juliette siesta key boyfriend

Juliette has been in a relationship with Alex Kompothecras on and off for years who recently left the show. He travels a LOT. Get Toofab breaking news sent right to your browser! See what Madisson had to say about her parents' reaction to her former producer becoming her boyfriend in the video above! "She likes to let it be known that I might've been salty. That seemed to be a "fair-ish" statement for Juliette, who asked to move on to the "next question. Like I said, it's gonna get to them one way or another. The show started on 31st July, the previous year having eight adult cast in a beachside house. "I am not salty," Robby stated, which Juliette met with, "Probably not salty anymore. I’m on the phone with my ex. For some, doing press interviews with your ex would be all kinds of awkward, but not for these two! "Siesta Key" veteran Juliette Porter kicked off Season 3 of the reality show with a new boyfriend: "Bachelorette" alum Robby Hayes, who she met … But shortly after they announced the pregnancy on Instagram, Juliette made a statement on the news in a since-deleted Instagram comment that read, "Weird how he cheated on her with me several months ago but ok.", Sighing, Porter told us, "What really happened was they conceived like the exact week that she found out that he had cheated on her with me.

“Robby and Juliette split at the end of June. “She’s on the phone with her ex. According to the reality star, she tried to keep an unpredictable Alex away from Robby as much as possible, but that's not how Hayes remembers it.

He is constantly posting photos of himself and his friends with luxurious and expensive cars. According to Us Weekly, the couple met at the Stagecoach Music Festival and instantly connected, as both were coming out of difficult breakups. Ribald Siesta Key Revelations: Should Juliette Have Told Alyssa That She 'F*cked' Her Boyfriend? And Hayes -- who literally watched other men go on dates with the woman he was after -- agreed. Perhaps conceding to his ex's feeling on the matter, Robby admitted, "It was a mature relationship with an immature breakup." Juliette Porter is one of the cast members who rose to fame and won thousands of fans. Putting a ring on it?

This season of Siesta Key on MTV has seen Juliette Porter move on from her previous romances with new boyfriend Sam Logan. News that they were constantly on the move, and that geographically, their relationship didn’t add up. So you know, things happen. That's what happened. Pic credit: @sam_jlo/Instagram.

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We just really needed a fun weekend. Palpable from the start, the tension between the now-exes intensified when we brought up that fans seem to think she's the one who dumped him. He posted a “throwback” photo of himself skiing when he was about 10 or 12 years old. "And then I guess everything kind of caught up to us, but we're here now and we're still friends.". He is friends with (or has at least partied with) Alex Kompothecras. Fans will get a detailed account of what happened during the new season of Siesta Key. Porter unfollowed Hayes on Instagram in late June, and the latter was quiet when Porter celebrated her birthday on July 7.


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