meelo be the leaf
The prospect of possibly telling others what to do excited Meelo and he dropped the issue. Meelo stood alongside the new recruits as they prepared to rescue Jinora and Kai. Air Temple Island He also attended the gala Tarrlok threw for Korra along with the rest of his family, where he apparently mistook an object for a toilet, much to his father's horror and embarrassment.[6]. He was chewing on his father's head as the family arrived and hopped off their sky bison. As he rejoined Jinora, he learned that Ikki had run off and grew angry as it complicated his mission. Meelo was disappointed for not being chosen by Korra to be part of her airbender stealth team.

Several months after the Equalists' attack on Republic City, Meelo mastered the ability to use an air scooter, utilizing it in a race against his sisters and Korra,[11] as well as using a glider,[22] whereas a year prior, he was still piggybacking on Jinora's glider. Now though, he didn’t know what he was. Meelo traveled with his family, along with the rest of Avatar Korra's friends and family, to the Southern Water Tribe to have Katara restore Korra's bending. Hi, I'm Meelo. Image gallery (57) By airbending at the ground from his feet, he managed to break both their falls and they landed safely.[31].

Weapon of choice Meelo later witnessed Korra use energybending to restore Lin Beifong's earthbending, and watched Tenzin praise Korra for her accomplishments as the Avatar. Allies Meelo and Ikki started another verbal battle with each other, during which he stated that he was tired of listening to her, though the argument was cut short when Jinora felt Korra's presence nearby. While Korra was struggling with weaving her way through the airbending gates, he mimicked his father's advice by stating that Korra should try to "be the leaf". Do I change this to Katara, like maybe just try it, and if I don’t like it I change back? [7], The following morning, Meelo, sleeping in the bed of his parents, awoke early to the phone ringing on a bedside table, and crawled over his father's face to reach it. My grandpa is Avatar Aang.

Later on, when the members of Team Avatar were talking about saving Republic City, Meelo interrupted by jumping down and passing gas on their hands. He hugged her goodbye before mounting Pepper to depart on their journey. He witnessed his boisterous Uncle Bumi enter the harbor with the rest of the United Forces, much to Ikki's enjoyment and Tenzin's embarrassment.

Upon learning that Korra wished to avoid conflict and reason with the metalbender, he asked in shock why they had gone through all the trouble to save her if she was not going to "beat someone up".

They were helped up the stairs to Jinora's ceremony by means of an earthen ramp by Lin. Amon, Equalists, bison rustlers, Red Lotus, military of the Earth Empire, Kuvira However, the young boy had actually fallen asleep. After Jinora airbent at the guard, sending his keys flying, Meelo used his bending to send them in Opal's direction, allowing her to unlock her chains. Together with his family, Meelo attended the grand reopening of Republic City's Central City Station, where he stood rather bored while picking his nose during President Raiko's speech. He went on to play with his sisters in the snow, claiming to be a "snowbender", by using his airbending to blow off a pile of snow that covered him, showering his mother, much to her annoyance. [25], Even though he is an airbender-in-training, Meelo has already demonstrated several skills.

Ikki and Meelo were mad upon learning that they would stay on Air Temple Island while Jinora traveled to Ba Sing Se with Tenzin and Team Avatar. As Tenzin left, Korra assured him that his bell playing was just fine, a compliment he appreciated greatly by ringing his bell again.

[7] During the invasion of Air Temple Island, he showed remarkable skill in combative airbending, defeating six Equalists on his own.

The young boy was thrilled when he saw her again, especially after his father complied and let Korra stay on Air Temple Island in order to learn airbending with them. Although Meelo ordered her to leave, his sister approached and told him that Jinora had been looking for him as they were moving on to the next town. Meelo was running around Air Temple Island with tears coming out of his eyes and balloons of snot coming out of his nose. Be the leaf by Meelo from Avatar: Legend of Korra! He happily rubbed Naga's belly, who had flopped on her back upon arrival, though he stopped his activity in shock when it became apparent that Korra had left the Southern Water Tribe six months prior, leaving everyone to wonder about her whereabouts. During dinner, he announced that he was sure that Korra would no longer recognize him when she arrived. However, as she brought the family up to speed with the current events they had missed due to their vacation, Meelo stared at her in shock. Upon being asked to get his dad, Meelo revealed that Tenzin was outside with the bison and inadvertently distracted Bolin from their urgent situation by revealing they had found an entire heard of bison calves. Overhearing his mother say she prepared food for them, Meelo was quick to reject the provisions, declaring that they had no need for it as they were going to be living off the land. At the Eastern Air Temple, Meelo listened in boredom to the itinerary his father had come up with for that day which included visiting a lot of the temple's ancient places.

The duo was able to find several purple berries, though they turned out to be poisonous upon consummation. He answered it and inquired who was calling, commenting that whatever it was had better have been important enough to justify waking him at six o'clock in the morning. He was excited to see his father return but grew saddened when he saw his sister's spiritless body. After he failed to teach Poki how to roll over, he accepted his father's offer to teach him how to become a master trainer. Before Meelo could say anything more to the girl who introduced herself as Tuyen, he was interrupted by Ikki, who teasingly commented that he had found himself a girlfriend. Although she had not seen Korra, the girl was impressed by his quest, leading Meelo to brag about the dangerous and crazy things he had encountered. The craft session was interrupted, however, when Jinora called for their help, much to his excitement. Airbending He later enjoyed playing with Ikki in a new car which was sent as a gift from Tarrlok to bribe Korra. After they learned of Jinora being in danger, Meelo and Ikki gathered two flying bison on Bumi's request. Fighting style [18] When Asami arrived that evening at Air Temple Island in the Future Industries airship the team would be using to travel toward Ba Sing Se, Ikki and Meelo excitedly created air scooters to take a tour of the transport. First appearance

)), Reblogged 8 years ago from vroomvroomvroombeepbeep-blog. Enemies During the meal, however, Bumi did not let up on his attempts to try to airbend and Meelo complied to his request to have something thrown at him by launching a plate at him, looking on in shock when Bumi caught the object in a ball of air. Meelo attempting to teach Poki to roll over. With the men defeated, they were all freed and left the cave with Meelo and his siblings running toward Tenzin and hugging him. Being explained that his flatulence was too much of a liability on the mission that required everyone to be silent, he yelled that he could be quiet, though when he simultaneously farted, he noted in embarrassment that he understood her reasoning. Meelo countered that he did not just train Poki, but had extended his teachings to all the lemurs. As the smoke cleared out, Meelo followed his family to the heart of the Spirit Wilds, where now a new spirit portal was located. “Do you and Jinora hate me?” His eyes brimmed with tears, “What did I do?”, He ran up to Ikki and hugged her, “I want to see you guys again, it isn’t the same without the both of you!”, “What’s a ‘douche’?” Meelo grinned, “And I don’t know because whenever I think I find a bathroom Daddy always yells at me telling me that it isn’t one!”. Meelo is a skilled artist capable of creating highly detailed, lifelike portraits. After settling in, Tenzin took Jinora to the statue room, but realized that he had not kept a close enough watch on Meelo and Ikki; the two came storming in soon after, and Meelo subsequently crashed into an unknown statue. After Kuvira was handcuffed and escorted away, Meelo hugged Korra, along with the rest of Team Avatar. Korra and Mako swiftly came to their aid, and Korra led Meelo and the rest of his family out into one of the hallways of the Pro-bending Arena. As his sisters and father got riled up about the situation, Meelo suggested to gather all the airbenders and march on the portal. After the battle for Republic City ended, Meelo hugged Korra along with everyone else. Eye color His father agreed with his idea, suggesting to lead a peaceful protest march to rally the city behind them and pressure Raiko to withdraw his troops, and while Meelo had intended to gather the airbenders to attack, he supported his father's suggestion. When an Air Acolyte notified the gathered group of the arrival of a ship from the South, he joined everyone else on the dock to greet Korra, who was scheduled to arrive. However, when Korra took over and ordered Meelo as his commanding officer to get his father, the young boy snapped to attention and left to find Tenzin immediately. Last appearance Embarrassed, Meelo ordered his sister to forget about the encounter and the two siblings split to cover more ground.

Warmly hugging his mother, Meelo turned to his father upon hearing him say that he was proud of them, inquiring if he was proud enough to get his airbending mastery tattoos. Sometime later, Meelo answered Bolin's radio call from Zaofu. Biographical information Meelo swiftly deposed of the vines with his airbending, though wondered why the vines had gabbed them. When the guards caught them beginning their escape, they were attacked by the approaching Team Avatar. 5 in Book One: Air[2]6 in Books Two and Three9 in Book Four: Balance[3] Meelo, together with his sisters Ikki and Jinora, was tasked by Tenzin to track down Korra and bring her home, a mission he gladly accepted. As Meelo sauntered past a fishing shop, he noticed a pictured of Korra hanging on the wall and excitedly called for his sisters. [20][21] This trait developed more as he grew older, as he frequently ordered his sisters around. To help Korra and Tenzin cross over to the Spirit World, Meelo rang a ceremonial bell on certain intervals. [34], Meelo is enthusiastic, very energetic, and is always disrupting the calmness of Air Temple Island.

“You’re… YOU’RE THE LEAF!” Was all he could yell when he saw the ivy. [4], Meelo is the only known airbender to use his bending abilities to increase the effects of his own flatulence. To prove his point, he blew his whistle, prompting all the lemurs to execute several patterns in the air upon Meelo's direction.

Their search turned out fruitless and the three siblings moved on to the next town, with the same results. Following his instructions, he and the other airbenders equipped themselves with balloons filled with paint.

Inside, Meelo sat in the front row and watched as his oldest sister's tattoos were revealed and she was appointed as an airbending master.[23]. The young airbender has two older sisters, Jinora and Ikki, and a younger brother named Rohan.

Tenzin, joined by Bumi and Kya, went out to search for Ikki.

Later, Meelo and his family traveled back to the Southern Water Tribe to attend the Glacier Spirits Festival.[11]. Tuyen (love interest; formerly)

Once Republic City was safe again, Meelo returned to Air Temple Island with his family.

He would be… the normal one in the family.


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