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I have had no interference from Buffalo Joe and you’d think he’d be up my butt, since he’s actually paying me. The news is just littered now with mining properties laying off people at Christmas. Com, Apr 05, 2020 14 views. "Nobody seems too concerned right now because I think Joe [McBryan, also known as Buffalo Joe] and his family have been in this situation before and they've always managed to continue to service the Sahtu," Gaudet said. I have never seen Transport Canada single out an individual before.

Right now, it’s just the passengers we’ll have to give up until we get back. My partner and I travelled to Yellowknife and started working on corrective action plans, trying to figure out exactly why they keep denying that.

Bertha McBryan died in ... Is that the case? He moved to Victoria in 2002. Mercer says the pilots did what they could, but adds, "it's clear that Buffalo were not operating in a safe way" when it came out that luggage and passengers were not weighed before the flight. Here’s the problem: we are firm believers in Transport Canada’s process. "I've always found Buffalo Air and their staff to be very accommodating," Rentmeister said, adding that the company has been an annual sponsor of the organization's Champions for Children dinner. Buffalo Airways - Wikipedia. I’ve got subject-matter experts on staff and their opinion is still no better than mine. But that doesn’t mean anything – the process is still the process. Subscription – Address Update / Check Status. But as of right now, he’s stepping away from the day-to-day operations. Transport Canada denied that. Comments are welcome while open. He's relied on the Hay River-based airline to fly young athletes to events around the territory.

Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments.

He was on a flight from Cambridge Bay to Yellowknife in early February of 1967 when he ran short of fuel and put down on a frozen lake. But Buffalo has come to that realization and has opened up everything.

The people that have been working here, especially the mechanics, have been here my entire life. The CBC archives has a wonderful account of the rescue and Gauchie’s assessment of his phenomenal ordeal. Despite the harrowing experience, Connelly said everything was back to normal very quickly, as once McBryan was able to return for the stranded passengers, they made it into Hay River by 8:00 p.m. “A near-death experience and two hours delayed,” he said. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. How long can he do it? And here we’ve got the highest-timed pilot, on the longest-running route of the longest-running operator. But Joe’s got a different kind of heart, he’s paying his people. We read an article about Joe and his fights with Transport Canada, and in that article he said he had spent over a million dollars on consultants and he still couldn’t get Transport Canada straightened out.

The airline had been chartering other companies’ aircraft to operate its passenger flights, but now says it can no longer afford to keep doing so. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. He is not retiring from flying the DC-3. At Buffalo, we’re a family.

"We said no more flying with Buffalo for anybody," Mercer says. While Buffalo Airways kept relatively quiet upon the news of its suspension by Transport Canada this week, Northerners had mixed reactions to the news — some supportive of the airline, others relieved by the shutdown. We noticed immediately there was an issue with that, so we introduced an idea of bringing a third party in as a short-term corrective action – a ‘gatekeeper’ to be there before every flight and make sure everything is documented. I had never watched Buffalo’s TV show so I bought it and started watching it – and I’ve got to be honest with you, Buffalo Joe made Transport Canada look silly a lot of times. The fact Buffalo has had to cancel stuff – what are the odds they’re going to get 100 percent of those customers back?

I wrote him a note offering to fix his system for free – if he put us on TV. Buffalo Joe McBryan, president and captain of Buffalo Airways, and his son, general manager Mikey McBryan, pose with one of the airline's iconic planes. 's Sport North, is another frequent customer. I can honestly say that we are day-to-day. "I don't know of any airlines that have never had any incidents," said Danny Gaudet, a leader in Deline, N.W.T. Buffalo Airways’ suspension is into its fourth week, with Transport Canada demanding more work on safety procedures before the airline can fly its own aircraft again. Buffalo Airways, of TV's Ice Pilots NWT, has licence suspended, luggage and passengers were not weighed before the flight, CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Sol Taboada: If I was the ownership of Buffalo, I probably would have laid off my people last week.

"Hopefully they can get through this little bump and get back to what they do best, and that's being an affordable, strong, community-minded airline.".

Julietlook.Com (Photo courtesy of Joe McBryan) The matriarch of the Buffalo Airways family has died. He took a turn for the worse early Saturday morning of May 5th and checked into a British Columbia hospital around 2 a.m. Five hours later he died. We think it’s excellent and the entire world is following it. They’ve singled out systems and that’s what it should be – the system.

That’s two weeks you’ve let a hundred-odd people who work for Buffalo twist in the wind. He died at a Victoria nursing home Aug. 31, 2013 and while the obit appeared a couple of weeks later in the local paper, the almost unbelievable story of his life and enduring passion for flying in the North went unnoticed by many. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. To us, that was a tremendous mitigating circumstance that should have forestalled the suspension. Gauchie survived 58 days in his Beaver on a frozen lake in the Northwest Territories from February to April of 1967 in temperatures as low as -48 degrees and when he was finally rescued he was dubbed “the man who wouldn’t die.”.

Submit an Obituary. Moose FM contacted Transport Canada for an update on Buffalo Airways’ suspension last week. We develop a plan – the plan should be allowed to operate, to see if it works. Transport Canada held these plans for over two weeks without giving an assessment back to Buffalo. The issue we’re having with Transport Canada is their declinations are based on opinions. Soon after takeoff, the Buffalo Airways DC-3 engine caught fire and the pilots turned the aircraft around.

The other day, he brought it up and said he should have taken us up on our offer. Their opinion is no better than my opinion. Mikey McBryan: That’s the million-dollar question, right there. There were some goodbyes, most notably to Joe’s 16-year-old rescue dog Sophie, the master’s co-pilot for all those magnificent sky runs over Hay River. Buffalo Airways is a family-run airline based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, established in 1970.Buffalo Airways was launched by Bob Gauchie and later sold to one of his pilots, Joe McBryan (aka "Buffalo Joe").

Passengers going in and out of Deline generally use North Wright Airways, but in the wintertime, Buffalo Airways brings in about 80 to 90 per cent of the community's freight — everything from spare parts to groceries. The suspension could be lifted at any point. You’re not going to eliminate him from being around, but I get the feeling that’s what Transport Canada wants.

If the paperwork’s not right then even if you did it right, you didn’t.

Transport Canada said: “Transport Canada continues to work with Buffalo Airways in view to addressing the safety concerns identified.”, Temporary shelter not in best interest of YK homeless: advocates, YK’s first ice measurements of the year released, New immersion programs part of expanded Indigenous languages curriculum in NT schools, Northwestel ‘Trying to pull a fast one’ with unlimited plans: SSI Micro, Buffalo postpones all passenger flights as suspension drags on. Background: Buffalo postpones all passenger flights as suspension drags on.

There is a procedure which defines what Transport Canada wants to see in a corrective action plan. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. His life has revolved around airplanes since he was a kid thanks to his dad, Joe McBryan, who founded the business back in 1970. Sol Taboada: Transport Canada was mainly concerned that Buffalo flights were not going out technically or regulatorily compliant.


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