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The best I can get with one call is a pizza”.

For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our. The American television police procedural and legal drama Law & Order (1990–2010) follows the cases of a group of police detectives and prosecutors who represent the public interest in the criminal justice system.

Though she often chided Jane for not following procedure, not consulting her, and going against her direct orders, she appreciated his insights and defended him even to her bosses.

Madeline Hightower was portrayed by Aunjanue Ellis, who’s set to appear in the upcoming HBO series Lovecraft Country, and recently starred in Netflix miniseries When They See Us. By using the site, you consent to these cookies. This prompted Red John to murder Jane’s wife and daughter, leading Jane to make it his purpose in life to avenge their deaths. Agent Wiley was a computer expert portrayed by Joe Adler.

In a famous interrogation scene, a suspect threatened Cho with “I can make one phone call and your career is toast”, to which Cho replied “That’s impressive. Ruled that defendant Pam Adler could cross-examine plaintiff Peter Smith, but warned Adler that any attempts to intimidate the plaintiff would result in disbarment. remake. Recently Adler appeared on an episode of The Good Doctor, but he also had a recurring role on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Isaac Cross.

Following his departure from The Mentalist, Yeoman portrayed Benedict Arnold on TURN: Washington’s Spies, and was recently a regular on the ABC mystery series Emergence.


But Red John turned out to be way more than your run-of-the-mill serial killer.

LaRoche also had a dark secret – he kept the tongue of his mother’s rapist in a Tupperware box locked in a safe.

In season two, Madeline Hightower became the new chief of the CBI Sacramento office and immediately let everyone know she won’t be tolerating any funny business. The FBI reluctantly enlisted Jane’s help on a case, but before he said yes Patrick gave them a list of demands – the first one being that he would only work directly with Teresa Lisbon. - Law & Order: SVU (Deleted Scene), Benson and Tucker Say Their Final Heartbreaking Goodbye - Law & Order: SVU, Tucker Tells Benson He's Dying - Law & Order: SVU, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Robert John Burke on That Tucker Shocker (Season 21 Episode 12), Carisi Goes for Blood in His First Trial - Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight), The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Mariska Hargitay Walks into a Strip Club... (Season 21 Episode 11), Benson Didn't Raise Carisi to Be No Quitter - Law & Order: SVU (Episode Highlight), The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - The Stunning Conclusion to the Steve Getz Saga (Season 21 Episode 10), Carisi's Case Is Blown Up By a Corrupt Judge, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Kelli Giddish and Peter Scanavino on Rollisi, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Demore Barnes on Navigating SVU's Minefields, Rollins Opens Up to Carisi About Losing Her Way, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Jamie Gray Hyder on Joining the SVUniverse, 10 Times Carisi Was the New Yorkiest New Yorker, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Peter Scanavino on Carisi and Benson's Complicated Relationship, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Kelli Giddish Teases Rollisi, Carisi Gets Personal About Faith and Choices, Benson's College Pregnancy Scare (Deleted Scene), The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Ice T Explains the Gangster Advantage, Ken Warns Fin and Carisi About the Cost of Coming Out (Deleted Scene), Benson and Fin Can See the Truth Behind the Lies, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Dick Wolf Talks the Art of Survival, Benson Helps Raegan Realize Her True Strength, The Law & Order: SVU Podcast - Ariel Winter's Dreams Came True on Set, Celebrating 21 Years of SVU - The Law & Order: SVU Podcast Begins Sept. 26, Squadroom: Mariska Hargitay Chats 21 Years of SVU (S21E1), Law & Order: SVU Prologue, Voiced by Celebrities, Oddly Satisfying SVU - Opening Monologue by Ice T (Digital Exclusive), We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. Ellis also recently recurred on Designated Survivor as Vice President Ellenor Darby.

Agent Wayne Rigsby, portrayed by Owain Yeoman, was a Senior Agent on Lisbon’s team who often worked with Kimball Cho and Grace Van Pelt. Actor Owain Yeoman compared the team to a dysfunctional family and said that in that scenario Rigsby would be the overbearing big brother.

He also recurred on Freeform’s Marvel series Cloak & Dagger. The newly minted CBI Agent Grace Van Pelt specialized in computers and hacking.

He also starred opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in 2018 romantic drama film Here and Now, and directed/starred in the 2017 indie drama Breath, but has yet to play another TV role since The Mentalist ended.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Working to earn his literary stripes like his authorial heroes Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Dreiser, DL suffers under the heavy hand of the Tribune’s editor-in-chief, Burt Babbage. Up until 2018, Berkeley played Gregory on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Adler will recur on the final two episodes of season 11. The finale aired in 2015, so we decided to check up on the cast and see what they’re up to today.


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