new kush strains

Plants grow up to 120cm in height and provide yields of approximately 70g/plant. The result is a pungent palate of sweet, berry flavors and a floral scent. The general consensus surrounding Lemon Kush is that is a cross between Master Kush and Lemon Joy. Revered for its heavy resin content and heavily sedating effects, Afghan Kush is a top choice for anyone looking to relax after a long day. It has an indoor flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks with moderate yields. As her name suggests, each hit of this strain is accompanied by zesty and tangy hints of lemon and citrus. Lemon orange amnesia.bubba Whiteside plenty of good strains awesome seeds call me 4159499413, Ummm, there are about 1000 Kush starins left off this list. Flowering time: 9 to 10 weeks Even beginners will find her easy to grow and work with, resisting many of the common pests and pitfalls that plague first-time farmers. Flowering is 9-11 weeks and is a favorite with both indoor and outdoor growers. }; var z = document.createElement("script"); Originally from Oregon, this strain is a hybrid of Blueberry and OG Kush, which is evident in its fresh berry aroma with notes of earthy herbalness. Whatever its true genetics may be, OG Kush is commonly described as sativa-like in its euphoric and happy effects that combat stress and anxiety.

Other theories throw Lemon Thai genetics into the genetic mix, but no one can say for sure how this iconic strain came into existence. The archetypal “lemon-fuel/Pine-Sol funk” (as breeder Swerve perfectly describes it) is the tip-off that you’re dealing with a real-deal OG cross. Beloved by many people, kush strains get their name from their origin in the Hindu Kush mountains mainly in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India. Ken from Sensi Seeds calls their Hindu Kush “a classic, definitive indica sometimes referred to as ‘Afghanica,’with the characteristic wide, dark green leaves and strong branching that make it an excellent building block for serious and hobbyist breeders.” Indeed, cannabis botanists worldwide use a Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush male in their programs for stability. Auto Orange Bud has been selectively bred to retain high THC levels. Their Headband won third place at the 2009 HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup for the Green Place Coffeeshop under the name “Headband Kush,” earning it the first of what will undoubtedly be many more awards. Plants can put out yields of up to 500g/m² when cultivated indoors.

THC levels are around 16%, resulting in a strong body high that is relaxing, calming, and medicinal in nature. Its short, squat stature and heavy harvests don’t hurt either.

Kush is does it’s best job at relieving stress and pain.

Popular myth maintains that Chemdawg and an indica Hindu Kush parented OG Kush, passing on the distinct “kush” bud structure we see in many strains today. The genetics are the only area of dispute as everyone will agree that the sweet flavors of lemon and citrus mix exceptionally well with the earthy kush undertones. Medical Properties of Kush Strains. It also makes terrific hash with an old-school scent and flavor. All content on our sites is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Of course we can't tell you about all, as we are adding more than 50 new strains per week! It’s a strain that’s also available these days in feminized form. The light green buds are covered in a white frosting of trichomes and provide uplifting and creative effects. Kush offspring include a number of HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup winners and HT Strains of the Year, including the MK-Ultra and Sour Diesel. Lemon Kush is the perfect solution for when the stresses of life have you feeling sour. Swerve pollinated the original and legendary Tahoe clone with his San Fernando Valley OG F3 male, and the result adds fuel to the fire for sure. This strain has a high THC content often measuring over 20%, making it a potent choice that might be strong for new users. Many believe the first kush strain brought to the United States was Pink Kush. Contact: The Cali Connection,

Pure indicas tend to knock people out, but Sensi’s famous Hindu Kush has a more desirable zesty quality to it, as well as a rich, hashy smoke that tickles the nose and enlightens the senses.

This strain has gained an almost mythical status as the foundation of West Coast genetics. DARKSTAR KUSH. An organic product can broadly be described as any product that’s derived from a…, A common misconception of marijuana cultivation, especially among first-time growers, is that harvest time is like gym class…, Heavy yields of big buds in the fall are the result of proper planning and planting in the…. Another sensimilla stalwart from the T.H.Seeds collection, the Kushage has an epic high – one that hits almost instantly and has both staying power and that familiar Kush headiness. Published Vanilla Kush proves the adage that not all indica-dominant strains are created equal.


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