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His creation of the magazine, Puck, in 1877 brought him into a national position that allowed him to influence people’s political views and opinions. LCCN98504912.tif, Our imitative "aristocracy" LCCN2012645446.jpg, Our Indian policy - a house of cards LCCN2012647285.jpg, Our overworked Supreme Court LCCN2011661363.jpg, Our overworked Supreme Court LCCN2011661363.tif, Passing everything on the road LCCN2012645172.jpg, Preserve your forests from destruction, and protect your country from floods and drought LCCN2012645164.jpg, President Cleveland and his cabinet - J. Keppler. It was followed by Frank und Frei, which lasted six months.

The National Portrait Gallery is fortunate enough to own a few of Keppler’s lithographs from the height of his fame during the early 1880s. 'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); Make a donation to the Smithsonian Libraries or visit our Adopt-a-Book site. LC-USZ62-26205 (b&w film copy neg.) Beginnings of Reform 1912-1913. Here, Standard Oil is depicted as an octopus seizing industries and the Capitol, while stretching out for the White House. Press Enter / Return to begin your search. Jobs | LCCN96512144.jpg, John Roach's little miscalculation LCCN2011661447.jpg, John Roach's little miscalculation LCCN2011661447.tif, Joseph F. Keppler - Uncle Sam's lodging-house.jpg, Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - The Pirate Publisher - Puck Magazine - Original LoC scan.png, Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - The Pirate Publisher - Puck Magazine - Original LoC scan.tif, Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - The Pirate Publisher - Puck Magazine - Restoration by Adam Cuerden.jpg, Joseph Ferdinand, Keppler Rapid Transit to Sheol 1888 Cornell CUL PJM 1097 01.jpg, Keppler - Beecher's Theory and Practice.jpg, Kik - kik - cock-a-doodle doo! In many cases, the originals can be served in a LCCN2011661383.jpg, Ein Hundstage-Traum (While Joseph Keppler sleeps) LACMA, Escaping from the old shell LCCN2012647300.jpg, Feinde der Republik (James Garfield & Columbia) (cropped).jpg, Feinde der Republik (James Garfield & Columbia).jpg, First annual picnic of the "Knights of Labor" - more fun for the spectators than for the performers LCCN2012647217.jpg, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on January 23, 1875 art detail, entitled "Grant's Last Outrage in Louisiana" (cropped).jpg, Friedrich III - The end of a brave life.jpg, Halsabschneiden in Wall Street - Wie die Unerfahrenen ihren Kopf verlieren.jpg, Harte Arbeit, die Mulligan Guards (Caricature of James G. Blaine from Puck, 1884).jpg, He can't beat his own record LCCN2012645419.jpg, Helping the rascals in - a burglarious scheme that may be suddenly spoiled LCCN2011661838.jpg, Henry George Honest Labor's Temptation 1886.jpg, History repeats itself LCCN2011661430.jpg, In danger. The Nib is entirely independent! Reading Room. & Looking Backwards The cartoon at hand entitled “Welcome to All”, made by Joseph Keppler and published in the newspaper “Puck” in the year 1880, shows several refugees being on their way into an ark. TIFF (50.3mb).

[3], After visiting his father, Keppler made his way to St. Louis in 1867 and renewed his career as an actor. Udo Keppler, “Next!” (1904) Summary: Illustration shows a “Standard Oil” storage tank as an octopus with many tentacles wrapped around the steel, copper, and shipping industries, as well as a state house, the U.S. Capitol, and one tentacle reaching for the White House.   This political cartoon depicts John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company as a suffocating octopus. LCCN2012645186.tif, Licensed wreckers - in the hands of the receivers LCCN2012645631.jpg, Life's ups-and-downs - Puck's improvement on Cole's "Voyage of Life" LCCN2012645495.jpg, Men may come, and men may go; but the work of reform shall go on forever LCCN2011661843.jpg, Modern Colossus of Rail Roads - Keppler 1879.jpg, More than she can carry LCCN2012645201.jpg, Noxious growths in liberty's grounds LCCN2011661824.jpg, On the threshold of office-what have we to expect of him? Joseph Keppler, (born February 1, 1838, Vienna, Austria—died February 19, 1894, New York, New York, U.S.), Austria-born American caricaturist and founder of Puck, the first successful humorous weekly in the United States.. Keppler studied art in Vienna. | The Library of Congress generally does not own rights to material in Mr. Kelly, how are you? JPEG (54kb) Puck, September 7, 1904.Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress. In 1867, after years of working as a set painter and an actor, he immigrated to the United States with his family. Reference staff can advise you in   - J. Keppler. too fragile to serve. publish or otherwise distribute the material. Udo Keppler, “Next!” (1904) Restrictions Information page Courtesy Library of Congress. A Standard Oil storage tank is an octopus with tentacles wrapped around the steel, copper, and shipping industries, a state house, the U.S. Capitol, and has one tentacle reaching for the White House. His witty and critical political cartoons created a satirical commentary on the political issues and corruption of the era. JPEG (147kb)

a reference librarian. The cartoon of Conkling as a balloon is striking. However, as a bibliophile, I was far more excited to discover that the American Art and Portrait Gallery Library owns one of the 300 copies of a limited-edition book that features some of Keppler’s best lithographs. No Cameras in the White House Press Briefing? [8][9], Keppler's opinions and wit endeared him to large sections of the American public. [4] Meanwhile, his father, who had come to the States to escape the European Revolutions of 1848, had established himself as the proprietor of a general store in a little town in northern Missouri. The magazine, and Keppler, truly rose to fame during the 1880 presidential campaign. In some cases, a surrogate In 1869, he helped launch the German-American cartoon weekly, Die Vehme, which lasted for a year. The magazine remained a popular periodical throughout the 1880s and into the 1890s thanks to Keppler’s detailed and clever lithographs. Summary: Illustration shows a “Standard Oil” storage tank as an octopus with many tentacles wrapped around the steel, copper, and shipping industries, as well as a state house, the U.S. Capitol, and one tentacle reaching for the White House. | Illustration shows a "Standard Oil" storage tank as an octopus with many tentacles wrapped around the steel, copper, and shipping industries, as well as a state house, the U.S. Capitol, and one tentacle reaching for the White House. TIFF (1.6mb), View Larger

In March 1871, he attempted another cartoon weekly, Puck, which lasted until August 1872. The Nib is entirely independent! ( LC-USZCN4-122 (color film copy neg.   Udo J. Keppler, Next!, illustration, Puck, 7 September 1904 White House litho-graph by Udo Joseph Keppler steel and copper industries *Reproduced by the National Humanities Center, Research Triangle Park, NC, 2005. He had his name changed to Joseph Keppler Jr. in honor of his father. Cartoon analysis – Comparing 2 Cartoons Joseph Keppler – Welcome to All! LCCN2012645614.tif, Arbitration is the true balance of power. Yes, another surrogate exists. the original. Duplication Services Web site. [2][6], In the fall of 1872, he moved with his wife and son to New York city and was soon working for Frank Leslie's publishing house. JPEG (203kb) [3], Unable to make a living from his art in Vienna he joined a theatrical troupe as a scene painter and then as a comedian, traveling with them in the Tyrol and Italy. ‘Next’, by Joseph Keppler, was first published in Puck on September 7, 1904. [5], After the death of his wife in 1870,[4] Keppler married Pauline Pfau in 1871, the union producing three children, Udo, Irma and Olga.

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same day or in the future. LCCN2012645216.tif, "China" detail, The real trouble will come with the "Wake", black and white (cropped).jpg, "Mark Twain," America's best humorist LCCN96503317.jpg, "Mark Twain," America's best humorist LCCN96503317.tif, "Quack" "Patent Medicine" "Hamburger Brust" detail from Cartoon from Puck LACMA (cropped).jpg, "Regulated Ohio Brand" "Prohibitory Amendment Defeated" "Regulate Liquor Traffic by License and Tax Laws" in 1883, Bottled politics LCCN2012645526 (cropped).jpg, "REGULATED OHIO BRAND" bottle detail, Bottled politics LCCN2012645526 (cropped).jpg, "The Mulligan guard lies, but - surrenders" LCCN2011661847.jpg, "With thee to support me, I defy the whole world!"


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