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A potato bug, sometimes referred to as a Jerusalem Cricket or Child of the Earth, is a small, several-inch-long insect found in organic material such as potatoes and other crops. Their legs help them dig into the ground where they spend much of their life.

They love to suck the juices from the leaves and stems of fruits and vegetables. Help to prevent Jerusalem crickets from setting up home in your garden by storing firewood at least 5 cm from the ground and preventing trash from accumulating. This saliva only causes harm to plants, but as potato bugs don’t have poison glands, they are not venomous. Year-round . Appearance What Do They Look Like? If you want to go looking for a Jerusalem cricket, you may not have much luck, as they live most of their life underground, coming out when it gets dark. If you are a farmer and plow your field, you might literally "turn up" a few of them from time to time. The photographer caught this one emerging from the hole he had burrowed in the ground. I didn't step down hard I kind of more tapped them.

Potato Bugs range, to the best of our knowledge, in the western U.S. primarily in the arid Southwest, though there are reports from as far north as Canada according to BugGuide . Most potato bugs bite when you are least expecting it. It will almost always just turn and run away when approached, although its powerful jaws might pinch a finger if you get too close. To make your own potato bug killer home remedy, you can make an insecticidal spray this way: Remember that potato bug larvae are often found on the underside of leaves, so make sure and spray those parts of the plant. Also, the large insects look pretty frightening and, because of that, most humans are quick to get rid of them. I live in Bellflwer California and have seen at least 8 of them in the month that we have living here. Bison Range… One of the drawbacks of using diatomaceous earth to kill off Jerusalem potato bugs is that it’s not effective in wet or damp weather. Add 2 tablespoons of neem and one tablespoon of Castile soap. These garden bugs prefer the outdoors where they can feed on decaying plants. Because there is not venom or poison in their bite, you shouldn’t see any significant swelling or redness. You may also hear hissing noises before it is about to pounce on your skin.

All the Facts about Potato Bug (Jerusalem Cricket).

One of the reasons why gardeners try to eradicate Jerusalem crickets from their land is because they can be harmful to growing plants, especially young ones. Thankfully, it is rare that you experience an infestation of potato bugs in your home.

My toy poodle lie down to smell them so I told him a voice quickly and I stepped lightly on the bug mainly because I was afraid of him. This is not a potato bug. They spend a lot of time underground and usually come out when it is cool or moist. The natural range of the Jerusalem cricket includes the southwest, west, and Pacific coast of the United States, most parts of Mexico, and parts of Central America. Don't feel bad...we've all done it. Native Americans called this cricket Woh-tzi-Neh (old bald-headed man). So, although a potato bug looks dangerous to humans, the worst that a Jerusalem cricket will do is inflict a non-toxic agonizing bite. Occasionally the head may be rust to brown colored.

Because they are often found under plant leaves, in flower beds, and amongst decaying plants, you might get bitten while gardening. Cultivating the soil can disturb the ground crickets. Body: They have large heads and beady black eyes. Species Range. So, usually, if you leave them alone, they will leave you alone and not think about biting you.

The Jerusalem Cricket Has Several Predators. The missionaries had a strong connection with the Navajos and may have heard them speak of wó see ts'inii (Navajo for skull insect). (4). The Jerusalem cricket spends most of its time underground, so you may never have the chance to see one. Two dark, beady eyes are widely set just below long, slender antennae. Eew, you wrote it! Jerusalem crickets are nocturnal monsters that strike fear in the hearts of ordinary humans (non-hobbyists). Their ant-like appearance can look frightening to many people due to their large bulging head, small eyes, and long antennas.

Learn more about the many uses of neem oil and how you can use this natural pesticide to get rid of aphids. Dark Jerusalem Cricket — Stenopelmatus fuscus. Potato bugs are not poisonous insects but they have strong jaws that can cause you to shriek in pain if they bite you. According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), DE works by destroying the insect’s exoskeleton. All you have to do is sprinkle the diatomaceous dust in areas where you see evidence of potato bugs. How do I get rid of them?

Diatomaceous earth is a natural powder from the fossilized remains of a type of algae. Shake well to thoroughly mix the ingredients. To prevent an infection in the bite mark, it’s important to cleanse the affected area.

Their body has shiny orange and black bands with 3 large legs on either side. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a non-toxic way to rid your garden of unwanted creepy-crawlies such as Jerusalem bugs. In fact, due to their unsightliness and size, people describe potato bugs as the monsters of the insect world. This article was most recently revised and updated by,, International Union for Conservation of Nature. Potato bugs feed on dead roots, decaying plant matter, and other organic material. Jerusalem crickets are also good for munching away at dead roots and other decaying organic material in your garden. I wouldn't be so concern but i have found three of them inside the house. Gardeners often find lots of potato bugs when they are getting the soil ready for planting. Put several inches of a light, loamy or sandy soil in the bottom of the terrarium so they can burrow (this will also provide a chamber for your female insects to lay eggs). The identification of your Potato Bug or Jerusalem Cricket, genus Stenopelmatus is easy enough, but the rest of your letter is quite perplexing. Montana Field Guide. They may be unusual but they are not as rare as people have believed. In fact, no one really knows where the name of this unpleasant-looking creature came from. Food grade DE is safe to use around the garden without fear of it causing damage to humans, pets, or your plants. Here are some natural ways to eradicate potato bugs and other harmful insects from your garden or yard. They mistakenly took this as a reference to Calvary outside Jerusalem near the place where Jesus was crucified because Calvary is also called skull hill. Other names for Jerusalem crickets are “child of the earth” (Spanish, niño de la tierra), skunk bugs, skull insects, earth baby, or shiny bug. But, we live and learn.

To be successful, however, you have to mimic its natural habitat as closely as possible, and to do so, we are providing some valuable pointers for you: If you keep a Jerusalem cricket in a terrarium, make sure it reminds him of his native habitat and include clumps of grass, leaves, etc., like you see in both these photographs. A lack of dead plant material to eat is usually the reason Jerusalem crickets start munching on your fresh, young plants in your garden. Ha haha. This means that these unsightly-looking cricket bugs can be nearly as long as the width of your hand. Size: They are large insects and can be up to 50 mm long. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Some websites say that cricket bites could cause sores on your skin or an itchy rash. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login).

Omissions? Thank you, again :-) Smiles! They are known in some areas of the country as Potato Bugs which probably reflects their occurrance in areas where potatoes grow well. Maybe you’ve heard about a so-called “alien” bug in the news recently. They love to dig beneath the dirt and feed on the roots and tubers of potato plants. However, many gardeners don’t view potato bugs as pests in the garden but as good for the soil. On Cricket's network, you'll be able to reach the vast majority of the U.S. with a high-quality connection, using a 4G LTE prepaid cell phone . One of the reasons for using neem oil for potato bugs is that it is safe for humans and shows low toxicity to plants. (and How to Get Rid of Ants). Jerusalem cricket. Potato bug bites may not be very common and they don’t inject venom. Luckily, it doesn't make that annoying sound that can keep you up all night (unless you like the sound of crickets rubbing their legs together, in which case it can help you fall asleep).

Mike and Dorothy McKenney (author) from United States on November 23, 2018: They are not poisonous, but Jerusalem crickets but they have a really foul smell and their bite is very painful. Dorothy is a Master Gardener, former newspaper reporter, and the author of several books. In Mexico they are known as Niño de la Tierra, which means Child of the Earth.

Mike and Dorothy McKenney (author) from United States on March 13, 2018: After I started writing articles about bugs I realized that in my lifetime I must have killed many harmless little creatures thinking they were going to attack if left alone. This causes them to dry out and eventually die. However, the good news is that they are not an aggressive insect. While Jerusalem crickets aren’t poisonous and, indeed, won’t kill your kids, their oversized jaws can deliver a mean bite; the larger ones can draw blood. He went ahead and got away. Clearing your yard. Traps to get rid of Jerusalem crickets. You may, however, find them under a rock or other dark places. The Jerusalem cricket is not poisonous and it won't bite unless it gets pestered or highly provoked. Repeat the application every few days and always reapply the non-toxic pesticide after rain when the soil has dried out.

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If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a potato bug bite, the first sign will probably be a sharp stinging sensation.


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