lewin's change theory nursing essay
However, a change could be imposed such that workers are paid better, so that they are motivated to work more hence improving productivity. Best Nursing Custom Papers Writing Service, Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory in Nursing Essay, Assignment 3: Exploring Virtue on the College Campus – Case Study, **KIM WOODS** Paper on Significant Topic of Your Choice, Top Quality Essays Inc. All Rights Reserved. However, the restraining factors make the process of change difficult and act against the driving forces.

Describe how this change theory will help to underpin your identified health problem, need, or opportunity for growth.How can the concepts of your selected theory contribute to a successful project?This paper must be 4-5 pages long.APA format is required – including title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page. You can feel safe using our website. What is the target of nursing care? When an organization remains at the equilibrium state, a risk develops in that the restraining forces may overpower the driving forces and drive the organization to an undesirable direction. The primary goal of applying the Lewin’s Change Theory is to help an individual, group or an organization to accept the change that is crucial in moving from old unproductive practices to newer productive practices without failure from challenges of resistance and conformity (Batras, Duff & Smith, 2016). To prepare: Review Chapter 8 in the course text.

Therefore, keeping the driving forces stronger than the restraining forces keeps an organization at a precautionary position. Human behavior is always responsible for the situations that affect daily lifestyles (Bamberg & Schulte, 2018). All Rights Reserved. Change theory. (p53), “The basic concept of the change process was outlined by Lewin… A successful change involves three elements: unfreezing, moving and refreezing”. First, the driving forces are crucial in the process of change and thus should be considered. It was proposed to undertake the work of reducing patient’s length of stay in ICU and therefore it the goal was to reduce patients’ length of stay from 6.5 days to 5.5 days in the second quarter for the year 2009.

The hospital already has hourly rounding but she just introduced new paperwork that has to be signed every hour. For example, the nursing informatics has to take advantage of the fast developing technology to learn the requirements of the new methods that come with new technology. The change we were supposed to undertake; this theory appeared to address many aspects of it and therefore the mechanism for identifying the social system within organization for selecting, developing and implementing the strategies to serve as a solution was done by application of this model. Describe the skills and characteristics that would be necessary to facilitate the change effort. The basic definition of nursing informatics, therefore, is the application of information technology to the nursing profession.

Similarly, other professional fields have followed suit to replace the traditional methods of management. Lewin’s change model. If I were to analyze this statement, it would seem to me she was using the Adaptation Model of Nursing but just did not know it.

The final stage is refreezing and during this stage she went around for the first week making sure the nurses get this in their daily habit. Thus, interdisciplinary communication played a vital role in improving ICU patients LOS whereby its importance is being defined by Pronovost et al (2003) and point out that “communication failures lead to increased patient harm, length of stay (LOS), and resource use…” (p71). Mobile: +1(805) 568 7317 Addressing the challenge of change Fetherston et.al (2009) stated that: “Managing changing in the health care setting is always challenging, especially when it involves transforming entrenched habits grounded in professional expectations” (p.2581). Lewin’s Change Theory Author’s name: Institution: Date: Abstract The significance of Lewin’s change theory lay not in the formality of the theory itself but rather on his ability to conceptualize real situations and as a result come up … The success of new methods depends on how well the organization can freeze the methods to fit into the standard operating systems of the organizations. Any subject. 2018). Align these steps to your selected change model or strategy. All these are direct provision to a customer and perhaps if we look at the wider base it heavily involves all support functions available for patient care and employees of the organization. There are models available to address organizational change, system revolution, and human transformations which address many other aspects of successful implementation of reforms.

These were just simple examples of revolutions in health care taken place on an ongoing basis. Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher in nursing or healthcare?

Healthcare practices and interventions change daily and because of this, we need to be open to change. Kurt Lewin once developed a three-stage theory of change that later came to be known as the Lewin’s Change Theory. Note: This Kurt Lewin’s Change Theory in Nursing Essay Assignment will serve as your Portfolio Assignment for this course. For example, convincing a nurse that an electronic method of storage is safer than the traditional filing system is crucial in making the nurse accept the new method. Hi there! Daily check at unit and divisional level by bed management coordinator and ICU team.

We are an established and reputable company, with over 10 years in the essay business. Driving and restraining forces were studied (Appendix ). Summarize how the change would align with the organization’s mission, vision, and values as well as relevant professional standards.


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