mars hydro sp 150 vs ts 1000
The spiderfarmers aluminium heat sink looks weak and I’ve heard they bow after awhile. Even though the driver and reflector get hot, it's still a lot cooler than.

Rating: 0%. I would feel pretty comfortable using them and expect some good results to show up. Looks like Mars Hydro is finally stepping up it’s game. Spider Farmer lights and Mars Hydro LED Lights seem to provide very similar light with virtually identical pricing.

its more about the shipping cost then the items its self i dont live in the states so. Get a king brite. The TS600 gets extremely hot, which tells me it's wasting a lot of power.

According to what I read, Mars is the least good of the 3 lol (finally brand of led, no IR and UV, I even read weak in flo ,the guy said prefer spider for bloom ), Redspec serie from are nothing like alibaba light lol... 3 year warranty and made in michigan. I’d go with the Mars mainly because I have one lol and because it’s a beast so far. Only negative I’ve seen is it gets hot with that reflector it has. Mars produces no LED, all it does is to buy LED and drivers and then put it all together, in order to have a bigger profit Mars uses only bad quality materials at a high price (maybe not if compared to other companies who does the same stuff). Mars Hydro specialise in led grow light and grow tent since 2009, successfully made many grow light series, which are popular among both personal and commercial growers. It is affordable so it’s popular, but I haven’t seen a harvest yet. Look at the par map, it’s weak around the edges and hot in the middle. But even coverage is also important. I think they're great. Shouldnt this be the ultimate 4x4 light then? Two things to consider with these lights (correct me if I'm wrong because I'm not an expert). Every Mars light I've bought has worked better than advertised, can't say that about many companies out there. Haven’t seen the series 2 so hopefully someone else has input on that one. Mars Hydro finally jumped on the quantum board bandwagon and released several full-spectrum white LED grow lights.

It’s only 150 watts though not 1k, know its only 150w from the wall i was thinking for the lost cost it would make a ok veg light, I bought one a couple months ago and it's working great. Thanks.

Alibaba is the way to go if you want to really save your $ you will get a 240w for the same or cheaper than all options listed. Rating: 0%. Uses and HLG PS too. The light you included In the link is cheap because it’s built on a small heatsink. The HLG600 is the best premise light for a 4x4. you can easily do it and get a real good Cree COB for the same price or even cheaper than these branded lights. Same led boards as hlg. It's from china and comes assembled. I will admit the aluminum seemed to have a bit of bow right out of the package, or at least as soon as I hung it.


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