jo staff training

Three mainstays of Aikido weapons training are the Jo staff, Tanto knife and Bokken sword.

Also, You'll be able to understand important principles of aikido movement and technique. })(); This straight style bo is made from lightweight, all natural rattan. Width  approx 1.25 inches. Weapons are sold for training and Kata use only under strict expert supervison, or for demonstrations of forms, or as collectors' items for display only.

I do not recommend this to be tried before familiarizing properly with the exercises as they are presented.

Try and sense which moves are the most useful. UK’s Largest Online Martial Arts Superstore | Est 1995. So I stick to a one sided handling of the jo, beginning with the guard which relates the most directly to the sword guard, that is with the jo on the left side in chudan kamae - because then tori has got the right foot and right hand forward, just like in the chudan kamae for the sword.

Quick view Out of stock., © Playwell Martial Arts 2020. Parallel to what is intended with the ken exercises of Aikibatto, these jo counterparts are primarily meant as a sort of suburi - basic training of the basic movements with the jo. You should base the thickness of your Jo on its length and other characteristics that affect how the weapon feels in your hands.

Domo arigato. Potelin Premium Quality 110cm Staff Portable Martial Arts Metal Magic Pocket Props Bo Staff, Silver.

as you perform each movement. You Save: $0.8 (5%) Size . The only alterations made, are those necessary because of the differences between the jo and the ken.

The Jo is very simple and unassuming in appearance with no ornamentation - a humble but effective weapon. Of course, it is also possible to have paired exercises with jo against jo, but that would lead a bit too far away from the Aikibatto concept to be meaningful - at least in the Shoden set. Hardwood. Hal Gall (author) from Bloomington, IN on October 14, 2012: @Linda Pogue: Thanks for the comments and the blessing! Do You Want Incredible Freebies? Close to View Results Filter. Introduction Aikibatto is primarily a system of basic sword exercises, but I have found the need for some jo exercises as well.

* Hardwood with natural finish. For each question, choose the best answer. Kata is an integral part of the martial art of karate, but what is it? Privacy Policy - Contact - Sitemap - Disclaimer, Do You Want Incredible Freebies?

I personally use a Japanese made white oak Jo, which I find excellent for solo drills and partner practise.

When you are considering martial arts classes, it is good to be aware of the possibility of accidents and injuries in martial arts. 72 inches Foam BO. This is one advantage that past stick fighters had over swordsmen of the time. Shipping. There’s no better time to start learning a new martial art form than the present.


'customBadgeHeight': '', /* for custom variants: 40 - 90 (in pixels) */ The * Black foam staff with gold dragon design, Jo / Bo Staff Carrying case black with Red Trim - made of heavy canvas, * Natural Rattan Bo Staff Introduction Aikibatto is primarily a system of basic sword exercises, but I have found the need for some jo exercises as well.

var __ts = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; New Competition Ultra Light Bo staffs, This Bo staff Meets all the competition Requirements,  the core construction of this staff is light... New Competition Ultra Light Bo staffs, This Bo staff  Meets all the competition Requirements,  the core construction of this staff is light... Graphite is a very hard wearing and durable material which is used to make golf clubs and similar sports goods.

these exclude any contact so softer woods can be used.

center tapers to 1/2 in. COIVD-19 Update: We are operating as per normal. Even the very basic guard, which I simply call chudan kamae, can be left sided as well as right sided. Aikido is a peaceful martial art that focuses on using your mind in concert with your body in such a way that harnessing Ki energy becomes second nature. $7.95 shipping. Inspect weapons before use to ensure that they are in perfect condition. 1 Jo, meaning "stick" or "cudgel" are shorter weapons and do not have a standard length or diameter, as size depends on the particular ryu. Aikido Classes in Bognor Regis, West Sussex UK, Your Permanent Ad Right Here on 500+ Site Pages.

Very well done article on the Aikido Jo Staff, @vineliner57: Maybe the promise of another challenge was to enticing. Order Price $15.99 Web Price $15.19.

But it has a very different aim and feel. The cane or walking stick has been used as a defensive weapon for as long as people have used them as walking aids.

Quick view Out of stock.

3 - Then, plenty of practise on stretching and flexibility. Lengths range from 50" to 56" and a diameter of about 1". Judo has been a well-known martial art for centuries around the world. Or maybe I add something about that matter in the future. Hal Gall (author) from Bloomington, IN on October 02, 2011: @Chris-H LM: Thanks for the heads up on the video. Quick view Add to Cart. Want to avoid or prevent many of the problems

Thanks for sharing. Slight burned trims... Jo Staff Red Oak Wood Carved dragon Made of quality hardwood.

and setbacks that may come up in your Aikido practise? Advertiser A-list of top aikido and health product and service providers. Depending on what tool is used, the ken or the jo, one would also naturally adjust the movements of one's body. Uke is actually doing exactly the same moves as in the ken exercises. * Sanded Finish Double Taper Wax Wood Staff. Aiki-jo is similar to jodo as both involve using the staff like a ken (sword). Hardwood. Product Details . Do you want to learn in the fastest possible time? Cimac.

Total Length 50 inches. If you increase the radius/diameter by a small amount, the feeling of thickness goes up exponentially. Armed with the sword, you move forward more boldly and directly, making evasive steps no more to the side than what is absolutely necessary, and so forth. With the techniques of thrusting, swinging and striking, the jo can be used as a spear or long sword by gripping one end of the staff and producing an upward swing or … I do hope that this system does not add to that problem.

My love of learning artistic movement (and the frozen yogurt place next to my dojang) brought me there.

* Available in 3 Sizes, Okinawan Warrior Bo Staff

Diameter Length Varies. Oh!, btw your first video no longer works.

Total Length 50 inches. Finding the right balance between training enough to build muscle memory, but taking enough time to recover & avoid injury is essential to success.


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