norco bigfoot fat bike review
It seems Norco has manufacturing, quality control and spare parts issues. At first glance, the Norco Bigfoot 1 would seem to fit snugly in the niche-within-a-niche adventure fatbike category, with its 5-inch Terrene Johnny 5 tires on 26-inch wheels just screaming to be loaded up and ridden on a beach, or through deep, fresh snow, or on some similarly boring and difficult sounding “mission.”. Norco has more than 100 models in its line, including road, cyclocross, gravel, mountain, urban, kids and BMX bikes. My time on the Bigfoot was spent hunting what makes fatbiking fun for me: those moments right on the edge of control, whether losing traction through a corner (some call it drifting, I’m not sure if what I do qualifies) or sliding down a semi-groomed descent.

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The stock Jumbo Jim with addix performance compound had unbelievable traction on slick ice (which means a little bit for than zero traction, but likely the best possible without studs). Get the Norco! Love the black frame (looks even better with mud on it. Also a Thudbuster post makes it a posh ride. We lowered the pressure to 3 psi in the 6" snow and that seemed to be about right. We could have ridden 2 psi, but we're still getting used to the whole thing. Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the MTBR Newsletter. The paint around the dropouts began flaking when I installed the front wheel for the first time, and that’s continued with each front wheel mounting. Compare forks, shocks, wheels and other components on current and past MTB’s. Great setup! But the Lou is great up ft. After all, beyond just being able to ride in the winter, that’s really what makes fatbiking so riotous: The edge is easy to find, even at slow speeds, and the consequences for stepping over it are usually low. :) Slow but just darn phat phun! © Copyright 2012-2020 EBR Electric Bike Review, Inc. Also operating under the name EBR. The Irvine, California, brand gives up model years and refines its moun ... A light and lively titanium option from Twin Six, Skinnier than some, but still fatter than most, Subscribe to our free newsletter and stay up-to-date with the latest from Norco said that they haven’t heard about this from any other sources, but that it looks to be an interface issue between the axle and the white paint, which is typically thicker than other colors. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Chaoyang tires on it since the reviews do the vee rubbers are not good. LOTS of braze-on mounts for accessories. MSRP: $4,799. I didn't want to spend $1500 or more on a bike that I won't use as much as my others. © Copyright 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved.

Forecasting over 4 inches of accumulated traction, A fat bike from the brand that helped usher in modern geometry.

Full suspension, hardtail mountain bikes, cyclocross bike.

I highly recommend the Bigfoot if you are in the market for your first fat bike. While we’re hearing from the peanut gallery, I’ll also mention that the chain occasionally rubbed on the rear tire when cranking hard in the lowest gears, but this didn’t happen frequently and wasn’t bothersome enough to deserve more than this passing mention. I can't ride like that, but I can attest to the fact that they are that fun! Figured for riding in Whistler winter I'd need full fat tires. for bike racks. I kept it outside where it weathered all kinds of, uh, weather, including a couple of beastly windstorms, one of which ripped a headlight off the handlebar and flung it into the abyss. Specs, reviews & prices for the 2018 Norco Bigfoot 1. Hmm ya that might be a good idea. I own a Crosscheck nothing against Surly Hydro brakes rock! The Norco Bigfoot VLT 1 is the electric fat bike that you'll forget is an electric fat bike until you realize just how far it's taken you. Are you? Does require bell and water bottle cage though. what do you look for in the bike? Here is a link to a review of the Sight VLT if you can afford it. I have a Norco 7.3 all-carbon (acoustic bike) that was converted by Bionx engineers to have a D500 motor - absolutely love it. The bike was sold out and I had to have one shipped in. Norco Bigfoot Fat Bikes user reviews : 3.8 out of 5 - 5 reviews. Bought due price point and desire to ride moe in winter. Despite its big tires and rear rack mounts, the Bigfoot is actually pretty modern, for a fatbike. Paint is not very durable, but the frame is aluminum, so no rust worries. Btw, this was the most fun on a bike since my first mtb in 1984 (a Lotus from Wamsley's in Motown WV). The seat was also a nice stock feature. Does wander a little due to the cheaper tires. If it concerns you, sizing down to a rear tire in the 4.6-inch range would likely solve this. I've had a few Norco hard tails that I've loved so I know they're good bikes. When you spend months at a time staring out the window at the snow, your mind tends to wander. Norco, clearly, could not deliver the bike that they sold to me! The QR arm broke when removing it because I had to make it so tight. Choosing a eMTB for Roads/Gravel/light trails, Suggestion: adding Norco support forum for Discussion by Brand & User Reviews.

Felt's Double Double is ready for frigid rides. You are using an out of date browser. All seemed great at first, but I wanted to change the rim strips from black to white. Grips are lame, but easily replaced. View and share reviews, comments and questions on mountain bikes. It got pulled out with metal shavings etc, so it did not just slip. And in any case, being a little—or even a lot—out of control is what fatbiking is all about. Let’s wrap up this list with the best fat tire electric bike money can get. My first fattie.

Two mechanics at my LBS couldn’t either. Both are 120tpi and the ride is good one frozen footprints. I love the Norco Sight VLT and if you want to ride flat trails in winter snow the fat tires on the Bigfoot make sense.

Getting the bike off the ground in the absence of a lip was a chore, probably due to the weight at each end of the bike and because of the additional 20 millimeters of chainstay on the Norco. I was able to go tubeless on the stock Mulefut 80 rims without too much trouble. Budget $200 for better tires. Get the Norco! They’re following up with the manufacturer, presumably to make whatever changes are necessary to address the problem. I've narrowed my choices down to Norco Bigfoot 1 & Rocky Mountain Blizzard 30 (maybe the 50), these seem to be the only brands available through local bike shops that have a threaded bottom bracket (push fit is a dealbreaker for me as I'm heavier and have had issues with push fit BBs).

Free shipping in Canada on orders of $ 100 or more! I love the Norco Sight VLT and if you want to ride flat trails in winter snow the fat tires on the Bigfoot make sense.

By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. They told me to take it back to where I got it. The gearing and everything else included the dropper worked well even for steep technical climbs. That’s not a dig at the two-piston, base-model SRAM Level brakes, which I think provided more power than was usable in most scenarios on snow, and if it was a modulation issue, it was probably more because of my clumsy gloved fingers than anything else.

Plus, it's not as common of a brand, so there's a little less chance of running into someone with the same bike as you. I took the bike back and they found that the dropout on the right side of the fork was misaligned, a manufacturing defect. Bike Magazine has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Bike rides well for the money- much better than the 900$ price tag suggests. Its 68.5-degree head angle is, relatively speaking, slack-ish, and the 470-millimeter reach on the size large is longer than the same dimension on most brands’ extra larges. The Shimano E8000 unit has been used on some of the high end bikes like Bianchi e-SUV and Ducati Mig-RR. That is the ONLY flaw I could tell about this bike. It’s the most expensive choice on this list as well, but its price is well-justified. With modern Norco geometry, the evolved, lightweight, butted X6 aluminum frame and cold-weather-optimized Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020. So far they've held up strong to some pretty solid punishment. I would much prefer this geometry over a Pugs or similar straight top tube bike. I received a full refund for the defective bike and have moved on. But bear in mind you might want to go with a Fluid VLT or even a Charger VLT ( which can accept a rack and fenders easily if so desired) with slightly narrower tires ( 2.25 on the Charger and 2.6 on the Fluid) and then switch to studded tires in Winter when it freezes. Tires, pedals, grips, manufacturing, quality assurance, lack of spare parts. Excellent geometry, stand over clearance, hydro brakes, good looks, value, gearing, misc mounts. Otherwise this bike has no weaknesses. I have a Charger 29er acoustic bike. Tons of attachment points etc. Shifting is smooth, bike feels solid. bought because I wanted a name brand fat bike for goofing around in the winter with friends and my wife. Pretty dialed in now, but that all adds to the cost. With better tires in 2015 it'll be very popular. You can find faults with an inexpensive bike, but all are bolt-on items. You must log in or register to reply here. Best Fat Tire Electric Bike. At first glance, the Norco Bigfoot 1 would seem to fit snugly in the niche-within-a-niche adventure fatbike category, with its 5-inch Terrene Johnny 5 tires on 26-inch wheels just screaming to be loaded up and ridden on a beach, or through deep, fresh snow, or on some similarly boring and difficult sounding “mission.” Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, Santa Cruz, Norco … A versatile yet affordable option for snow, sand or wherever you plan to go, the Bigfoot brings the joy of fatbiking to the masses. As others have mentioned Norco is a trusted name in the bicycle industry. This bike is priced really well vs the alternatives. The rear axle is quick release. These bikes should come with one as an option. Full focus was required to contain the bike’s speed and the tires’ rebound at the same time on trails with repetitive roots, rocks, and small drops still evident under the snow. I could not get the QR loose on the front wheel.


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