moon in ashlesha
Bring Good Luck to your Place with Feng Shui. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Of course here we find the famous hymn of how Vasuki offered his snake body to the devas so they may use it to get get the Amrita Soma, the Nectar of Immortality, out of the primordial ocean. What you allow into your inner space. It is ruled by the planet Mercury and it’s deity is the Naga, the celestial serpent. In this time period, consciously practice being more selective. With the waxing Moon in Pu. If you are born in the last phase of this Nakshatra, you are extremely lucky. The shedding of a relationship or a job you’ve grown out of. Full Moon in Bharani Nakshatra – October 31st, 2020, New Moon in Chitra Nakshatra – October 16th, 2020, Mercury Retrograde in Libra – October 13th, 2020, Sun in Libra – October 16, 2020 – A Longing for Harmony. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner.

Which emotions you choose to rule you. It is most beautiful time for doing a sincere introspection and going deeper into your sadhana or meditation practice, as it may bless you with very deep and profound insights – if you only allow yourself to be sincere with yourself. We have the ability to cause harm to others but to ourselves as well. This saves you from cheating. Also, you are a good orator and an artist. This year is coming to a, come for a Vedic Astrology & Dharma Type Reading. And if you can’t find kindness and compassion within yourself at the moment, rather choose to withdraw and stay silent. Realise, that you have a choice. This period stretches out for several hours before and after the event and may be something to be aware of if you are sensitive to the cosmic energies.

You can be the eldest in the family and being elder, you might handle all the familial responsibilities. Once you decide something, you just stick to it. Remember, everybody will be more sensitive emotionally in this time period – it’s not just you. One story is about Patanjali, the author of the Yoga Sutras. You may also go in the field of arts and commerce, and can get benefitted by doing business. This truly is a day best used for meditation and observation of your internal processes. Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra will also try to inspire us to go deeper within in order to find our answers. PERSONAL POWER/Career BLUEPRINT – Timing with Vedic Astrology! Patanjali is said to have a thousand snakes as his head.

This story teaches that we should listen to and not question our teachers. You can find that story here. It will awaken our dormant intuitive powers. Your behavior and nature will impress everyone.

One of your qualities include that fact that you can do anything for your friends. Clear Quartz is associated with the planet Venus and has the ability to align the subtle bodies and harmonize the chakras.

Remember: blessings of Ashlesha nakshatra come only to those, who are willing to embrace themselves the way they are. With this Nakshatra ruled by Mercury and located in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, you can already tell that there is a big mental component here we need to look at if we want to work wth Ashlesha’s energy.

A small amount of venom prepared in certain ways can be a healing tool, too much can harm and even kill. We love to share Vedic knowledge with you. Favorable professions for you are pesticide or business related to poison; petroleum industry; chemistry; cigarette & tobacco related business; Yoga trainer; psychologist; literature, art, and tourism related works; journalism; writing; typing; textile manufacturing; nursing; stationary production and distribution; etc. Praise the Lord with Divine Energies of Mala. This stone may balance and revitalize body, mind and spirit and has been linked to enhancing psychic ability. What you intake or eat.

Let the energy move through you.

For example you may want to donate time or money to a Snake Sanctuary. Family Life : No matter somebody supports you or not, but brothers will always stand by your side.

AstroSage Yearbook is a channel to fulfill your dreams and destiny.

The Full Moon often holds a lot of mental energy and unrest as is, so be aware of your thoughts and emotions during this time as the mind can be easily agitated. However, you are quite friendly and social. So, keep a control over it always. It may also be worth mentioning that Mars’ transit into Sagittarius February 7th again puts us into a Kala Sarpa Yoga we will dive in and out of for the next few months until Sun transits into Cancer July 15th, 2020. Another connection is to the nagas of the underworld and their king Vasuki. Fascinated in discovering the forgotten secrets of our inner universe and in love with ancient scriptures. We all will be a bit oversensitive during this time period and quite easily affected by external and internal factors. It’s not a coincidence that dangerous corona virus has emerged exactly in this lunar cycle. So, one must make sure that your words are not rejected while conversing with you.

Sometimes, you forget to feel gratitude toward those who have helped you in one way or the other.

This is a good Nakshatra to let go and separate from a partner or quit your job if that’s something you’ve been planning on doing. Ward off evil spirits and strengthen Mars. This is a beautiful time for a sincere introspection and going deeper into your meditation. In the same way we need to look at the venomous snake in Ashlesha.

If you start speaking, you only stop when you are done with whatever you wanted to say. Your intelligence and leadership abilities keep on inspiring you to go on the top. is always an intense one – for it brings on the surface of our consciousness some deep (and often very old) emotional “poisons”, so they can be finally transformed and healed. This being an early morning time offers itself to get an early rise and spend some time in mediation. Moon in Ashlesha teaches us this healthy self-restriction in our thoughts, words and actions, which leads to powerful inner transformation and … There is a possibility that you may like to talk with people; you won’t mind spending hours discussing about a topic.

Every Full Moon expands and exaggerates the qualities of the nakshatra it is dwelling in – and there is always some lesson that comes with that. A beautiful time to learn self-acceptance on a deeper level.

Something noteworthy is that this Full Moon’s immediate waning phase will put us in a Gandanta in the early morning hours February 9th, roughly 06:13 am PT. Forgot Password? Separation happens when the snake sheds it’s skin, just like we can shed our skin, which can have many different meaning. It will try to inspire us to rather withdraw, spend some time in silence or in nature and listen to the voice of our inner wisdom, rather than trying to find our answers through others. This is a particularly interesting Gandanta as both Ashlesha and Magha are highly spiritual and psychological signs. Don’t flood them with the things that hurt you in the past, either. Which people are around you.

This Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra is going to be a particularly intense one, as Moon will be aspected by 3 krura grahas: Sun, Saturn and Mars. You will stay close to people till the time they are benefitting you. In this case the Moon will transit from Ashlesha Nakshatra in Cancer into Magha Nakshatra in Leo. Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra. , October 16th 2020 the Sun moved into his sign of d, Timing is an art, indeed. Education & Income : You are a good writer.

Which words you allow to trigger you. If you will do a job, business will run side by side. Clear Quartz, also called Crystal, can absorb and regulate energy. In those time periods, when all of us are more oversensitive than usually, nothing is more precious than conscious practice of kindness.

It is also believed in Vedic tradition that serpents, who take a vow to never inflict their poison on anybody, are developing powerful yogic powers. It is your expertise to judge people and utilize them as per your needs. You may be surprised by the things that may come up for you! don't know what is. From material point of view, you will prosper and have enough wealth. More selective about what you allow to affect you. Ashlesha Nakshatra spans 16:40 – 30:00 degrees in Cancer. Which thoughts you choose to believe.


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