pan am 806 passenger list
(Closed - Acceptable Action), Unless otherwise stated: copyright © 1996-2020 Aviation Safety Network (ASN). PROBABLE CAUSE: "The flight crew's late recognition, and failure to correct in a timely manner, an excessive descent rate which developed as a result of the aircraft's penetration through destabilizing wind changes. They had the NTSB there because it was a Pan Am plane. SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Here's a list of the 270 people killed 25 years ago today in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on Dec. 21, 1988. I cannot remember if this navigation error was described in the NTSB [National Transportation Safety Board] report on it.

Other factors included poor visibility and a lack of altitude and airspeed callouts by the aircrew. The complete passenger list of Pan Am 103. (At right, the memorial to Pan Am flight 812 in Bali. It is preliminary and is based on the facts as they are known at this time. On January 30, 1974, the Boeing 707 Clipper Radiant crashed on approach to Pago Pago International Airport, killing 87 passengers and ten crew members. The flight transmitted "Eight zero six, wilco" at 23:39:41. I never visited the crash site, which apparently took three days ultimately for a U.S. military team to get to – and they tried, although the Balinese could get there in about 12 hours. Q: Sometimes you get repercussions from those who expect you to do more than maybe is physically possible; they complain to their congress people and Congressmen. PAN AMERICAN WORLD AIRWAYS, INC RECORDS CONTAINER LIST INSTRUCTIONS The Pan American World Airways, Inc. Records are organized into two accessions, with individual numbering systems. On January 30, 1974, Pan Am Flight 806, Boeing 707-321B "Clipper Radiant", operated as a scheduled flight from Auckland, New Zealand, to Los Angeles, California. It was supposed to be coming into an approach at the airport to the south of the island and instead found this 10,000-foot mountain in its path on the northwest side. Family and Friends from Flight Pan Am 806, Pago Pago. They set up a workshop in the hangar down in Denpasar and were convinced that they would be in a position to identify some of the remains.

[2], At 23:40:42 the 707 came in contact with trees 3,865 feet (1,178 m) short of the runway 5 threshold.

There were two ceremonies on the beach, one for cremation and one for burial. [2], The flight was receiving signals from the Localizer and was using the Instrument landing system (ILS) for runway 5. Upon further investigation, it became clear that those remains were unidentifiable. It was cleared to Pago Pago on an IFR flight plan. En route stops included Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Honolulu, Hawaii. On January 30 1974 Pan Am 806 landed short of Pago Pago airport.


You couldn’t get to the site. Apparently the Pan Am plane, as I understand it – and this is from reading some transcript of the black box several years later  – navigationally strayed and was not where it was supposed to be. As I found out, it was only then that the aircraft fuel engulfed the plane and combustion occurred and anybody who would’ve been alive at that time would’ve been annihilated. Pierce was interviewed by Charles Stuart Kennedy beginning in 2001. The major victory that I think my colleague and I got was the death certificates which enabled us to write an honest report on death of American citizens – an actual one as opposed to a presumptive one – which certainly facilitated inheritance issues, insurance issues, which I think at least was able to help some of the families. Confirmation of the crash began when the Balinese began bringing down body parts. It was cleared to Pago Pago on an IFR flight plan. The one thing I was able to extract was a promise that the Indonesian government would produce death certificates, which we could use to process the report of American citizens’ death. The flight crew's late recognition, and failure to correct in a timely manner, an excessive descent rate which developed as a result of the aircraft's penetration through destabilizing wind changes. (Closed - Acceptable Action), REQUIRE AIR CARRIER OPERATIONS INSPECTORS TO REVIEW AND EVALUATE AIRPORT AND ROUTE QUALIFICATION PROGRAMS TO INSURE THAT ALL INFORMATION IS UP TO DATE, THAT COMPANY PROCEDURES ARE CONSISTENT WITH THE PUBLISHED FAA PROCEDURES, AND THAT OBSOLETE PROCEDURAL MATERIAL IS NOT INCLUDED. It was a period – one 36-, 48-hour period – with six hours sleep. They were brought down and put in bags. We had the FEIA – Flight Engineers [International Association]…. The FBI team was there to try to help with identification although to me it didn’t seem possible that this could happen.

Following the crash, the U.S. Embassy and military worked alongside Balinese forces to recover what was left of the aircraft and the passengers’ remains. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other websites. Three days after the accident, the remaining crew member and three passengers died. ), (For airplane aficionados and movie buffs, the Clipper Climax was also known for its brief cameo appearance in the 1971 film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as the aircraft used to deliver the much sought-after shipments of Wonka bars to candy stores around the world.). One passenger died the day after the accident. One passenger died nine days after the accident. At 23:38 the approach controller informed the flight of a bad rain shower at the airport, then at 23:39 stated the wind is zero three zero degrees at two zero, gusting two five. Pan Am Flight 7 (November 9, 1957) The Boeing 377 Stratocruiser that took off from San Francisco to Honolulu with 36 passengers and 8 crewmembers on the first leg of … This had been the third Pan Am crash in the South Pacific in 18 months. ©Copyright 1998-2019 Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training PIERCE: Yes. Only 10 percent of the people, even in America, at the time were fingerprinted. 247 likes. PIERCE:  The plane crash was a Pan Am plane…; it was coming from Hong Kong to Sydney, as I recall.

The plane hit some of the mountain, broke probably into the portion that dropped over the mountain. We took our FSN [Foreign Service National] consular clerk with us. At 23:40:22 the co-pilot reported "You're a little high" and at 23:40:33 "You're at minimums." [2], At 23:34 the flight had descended to 5,500 feet (1,700 m) and captured the 226 degree radial of the Pago Pago VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) and were flying the reciprocal heading of 46 degrees. She never did. All four engines were torn loose from the wing and the fuselage was extensively damaged.

Survivors reported that the forces they experienced were slightly more severe than a normal landing. This should be the (un-)complete list of unfornunate passengers aboard Pan Am 103. That was very upsetting to me.

En route stops included Pago Pago, American Samoa, and Honolulu, Hawaii. At the end of that day you would come back and you’d talk to one another. Pan Am Flight 806 was an international scheduled flight from Auckland, New Zealand, to Los Angeles, California, with intermediate stops at Pago Pago, American Samoa and Honolulu, Hawaii. The site of the air crash was a six- or seven-hour drive north of Denpasar, the capital of Bali. The winds consisted of horizontal and vertical components produced by a heavy rainstorm and influenced by uneven terrain close to the aircraft's approach path. Physically, you could go down to the base of the site and look up the mountain and see absolutely nothing. The list is not an official one, since it is (for some odd reasons) not possible to copy the official microfilm from Pan Am's office files. And this began my experience for about the next two weeks of trying to manage American interests in a situation like that. [2], The crew of 10 and 87 passengers ultimately died as a direct cause of the accident. No further conversation was recorded by the CVR.


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