mukherjee spends much of this essay comparing herself to her sister
And they should be able to keep parts of their old lives with them. In many cases speech communities are similar geographically, ethnically, racially, politically, and even culturally.

The cabin in the woods where my sister was born, water from the river that she took her first bath in. I really enjoyed this article also because it relates to me a lot. It is the community that you live in. In turn, this creates much diversity that has an effect on multiple countries. How does Bharati organize her essay -subject by subject, point by point, a little of both? C�̉UpC�/w_K,Q��lU�K�v�5�Z�G��~�Z��?`uJKA���)_~�HN̐�+*�%*,�/`��DMd�5�|�p�6Lh�8�$��$�է��|�R�޴>�d�`C`j�i*.g|a������-�8�����!���Ds��E�^k���`SM3r��'iANǾ�]\��mr���q3�s����.?X��C\��~��7a���*��Y��%! Should we encourage immigrants to assimilate to American culture or welcome diversity? All though we belonged to different speech communities outside of our family, we were still family and we shared our very our speech community. 4.) %PDF-1.3 She did not want to change and that is why she married another Indian. In a way, I tried to keep as much of my “South African” as possible, where on the other hand my sister, “Americanized” herself. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Eventually, we will all create our own speech community here. I have a black dad and a white mom, and in the time they first met and got married these things weren’t happening that much.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. 6.) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. To be honest, at first, I didn’t either, until I recognized the implications of the differing speech communities Bharati and Mira decided to join upon their arrival in America. The sisters found themselves viewing their new life through the eyes of  two completely different speech communities. �'��A�J�P����3�^���4Kiep�)���/ ns�HB�w��%Q(��ZB9#}R樇���G����֛��M�\����l�{�EdXĐ��_Y�-g��HJL���l��d5��ә�Eö���zN�K�*���2�

<< /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> America is clearly the best place to be." Identify and label the methods of development (modes) Mukherjee uses in her essay. Mukherjee writes “Mira’s voice, I realize, is the voice not just of the immigrant South Asian community but of an immigrant community of the millions who have stayed rooted in one job, one city, one house, one ancestral culture, one cuisine, for the entirety of their productive years”. This is an example of _____. Mukherjee(Bharati) explains in India she and Mira were “almost identical in appearance and attitude”. During those couple of years, me and my brother didn’t get along at all because of our different groups of friends and different ways of living. As everyone knows by now I moved to the United States from South Africa and now I’ve taken a look at how me and my sister reacted to the move. I loved how this reading showed the clear, major differences in two speech communities. The novel's perspective switches to Auggie's older sister, Via, who begins by talking about how she has gotten used to how her entire family life revolves around Auggie and his needs. Speaking is only part of the community. stream I think it’s interesting that by reading this I now realize that changes in speech communities can occur so suddenly and drastically. wSZ �������������o3 \�rhٜ�|�C/�b��+�I5]W��a�M�=�k᪉AI���Ȳ�!v#3���D�c����{��jq���:�]-R-amߡϤ��תc/O�����7�d��]�o��P��=ԟ��� �Д*�)%7��ow���ᶳO$�2`y��$�4��_oW����2ސ�:@dl�2�=�4��n�T��p[��zI�`W,�G0+����~yzz���(��p��d�T�NU��77�E�5���e��1卖�Xʘ#E~I\G���Jܰ�ߗ�����J͈g������?c�D�%b�SToL��%����*Ga� �'G�)�Y\d��yJ���q��l��i�e������0d����^׻�����Ā��¥OE�k�V�6��9�N(�L�IF^?�U�`d�� �ŧ��a9�I Mukherjee’s writing was definitely an interesting story to say the least. Bharati saw this a new experience and a fresh start to become whoever she wanted to be, and Mira decided that she didn’t want to change anything about her heritage and culture and that she thrived with her kind of people whom she was most comfortable with.

Through this selection I’ve learned how much of an impact a speech community can have on one’s identity, not only through language, dialects, and social connections but from ethnicity, culture, lifestyle, and politics. My speech community was always a lot more laid back and lazy whilst my brother’s crowd constantly studied and never went out.

Although it is hard to tie in speech communities to this example it makes me realize that Bharati welcomed a new “speech community” into her life when she married out of her ethnicity. There’s been a long-standing argument about the “melting pot” versus “tossed salad” debate. Bharati and Mira started out in the same speech community with their family but when they moved to America they became part of a totally different speech community. Also combining them with what you have grown with, is a hard task.

I too learned how much of an impact a speech community can have on one’s identity in almost every aspect. Then their speech communities separated again when they both got married. We are no longer in the comfort of our own home or friend group and that causes us to change our dialect and speech community to communicate with all of the new people we meet in college. I am not sure what I would do if I moved to a different country.

While reading the essay I didn’t even think about it like that, but you’re so right. I love how in the first paragraph you pointed out that Bharati’s essay is different than any we have read in the past. I can definitely relate to Mukherjee because me and my brother have had a similar experience.

I like what you wrote, because I too can relate to Mukherjee and Mira. You made a good point when you described how they both chose to live different lives when coming to America. But I guess that’s why people say this is the land of possibilities where anything can happen.

While Mira refrained from anything besides her original culture, Bharati embraced the different culture. Every person brings a new thought or idea in no matter what. By moving from our hometown to college, whether we realize it or not, our speech communities have changed. I really enjoyed how personal and relatable this essay was. It would be such a change if I were to be born in another country and then come to America. �#b0� I like how you made clear the differences between this article and the ones we have done in the past. @�7��n:-�=�ַ��U�z��r��L�B����i~��� ��$Y�&�(V��&MW�'�4��� �J�3��p?�7gX$$����o�����f#��$M�r���ǿ����ᇛ����D����ϔϹ���l�Í"�Н]�{��sV�=�gŹ��?-?,�g!�O�~r��9z̀�ӈ=�hmPgi����X�BG}Wov�';���Z\��OX�%����db�����\�a���߾���ji�M Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Computer, Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Computer Applications and Management. I’ve gotten in arguments with my mom several times about this issue. You are considered part of the community if you share the same speech habits as the rest of the community, but you most likely also share other similar qualities. My father worked his way up to where he is and raised to me work hard for what I have. I found that you had powerful points and strong comparisons. ( Log Out / 

F liked how her mother and I …

Marrying another Indian and then a Canadian-American causes great separation of speech. 2. !�B��7� ����}�4�����I�j���!�V�$I�i�N��*�[���TdӔ�|f@�L�j�XL�i:����l�_~";��I:/�Eòt&T�W�r���¶���g�*���9�H&�l���O�|>��$)J���X�L��Co�ʓt��S����4?T̡��3��C�O�f��f���)���������l 3. ���Ӑm|�����(+�L�M��ˆl�2")�c���>�� -E�9�`7�Y2B�~�>Է���l^�$ʪ��6�9��������\��o�t�D�J�~�\/Fx��y�_o��,Wd%C�3�C%��ӯ��������s�Nf�d>&�뗗��[�=���+�}>�9U�˼�5ڿ��O0� ��.���"5h�|������'8�iU"�:�����$��9R1�#��خ-�x�H�i���/V����#<7�GU�3|��mT ����#N���\�c�ƹI���d0H����l.^k��U���S�Jr|x�^�F�F���ΫiQ���ۆR$/�Xp\謫 �`e�����~{��hͦe��w�Nw]�,���I�%� In a way we can all relate, we all had our own individual speech communities growing up; however, now that we are in college we are surrounded and apart of a whole new world of speech communities. I have been doing so but he also gave me the option to just go straight into the work force instead of college. "I hate the food," she tells her family at home. Its really interesting that the two sisters had very different views on being in America. I think it’s great how diverse Amerca is. I agree with you, in that “I’ve learned how much of an impact a speech community can have on one’s identity, not only through language, dialects, and social connections but from ethnicity, culture, lifestyle, and politics.” I couldn’t say it better. x��[�G����)~�Ĉú��O�������Ψ�86�/lvu7m6)�^��??$Y��*��6�����H$�@�6���Ɍ�^&�"��M��LR~7��}��4ن%�F�n_�����O�r���[&�t>�o������e��/����b����gz�h�y�����$���s�����?   Terms. I think if you are from another country you always want to keep some memory of the place you are from. Mira make for retaining her Indian citizenship? N7�@r"U�+ْ�������}��p����$zgvK�O�L�*%D�#�ws�y&�S�+��c>F����@\�x-� �#����d���6]��B��J&z����'�E̹�;Nm�X��rΦ�׆d���.

Well done, I enjoyed your response. My moms mom did not approve of my dad and didn’t think things would work but my parents did not care and proceeded to get married and have lived happily together for 24 years now. I can honestly relate to this story through the eyes of my dad. As Mira who married an Indian boy she stuck to the culture and morals of her family. ;%#��T]�A$:앮�y4����p;����,�Hr0:��o/_�f��a���̑[����K���BJ��c]6*��|�Akvx�瞥�oh���꽉�}�B�)�9#T��bGb���H)8b��寷s.�a^ .�h�l>�)���-_��=;����u�v�.�0e��l�&� /e ���v��t��z[?���/I8�J�'�_.�/������K�U�`VL�$�ul�o�`�73��I%��`C#���Z?��.ƪ �R������j�D�,�]�ȖD���Q��%|4eg��^8^�n��SR SlB��RХ�3' ���m�1^��ږϤ�s�lC G��@�r�ы�_.�U�l�����=8��'��KU@�w'h\�Ҟ�"�p�~")�(Z�ņ����!#L�C �3���� �������sT�t�ۢ��[n�Џ�:XB������j��q���x�Cr������Q�+��h�KQ>� �s�zܕd^UJ _յ�Ma������M� �mW��G��$� ̐� +���r�c��s����6�l����S������5_�F�k��o/�7Ց ����(�E�(iN�/F���5���O[���@>��'o;A1�eLuJG Compare … Make a list of specific qualities, behaviors, and beliefs for each of the two sisters. Bharati and her significant other now have formed a speech community of their own. They each joined separate communities that they thought would fit them, and even though they are different, I’m sure both sisters are happy and living the way they want. Bharati Mukherjee Summary- The essay, Two Ways to Belong in America, by Bharati Mukherjee, is about two Indian sisters who have different views about the United States. I think it is interesting that Mira wanted to preserve her Indian heritage. Bharati spends much of this essay comparing herself to her sister. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. “Mira’s voice, I realize, is the voice not just of the immigrant South Asian community but of an immigrant community of the millions who have stayed rooted in one job, one city, one house, one ancestral culture, one cuisine, for the entirety of their productive years.” That right there shows how stepping into different social and racial groups will cause diversity and even within the same groups new speech communities can arise. I liked how you compared the difference in the two speech communities. Elise travels across Thailand with her friends and, to her surprise, finds the country quite unlike the United States. She would sometimes lightly brush up against me. I really enjoyed your post and also find it interesting that two sisters who came from the same place, have the same culture, and lived by the same guidelines for so long could become so different just by taking different approaches to life by coming to America.


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