jessica savitch accident

Growing up in the 1980’s the print and television media were revered. R.I.P. [4] Although both biographies contain similar material, Savitch's family and friends have challenged as untrue portions of the books regarding her reporting skills and controversial aspects of her personal life (see Personal life).

Seems coincidental that Savitch died the very night immediately preceding the day she was scheduled to have an intervention for her spiraling out-of-control behavior. After managing The Playhouse Inn next door to “the Bucks County Playhouse”, she moved to the establishment she renamed “Chez Odette’s” and ran it until shortly before she died in 1978. She was pretty important in American news reporting at the time – Barbara Walters was about the only female who pulled better ratings. The only man she every really loved beat her terribly. The car went off the bridge, Kennedy escaped the car and left the scene, and didn’t report the crash until the car, with Kopechne’s body inside, was discovered next morning. Stunning. I found the story interesting. KYW in Philadelphia was one step away from the New York job she coveted and she was willing to sacrifice any personal relationships, family or not. This “intensity” that Stephanie described in Jessica’s transformation after their Father’s death, could explain her endless pursuit of perfection in her professional life. T he controlled manner in which Jessica Savitch brought us the news every night was a far c r y from the emotional instability that lurked internally. Stephanie believed that this had an effect on all of them. Savitch got along well with some members of the KYW staff, including her regular location shooting crew and her co-anchor Mort Crim. I was like ‘dude, you have to wait!'”. townhouse. “Toward the end,” former NBC newswoman Linda Ellerbee once told interviewer Bob Costas, “we could all see she was in trouble. However, once they got wind that Kershaw was Savitch’s boyfriend they recanted the offer. She performed a later update the same evening without issues. [21], The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia posthumously inducted Savitch into their Hall of Fame in 2006. [6][10] Savitch, who was in New York on business at the time, found his body when she returned to the house. Recently, legendary Detroit anchor Bill Bonds passed away. [4][7][16], Savitch's friend, WNBC anchor Sue Simmons, said in a 2013 retrospective article marking the 30th anniversary of Savitch's death, "When the books and the movie came out [after her death], they made her out to be this troubled character.

jessica savitch of nbc-tv killed in car accident Jessica Savitch, the NBC television reporter who became one of the first women to anchor an evening network newscast, was killed late Sunday night after the car she and a companion were in drove into a canal in a rural section of Bucks County, Pa., and overturned. Savitch had suffered many early ending pregnancies and was reportedly suffering from anorexia, but there were no confirmed reports on both the aspects. As for Jessica, I couldn’t even begin to describe how messed up she was toward the end. When she was initially unable to obtain a weeknight anchor shift, Savitch attempted to break her KYW contract and take a job offered by CBS in New York. Jessica was the height of her popularity when she wrote the book, “Anchorwoman” in 1982. He signed out a 1982 Oldsmobile station wagon from the Post’s fleet, and they headed toward Bucks County, PA with her dog Chewy along side. It seemed acceptable at the time for news people to personify the stereotype of the hard hitting, hard drinking news reporter that sometimes showed their afflictions on camera. Her mother was a nurse and had to go to work to support the family. Jessica spent her major years of work at NBC, where she became the second woman to host a weekend national news telecast eventually becoming the first woman anchor to host the weeknight ‘NBC Nightly News’. Fischbein, known as a careful driver, was confused about which way to go after leaving the restaurant “Chez Odette’s”. When Jessica Savitch, dubbed NBC’s Golden Girl for her cool, blond professionalism, appeared before the cameras on the evening of Oct. 3, 1983, she seemed as unflappable as ever.

In 1976, she caught the attention of NBC executives during a presidential campaign debate held in Philadelphia between President Gerald Ford and Democratic nominee Jimmy Carter. In addition to her regular anchor work on weekend news broadcasts and daily news updates, Savitch appeared on many other NBC News programs over the years. Her flawed delivery fueled speculation that she was using drugs, specifically cocaine. ‘Certainly she (Ms. Savitch) died within a very few minutes of when the car was in the water,’ Rosko said, adding the same was true for Fischbein. A few years prior to the release of her book “Anchorwoman”, Jessica Savitch lost her second husband, Dr. Donald Rollie Payne, to a suicide. By 1983, Savitch was anxious about her job and showing signs of emotional instability, and NBC was beginning to shift its focus to other anchors, particularly the newly hired Connie Chung. The passenger side dash vent looks like an A-body Olds, definitely not the rather unusual B/C body Olds dash vent. As a kid I remember JS as being prominent in national TV journalism but knew nothing of her personal life or death. Thereafter, although she was a general assignment reporter and helped to cover the 1980 Republican and Democratic national conventions, she was primarily known as an anchor. The powers that be were convinced Jessica was going insane and would kill herself if confronted. [24] When first aired, Almost Golden earned the second-highest rating ever for a cable television film up to that point. Some of the money was used to establish scholarships for women studying for careers in broadcasting or journalism at Ithaca College and other colleges.

The G body wagons were nice, but always looked very plain without the woodgrain. American Brands: AMC, Jeep and All Others, Tractors, Lawn Mowers, Off-Road Equipment, Death by Station Wagon: The Fall of Jessica Savitch, Curbside Outtake: The Very Rare Chevrolet Cavalier With Optional Rear Wheel Steering, Curbside Classic: 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner – Reaching For The Sky (With Video), Curbside Classic: 1947 Chevrolet Stylemaster – What’s New Became Old; Now It’s New Again, Dealer Classic: 1987 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z – “Ten With A Two”. That was the front-wheel-drive A-platform, which was introduced for the 1982 model year. I made the decision a long time ago and I have stuck with it.”. He said it was believed they tried to avoid a car parked in the narrow roadway, but veered too far to the left and plunged into the canal. She was 36 at the time of her death. Jessica Savitch, who tragically lost her way leaving a country inn in Bucks County one stormy night, left behind what Gluck calls "a roadmap to excellence in broadcast journalism." Although Kershaw and Savitch vowed to move up together in the News Industry, Philadelphia came calling for Jessica and she signed a contract before asking for Ron’s approval. What a combination…. Ithaca College named a studio in Park School of Communications after Jessica and the college regularly hosts ‘The Jessica Savitch Distinguished Journalism Lecture Series’. His death came less than five months after their marriage and several months after Ms. Savitch suffered a “miscarriage”. Tragic story. It sounds like the whole car flipped upside down as it went into the canal.

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As a side note to a previous posters comments: I moved from Florida to Tennessee and then back to Florida a few years ago.

Kershaw had substance abuse problems and physically abused Savitch during their relationship.

Other than a little carburetor trouble and the infamous thin rear backing plates it was a very reliable cruiser that got decent mileage and actually had more than expected power. this kind of story is NOT what I come to Curbside Classics for. We’re afraid she’ll kill herself on our time.’ Former NBC Today Show Alumni told “Watch What Happens Live” host Andy Cohen in 2016 that they (Jessica Savitch and Bryant Gumbel) had both shared the same Agent therefore Gumbel confirming that he knew Jessica had a serious drug problem at that time. Ron Kershaw was her relationship “kryptonite”. The reputation followed her to NBC. All Rights Reserved.

She was banned from reporting for the weeknight NBC Nightly News after filing a poor quality story on the May 1979 Canadian election, for which she had been assigned to replace NBC's regular Canada reporter so the network could showcase her. Immediately after that feature aired, Lifetime also ran a documentary about her life, Intimate Portrait. She grew up, at times slightly impoverished, and had to fight to go to college and study broadcasting.


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