unwanted change. Joke #17: Q: What is the difference between Democrat Jay Inslee and a prostitute?


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