movies like terrifier on netflix
Why It Is A Great Netflix Original Crime Story: Tom Holland leads the star-studded cast of The Devil All the Time - yet another Netflix original rural period piece about ordinary people in very bad situations - based on the book by Donald Ray Pollock, who also serves as the film’s narrator. The Haunting anthology may be one of the platform’s marquee TV shows, but the original feature film library is somewhat lacking when it comes to genuine scares.

Netflix really launched an attack on the five senses in 2019, huh?

The visuals are also unapologetically dark enough to make up for the movie’s less-than-stellar effects and the overall familiarity of its basic premise.Available to stream on Shudder. The great performances, the weird places it goes, and the tone it sets is well worth your time. Worth your time. Look it up. And among all that dreck, that refuse, that detritus, there exists some very good horror movies. Again, I'm not bothered by this. If you’re looking for a scary movie fix tonight, we’ve got you covered with movies like Terrifier, The Conjuring and Gerald’s Game. Before writer/director Jon Watts made the very well received blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming, he made an extremely creepy movie named Clown. Please no more rebecca narrations!!!! Written by Billy Ray and Mark L. Smith and directed by Julius Avery, Overlord works because it’s a gripping war movie first and a Nazi zombie movie second. An oldie but goodie. Admittedly, this isn't the most satisfying of movies, but it has some interesting things to explore.

??? Worth your time. The twist-filled story spans continents and genres, and commits to its bonkers narrative so completely that you have to admire the sheer audacity of it all even as you’re shaking your head. #Clingy. If you hate movies about haunted houses because you feel that the family needs to’ll probably like Insidious.

As that picture up there hints, XX is an anthology film of four short films by four women writer/directors.

I enjoy the journey, not the destination. And it does it all with no violence and basically no gore. Such. Truth or Dare follows a group of college friends (featuring our girl Lucy Hale) who are on a trip to Mexico as one last hurrah before graduation. It’s so thrilling that your heart rate will definitely enter a sprint at least once. Don’t let the fact that Ciarán Foy’s Eli was unceremoniously dumped by Paramount on Netflix dissuade you — it’s one of the best horror movies of the year.

Top 10 Netflix Easter Eggs & Hidden Features – Check our our other channels!

A Dark Song will stand as my favorite new discovery on this list. Feel that brisk breeze? All I gotta say is, watch this one with a buddy or with the lights on or on FaceTime with your mom because it’s about a clown who goes on a massive murder rampage in an abandoned building. The thing you most need to know about I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House is that it's VERY, VERY slow. This is a fresh batch of horror for you to descend upon. Raw is one of the absolute best movies of 2017, horror or otherwise (technically released overseas in 2016, but only made it stateside this year). Just a few years after the Iranian Revolution was squashed by religious leaders, the main character has to hide her liberal tendencies and her anxieties about the modern world from everyone around her, including her daughter. Directed by Damien Leone. It doesn't help that her apartment tower is in the crosshairs of daily bombings. The opening sequence of Belzebuth is so disturbing — trigger warning for parents: it involves the murder of young children — I wouldn’t be surprised if tons of viewers turn Mexican director Emilio Portes’s latest film off immediately. This unknown indie is another not-your-typical-horror flick, but it’s also one of my favorite discovers on Shudder. (For the record, the 2019 Child’s Play has been shunned by Chucky’s creator, Don Mancini, who is hard at work continuing the original franchise in the form of a TV series.) (But you will like to watch it, if that makes any sense.). “Poltergeist” (1982) We follow a group of dancers who unwittingly drink spiked punch, and then proceed to lose their minds over the course of one long night. Jason has been writing since he was able to pick up a washable marker, with which he wrote his debut illustrated children's story, later transitioning to a short-lived comic book series and (very) amateur filmmaking before finally settling on pursuing a career in writing about movies in lieu of making them. Just like I did last year, I scoured the bottom of the Netflix bucket to see if there were any horror movies worth my time. I’m sweating in fear just thinking about it. By Jefferson Grubbs. A group of teens go to an “extreme” haunted house and — you guessed it! With exclusive Netflix movies such as The Irishman or the recently released The Trial of the Chicago 7, I cannot think of a streaming service better suited for a crime fiction 10. Promise you won’t blame us if you’re too scared to walk to the bathroom alone at night after streaming one of these bad boys, ’cause we warned ya. Stranger Things’s Sadie Sink plays Haley, a young girl who reveals to Eli that this particular building has a... well, haunted past.

And for the most part, they’ve succeeded. Ugh, this Australian horror movie is about a sweet lil dad who has to save his adorable baby from killer zombies. There’s certainly a lot of variety to be found, and while some of these titles slipped through the cracks and were soon forgotten, they’re all worth a watch if you can count yourself a fan of the genre.


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