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Vicky and Varun are coming back to India, and Rano soon recommends that Ganga should be tutored by Pronita. As Bani still. Rano and Bani are upset by Pia's decision, and she still refuses to change her mind. Bani is not seen by Jai, but her world is disrupted when she finds out that her thakurain has sold her canteen away to a businessman. Karuna finally sees Bani in her small town, and she reports this back to Jigyasa. Rashi prays for Ranvir to come back into her life, and Rano is perplexed at her desires. Jai Walia released Bani from jail, which starts Bani. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Ranvir blackmails Bani with his CD of Pushkar and Pia, and he enjoys seeing her worry and panic. Rahul blackmails her to free his father from prison. In the 500th episode of Kasamh Se Rano, Dadi, and Rashi try to meet Bani in the hotel, but Jigyasa quickly disposes of them. Luckily, Bani is. wedding shall take place in Meerut, but someone needs to provide the food. An Ekta Kapoor Serial that deals with the trials and tribulations of three sisters, Bani, Pia and Rano. Pronita, who is deeply troubled, learns of a house in Mount Abu which belonged to three sisters, nearly twenty-six years ago. Meanwhile, Meera's talkative sister comes to the Walia mansion for her engagement party. As Jai and Bani romance, the family tells Jai and Bani's love story to the kids. However, Meera is frightened by coming back to Mount Abu, and Bani's death anniversary does not help her in any way.

Soon, Pushkar arrives to take Pia with him to Mauritius as a woman looks at her face after. However, Meera does not show any remorse and slashes at Bani's head with.

Bani does not listen, but Pia tells Jigyasa that she will marry Mohan. Soon Bani is released, but its not by Pushkar. Meanwhile, Jigyasa threatens Dadi to. Bani learns that the Walia mansion is going to distribute food to the poor, and she plans to go there to put some kumkum on Ganga. Disturbed by these emotions, Jai tries to find Meera and apologize to her but instead finds Bani. They take shelter from Jai Walia. Ranvir shows his true colors as he embraces Rano, which creates a huge commotion in the mansion. Will Pia and Rano become sisters again? In a futile attempt they try to rescue their kids, but they fail. Meanwhile, Jai is heartbroken and shocked to hear the Bani's one and only love is her brother-in-law Daksh. and Pia leads to a small quarrel, but they make up quickly. As Pallavi's wedding ceremonies continue, Meera realizes her place is somewhere else. Has she recollected her past? Pia who is already in love with Pushkar agrees for the marriage thinking that Jai Walia will give her a better life than Pushkar. with Jai Walia, her exile to Meerut, and how Meera tried to kill her without any mercy. Jai Walia himself and his friend Sonali. Pushkar declares his love for Pia and kisses her. Rano's birthday is coming up, and Pia starts to plan out a party for her. Pia was putting up a charade for several years to save her own sister. wrong, things take a dramatic turn when Bani finally sees Jai. How she meets her soul mate Manav, gets married to him and how they deal with twists and turns of life. After confronting his inner self Jai goes to meet Daksh, who tells him the entire truth. Krishna, Ganga, and Vidya have grown up and are young women, and remind Rano a. lot of her sisters.


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