packaging trends 2021

At Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019, we presented a new ground-breaking installation in partnership with Cosmopack exploring the future of sustainability, colour and innovative materials. Click for a demo. Evidently, snacking drinks and multifunctional food and beverage products are gaining momentum. Learn more about who we are, and what drives us. With respect to the use of text, many package designers will stress well-balanced, tidy and evenly balanced designs. Tom Elliot, head of new ventures at Sainsbury’s, said: “Nice is quality wine in a can that has mass market appeal and is 100% recyclable, which made it a no-brainer to Sainsbury’s. Rich blues, purples and blacks can give your premium packaging a luxurious feel or add some gold details to really elevate the experience. Higher Packaging Demand. It appears 2021 may defy some predictions, perhaps largely due to the disruptive events occurring around the world during the first six months of the year. Aluminium has been commended as a superior packaging material due to its sustainability, making it particularly desirable for companies looking to promote their product while meeting environmental goals. Today sectors such as the food packaging industry, the luxury goods packaging industry, the electronics packaging industry, and other specialized types of product packaging often attract the interest of niche marketing firms. Our seven trends included: Back to Basics, Tactile Touch, Digital Design, Bio-transparency, Modular Blocking, Conscious Craft and Sensorial Radiance. Not only are spirits showing growth, but so are ready-to-drink (RTD), beer and soft drink segments, with the Bacardi 2020 Cocktail Trends Report noting a 26% increase in vodka soda and flavoured RTDs in the US. Convenient cold brews offer instant energy so are increasingly desirable among professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike. Other mechanisms gaining traction include resealable cans, compostable cup lids and fibre-based multipack rings. Some of these figures may illuminate recent trends evident during 2021: Around the world, product packaging holds an important place in commercial transactions. Nevertheless, we know the PERFECT solution for turning shipping from dull to fun – with cute mailers, of course! This year, packaging has become more of an interactive experience for consumers, particularly with augmented reality (AR) technology set to gain recognition.

Your privacy Project Gallery See a few things we've done and the success we've had. A growing interest in environmentalism in the Peoples Republic of China and increasingly vocal global concerns about the high volume of plastic materials polluting the ocean spurred interest in the development of sustainable packaging. Minimalism is thriving in many areas of design in 2020. 7 Kingsmead Square According to Nielson, sales of canned wine in 2019 grew by 79.2% during the 52 week period ending in December 2018.


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