latimore desert heelers

I know what I am looking for as good specimen of the breed, no matter what the size. The one we use that has been registering them since 2008, is NAPR North American Purebred Registry. linage from the 1960s imports.

I certainly may have a pup available at some point that doesn't fit my reservations (e.g., dam/sire, color, gender, markings, tail, timing).

PRA being the most common, PLL another blind genetic, DM a nerve paralysis, hip Dysplasia, elbow and hock issue as well others . Also, Keep in mind that if you reserve a pup, we. I will put you on an "interested" (not reserved/no payment necessary) list.

These lines (now carried on by Midler, and Ballerini) are Australian Stumpy Tail Heelers, and Pocket, Tatum, and Ballerini are also registered with the. the AKC dogs became mostly show dogs the old style blue heeler’s kept on working. Whether it is Queensland Heeler or Australian Cattle Dog they are made up of quite a variety of Breeds: Smooth Collie crossed with wild Dingo seems to be the base then bull Terrier and Dalmatian were added then Kelpie to round it out in the 1800s. She is a Pfeiffer X McConaughey pup-all grown up, There are 5 pups in the photo below: Find Abby (hint: she's red and white). when I buy dogs from other breeders, I look at how they are built, colored, tempered, their working ability. but coats of pups vary from light to dark (red and blue). She also throws stumpy...and some with tails. He had one of the early imported pairs of dogs that came to the High Desert of North Lake County Oregon. Our miniature line begins with Tatum (a blue stumpy tail male) who sired Midler (20#s and short/small). Queensland Heelers (AKA) Australian Cattle Dogs, standard, miniature and Toy sizes. Aniston's October 30th, 2012 pups at their new homes: ...and I'm never going out in the snow again! Dams are allowed in/out of the kennel while pups stay safely confined to the kennel. We have property here for my heelers to run on... and they do.

You may simply email me and be on the "interested" list (no payment required). doing well at 9 years old in the above picture! ), markings (mask, patches, spots, tan), In addition, I cannot know who in front of you might not respond, or decline. Miniature Australian Stumpy Tail/Tailed Heelers, Midler (20#s) is due back in heat in late November, 2020, bred to Shelton Blue (35#s) for miniature stumpy and/or tailed pups, Midler* weights 20#s and is always bred to Shelton Blue (35#s), -miniature stumpy tail line (pups are 85% Queensland Heeler), Ballerini weighs 22#s - blue miniature with tan markings, She breeds to Clooney. Much of the greatness of the first Blue heeler’s that came in the early 60’s were developed by Allen McNivin an Australian Veterinarian of the 1940’s who added more Dingo & Kelpie some say other breeds to to fix the inbreeding issues the breed was falling prey to, such as PRA, that was being experienced in 1930’s. or use the paypal links above (scroll up toward the top).

She throws some traditional blue pups with tan, and throws occasional black and tan w/some blue ticking, somewhere, usually. He literally thinks he is a kid and loves to play with, (she has no tan, but throws pups with tan bred to Clooney), She throws reds and blues...(some with and some w/o tan). He was a great asset to our mini program, he just had one main issue he had 2 copy’s of PRA which is quite common in AKC heeler dogs, it is a blind defect we discovered it years after we had bred a lot of pups from Charlie, great dogs to so we had to DNA test all our breeding dogs and if they had 2 copy’s of PRA, we removed them from our breeding program.

The toy size is 14 in tall or lessand Any heeler dog that is under 17 in tall and less than 30 pounds is considered a mini by most people. He is a stumpy tail heeler (neutered now).

The show type worked very well in the beginning but as time went on they started showing up with more genetic defects.

(i.e., 2 months gestation plus 4 months to come into heat again). Foxy was her daughter and is also now deceased. ... or, if you prefer, you may mail a check to: She was an excellent mom for several years. We serve the Antelope Valley, Victor Valley, and the Morongo Basin.

looks like a Blue Heeler to me, I do not know what an Australian Cattle Dog is. They started being hard to find. She is about 1/3 the size of a standard heeler at this point. there are many articles out on the internet about the Australian Cattle Dogs. they range in size, but no bigger than about 32#s so far (most are smaller/short/petite). Aniston (spayed now) is my tallest female and goes camping, sticks close, and loves to go. Kids were already grappling with shutdowns and online school. and that you agree to wait patiently for the arrival of your pup, in order of reservation, which. The new ranchers and children of the old ones,did not keep up the breed as it was. I can remember an ad in the Western… Now we have almost gotten all breeding dogs clear. The working type were still refereed to as The Queensland Blue Heeler, Queensland Heeler, Blue Heeler or just Heeler, the show type Australian Cattle Dog. Clooney was just a year old when his sire, McConaughey passed. Scroll down to see a blast from the past, with pictures of past litters and my bloodlines. I am "making" these gorgeous pups as fast as I can. These variables all affect how quickly I get to you in the reservation folder, and cannot be predicted. they were usually called Blue Heeler for short. This is all white pup from Pfeiffer's first litter.

Many dogs were going moon blind at around 8 to 10 years because of PRA, and adding more Dingo fixed the problem. One could find a good Queensland pup quite easy up until the early 90’s. linage from the 1960s imports

Quite often I have bought small standards, bred them down a time or two to see what they produce for size and overall looks before crossing them in. McConaughey's Dad:  Where it all began... Bandit was sleeping and was accidentally run over in our driveway and had to be put down due to his injuries on Monday, October 16th, 2006. (opting to wait... for various personal reasons), when they are contacted/offered a pup. As residents are aware, the High Desert has been experiencing heightened levels of illegal dumping and our goal is to clean it up and stop the dumping. Most of her pups had many colors. ...reserve now by clicking here to pay with paypal (please read How It Works first as there are no refunds). It was in the 1970’s when I first heard the term Australian Cattle Dog. ***The white of newborn heelers begins to fill in with blue or red ticking at about 3 weeks of age. If a "white" pup becomes available to sell...I will notify those who have indicated they want a shot at a white one, reserved folks first, and then those who just emailed to indicate interest in a white one. One thing though they have certain traits, that are heeler traits, not found in other breeds.

, being flexible will get you a pup sooner, and being understanding and patient is greatly appreciated. If you are a business owner and would like to donate items in kind, please contact us below.

It was cold desert range land that took tough rugged animals of all kinds & tough people to work & survive there. As a 501(c)3 organization, we can only exist through donations.

We have also bought dogs from other people throughout the years, some have been good and will stay in our bloodlines and some have not worked out and have been eliminated or diluted out of the bloodlines. I would like to find other breeders that have lines that go back to the little heelers of the 60s,  I know that Woolsey and McNivin lines are one of the main lines of the original mini heelers. I am not sure what year they started the mini category and they have a toy category as well. The other is ASDR American Stock Dog Registry, however they call them Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs. Dan Sousa joined the High Desert Keepers to assist in their mission while leveraging his experience developing strategic marketing, advertising and outreach methods. after whelping, so pups begin to eat it at about 3 wks old. Our ideal minis are 14in tall 20 pounds, our super small minis we call toys that is dogs under 13in tall & usually weigh about 15 pounds or less, now and then we get some that are as small as 10 pounds but do not purposely breed for them to be that small, dogs over 15 in tall and less than 17 in we call midsize. or call me with a credit card... or mail a check to: to get what you have asked for depending upon how many are reserved ahead of you. Please click on the highlighted green/blue link above to read. but none that I have seen go into detail about the 1980 split in the breed. I only know a few other breeders in the whole United States that still breed the old linage and style of the original Queensland Heeler dogs. He is also a smaller heeler, at about 33-35 pounds, and very playful and active-good with the kids and other dogs (playful). However one has to have new bloodlines every so often so we try what there is to find and try it, if it produces good stock keep it, if not, try another.


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