mfm thanksgiving prayers

12. Let all deities’ bands be remove from the affairs of my marriage completely in the. Revelation 12:9-10: Finger of God, stir up holy rebellion and holy anger in me to pray to the point of my breakthroughs today, in the name of Jesus.

Jesus paid the price through his shed blood. I refuse to co-operate with any anti-marriage spells and curses, in the name of Jesus. 5. 5. 6. Lord, let the crown of marital success be placed in my head in the name of Jesus. 8. 26. 4. For example, what happens to a person who is locked up in a room for several hours striving hard to come out but no way. Evil powers of my father’s house, release me, it is time for me to get married, in the name of Jesus.

– driving a vehicle with punctured tires I rub with the blood every negative impression about my life in the heart and memory of any body in the name of Jesus. 44. Every evil spiritual marriage, I bury you today, in Jesus’ name. 10. A world where every negative energy is being exerted to pull down a person’s life and destiny.

I command all evil transportation system of in-laws to ground to halt and irreparable regret in Jesus. Let all evil spirits masquerading to trouble my marital life be bound, in the name of Jesus. Every property of the enemy in any area of life, receive the fire of God and be melted, in the name of Jesus. 3. I refuse to be dethroned from my God’s given seat in Jesus name. 32. 8. I am truly blessed. DAY ONE Evil cobwebs in the heavenlies blocking my prayers, catch fire, in the name of Jesus. I arrest every evil breeze that is currently blowing in my marriage and I send them back to senders in Jesus name. I.

PRAISE WORSHIP 37. Father Lord, let all giants standing against peace and unity in my marriage fall down and die now in the name of Jesus. 5. 49. 12. Every satanic offer of partner who will later on amputate my life, I reject you and I call down the fire of God upon you and your evil magnet, in Jesus name. Where is the Lord God of Elijah arise turn my shame to praise in the name of Jesus. Lion of Judah, consume every fake lion of the strange woman roaring against my marriage, in the name of Jesus. Let every power of the oppressors in my marriage rise up against each other in the name of Jesus. 25. Oh Lord, give me the power of darkness in my marriage in the name of Jesus. 14. Every curse issued against my marriage or against my marital life, be broken, in the name of Jesus. Naked fire of Holy Spirit burn to ashes every evil power working in my marriage. 5. Father Lord let me eat the riches of prayers during this program in the name of Jesus. 37.

This session is titled: ERASING EVIL ANTI- MARRIAGE MARKS: Praying for open heavens is a nice prayer for every believer to take, as it may require you to take full authority over some powers in the second heaven. Evil powers of my father’s house, release me, it is time for me to get married, in the name of Jesus. God intend that a man and his wife should live together in love and unity for a life time. 7. My heaven be opened for divine revelation and direction, in the name of Jesus. The angels are princes. In addition to this, if you noticed that your heaven is opened, and you are living a sinful life, it will be closed back. 12. 36. Pray and fast as led by the spirit of God. L. This session is titled: JUDGE THE ENEMY OF YOUR MARRIAGE: I bind you the strongman working against me in the heart of my husband/wife and all his/her relatives in the name of Jesus.

24. 39. Fingers of the living God, begin to fight on my behalf in every affairs of my life in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I reject and break every link with the kingdom of darkness through any conscious/unconscious relationship with any spirit husband/wife. Genesis 3:15: 8. Anything that will make me a laughing stock before my enemy, remove them from my life in the name of Jesus. Every demonic rope tying down m marriage at demonic slaughtering slab, receive the fire of God and roast in the name of Jesus. 14. Witchcraft powers using my sweat against me, die in the name of Jesus. Every evil remote controlling power working in the life of ________ receive the fire of God and be betrayed in the name of Jesus. Angel of the living God, go and minister favor on my behalf in the heart of my partner in the name of Jesus. Every evil veil covering the face of my husband, receive the fire of God; and burn to ashes, in Jesus mighty name. I command all forces of evil manipulating, delaying or hindering marriage to be completely paralyzed, in the name of Jesus. Praise and worship; Repent and confess every known sin.

40. In that message they asked if we would kindly produce prayer points for thanksgiving and worship. 1. I disconnect my marriage from every evil connection in the name of Jesus. 3. Let God arise and let all the enemies of my marital breakthrough be scattered, in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, I use the blood of Jesus to set a boundary between me and the spirit husband/wife. 3. No right is given without my recognition. Confess all your sins to God in full repentance and ask for forgiveness and mercy. Such a person is being restricted in that house until there is someone to open the door. Let all powers encamping against my home become confuse and scattered in the name of Jesus. Copyright © 2020. Every wall between me and the visitation of God, be broken, in the name of Jesus. . The Bible says, whosoever defiles the temple of God shall be destroyed. – swimming inside water N. This session is titled: WORKING AGAINST STUBBORN SITUATION IN MARRIAGE Is your spouse running around with strange women/men? No word of God shall lack power of fulfillment!

Father Lord, I thank you for restoring the joy of my marriage. Every open door that the strange woman is using to gain ground in my husband=s life and in my home, receive the blood of Jesus and be close, in the name of Jesus. I command every activity of strange women/men in the life of my husband/wife to cease immediately now in Jesus name.

Father Lord depose every human agent of the enemy appointed to put asunder my marriage in Jesus name. Every evil cloud covering my open heavens, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus. Let the season of closed heavens expire by fire, in the name of Jesus. Every demonic mark contrary to settled homes be wiped off with the, blood of Jesus. I break the binding effect of anything of evil ever put upon me from any source, in the name of Jesus. 2. Heaven over my finances, open by fire in Jesus name.

We serve a God that cannot lie. Col. 2:13 says, “And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses;” Prayer Points to Revive My Midnight Prayer Life, Thanksgiving Prayer Points - December Practical…, Prayer Points Against The Spirit of Near-Success Syndrome, Join our best Life changing telegram group, Kindly watch Evangelist Joshua on Youtube, PRAYER POINTS FOR OPEN HEAVENS WITH SCRIPTURES, PRAYER POINTS FOR OPEN HEAVENS by Dr.D.K. I —————–, (mention your name) reject bewitchment, in the name of Jesus. 5. 4. Closed heaven means delay in answered prayers. I paralyze every strange hand switching off the power of divine love of God in my home in the name of Jesus. . Let all the troublers of my marriage be disbanded and be confused in the name of Jesus. O Lord, embarrass me with abundance of your love and mercies, in Jesus name. You can also call for prayer on: Get Evangelist Joshua Latest Book on this website. Praise worship. Ask for the power to go and sin no more. I cut off the control and manipulations of strange women from over the life of ________ in the name of Jesus. God has translated my life from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear own son. Territorial powers that have closed down my heaven, you are a liar, open it, in Jesus name. 8. 2. 3. Luke 10:19: I believe His word and I confess with my mouth that He is Jehovah God who created the heaven and the earth. 7. All my buried blessings, receive resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ, in Jesus name. 10.


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