kinshiki vs madara

Kurotsuchi and Chojuro are weaker than Madara and Hashirama based on what? Know that we know the difference lets Talk: Flying doesnt mean SPS as Ohnoki can fly and does it look like his nigga is a demi-god Hell no. Then the Kages come in, Chojuro lures in Kinshiki and Kurotsuchi lands her attack that sends him flying. But just to clear, I'm not saying Momoshiki wins nor am I saying Madara wins, just pointing out some things.". You have no Proof he can Shrink Island sizes CT, and 26 of those Island Sizes CT at that. Also, if Madara has to stoop to using such a powerful technique, I would say Momoshiki is more than a match for him. Being outmaneuvered isn't the same thing as being outsmarted, not in the slightest. Attacking him with multiple ninjutsu attacks will also work since he can not absorb the all at once since he needs time absorb an attack. Wrong, SPS grants you TSB and 9 magatama on your back Toneri didnt have 9 Magatama so try again, 2. Madara dodging FTG is more of a reaction feat than a speed feat. I’ve kinda digressed a bit, but the fact of the matter is. Can one of the two strongest non god tiers hold a candle to weakest god tier? The whole part with you trying to bait me by saying Kaguya beat Isshiki in a fight despite them never fighting, that was cute. It isn’t the chakra that gives you the power. The Same Adult Sasuke who Struggled with Shin, Jobbed and Ran from Base Momoshiki&Kinshiki who The Kages Forced To Retreat and Stomped? No the Rinnegan in his hands. Especially not against danger sense, Deity Gates, Perfect Susanoo, etc. They fight in Momoshiki's dimensions same as their fellow reincarnation brothers. Like x 2; List; ZmkSc. Just saying, you may be underestimating Momoshiki. Kinshiki Was Pressing adult Sasuke...and the Kages Slapped Kinshiki, and Even Restrained him. Although he did absorb Kinshiki it still means something nonetheless. Rinnegan sees Limbo clones but we don't know if Momo can see through them! There is no limit on how fast he can shrink things when it is INSTANT.

They don't know about each other's abilities.

JavaScript is disabled. Hagoromo is able to grant Six Paths Senjutsu to others, as he did with his son, Asura, and later with his son's reincarnate, Naruto Uzumaki. This is where they got their powers from. Earth Release is created by the User's chakra whereas Chibaku Tensei is a core which attracts rocks! He did not react to his Ameno, he reacted to a giant fireball that was fired from quite a distance. Madara has shown also the ability to figure out enemies weaknesses quickly. Now you know Isshiki can't win this so you went off Topic in a sad attempt to Red herring this debate. He can rapidly spin them to create a massive vortex and combine them into a giant golden sword of chakra powerful enough to cut the entire moon in half. Can easily make the case for sasuke, Kinshiki blizes and cleaves them in half with adult sauce pressuring speed, I'm not convinced Kinshiki can win here. Isshiki doesn't even Have a Rinnegan nor Susanoo so GG buddy.

Seems that worldsstrongest is getting ashamed of his arguments, Kinshiki was pressuring adult sasuke and forced him to used ameno to survive a attempted blitz. So I think any strategizing by Black Zetsu can be credited to Kaguya, Base Momoshiki stomps cuz he destroyed a star by moving his hand. Pretty Poor feats for Isshiki to be honest. So much for Sasuke "not doing half of what Madara can". so was likely prepping just incase they were stronger than her via creating white zetsu's since they don't use ninjutsu. You said Sasuke was immune to I.T because of Rinnegan. This is so false. Sasuke used Rinnegan+Susanno to Block The the Canon shows. CV is a Joke nothing more than Idiots that cant back up any claims, Are you referring to yourself?

Fans not being able to differentiate between hyperbole and actual data doesn't mean the DB is any less legit. If this had been Madara, he would have had his head swiped off. Zetsu Also stated TSB are new Space time dimensions, Which Madara also referred to them as space. Jigen body was already Tearing apart and breaking down, Isshiki Running Scared from Naruto's Basic Rasengans. Kaguya feared him and Kinshiki for a reason. It is something that was first used by Hagoromo. Meaning he has zero sensory abilities whatsoever. Messages: 692 Likes Received: 161 Trophy Points: 168 Joined: Aug 27, 2019. Tengai Shinsei will also work. Gotta See!

He uses Byakugan for his vision. Sasuke could have kept Slicing Madara it wouldn't have matter he couldn't die and was immortal. Featless Madara hasn't shown he can deal with it yet, while Isshiki has. That being said, either Hashirama or Madara fodderize him low difficulty. Madara with taijutsu, CT , with all direction attacks, cutting Momo's hand, outlasting him are ways for him to win... Madara can also absorb ninjutsu with Preta Path too. Making Ninjutsu entirely irrelevant in the fight. The fight ends up just like it did in the Past But Madara will finish Isshiki off. Enough for them to actually manifest in his subconscious. Momoshiki and Kinshiki were able to go toe-to-toe with Adult Sasuke in CQC. Yeah, no. He went blow for blow with Adult Rinnegan Sasuke who is leagues above 8G Gai level speed and strength, who also leagues above a controlled Juubito in speed and strength. I can say that Madara's is better but Isshiki still has good reactionary feats. I accept your concession. if Rinnesharingan Madara was still alive I feel Kaguya would've feared him more than she ever feared Momoshiki and Kinshiki. @thegodmadara: Obito would beat Hashirama but that's just my opinion. Here's why Momoshiki (along with kinshiki) were people of whom even kaguya was wary of. TSBs can negate his Elemental attacks like nothing.


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