platoon characters fate
O'Neil is found by other Americans, and Harris (much to O'Neil's distress) gives him command of the platoon.

Rhah reminds Taylor how much he admired Barnes when he first arrived, and that Barnes isn't meant to die, noting that on several previous occasions Barnes has sustained wounds that ought to have proved mortal: "The only thing that can kill Barnes, is Barnes." Car-15. The platoon is so severely weakened, though, that there are numerous gaps in their defense (in fact only 15 of the original 30 strong platoon remain). “Where has the fate brought you?” — Spoilers for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning follow. Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) is a young American who has abandoned a privileged life at a university to enlist in the infantry, volunteering for combat duty in Vietnam. Chris Taylor is to some extent the “hero” in the beginning of the movie, as well as being the narrator and the main character. The enemy are barely seen, they merge in and out of the undergrowth and disappear into village populations. Car-15. Shortly after, a soldier named Manny Washington (Corkey Ford) goes missing. Junior hits a tree and is knocked out, he is then stabbed in his stomach with a bayonet by another NVA soldier. {Ret. An editor (uncredited), makeup and prosthetic special effects assistant, special makeup effects and visual continuity, construction manager (as Francisco Belangue), assistant construction manager (as Gavino Payawal), re-recording mixer (as Charles 'Bud' Grenzbach), re-recording mixer (as John 'Doc' Wilkinson), special effects assistant (as Rolando Salem), assistant electrician (as Ernesto Enriquez), best boy electrician (as Celebrado Raymundo), director of photography: second unit (as Tom Sigel), director of photography: 'b' unit (uncredited), first assistant editor (as David S. Brenner), composer: additional music (uncredited) / conductor (uncredited) / orchestrator (uncredited), assistant transportation captain (as Ben Canalita), motion picture banking: Credit Lyonnais Bank, Nederland, technical advisor: military (as Captain Dale Dye United States Marine Corp.

The platoon is infuriated by the senseless death of their comrade and are ordered to report to a nearby village of South Vietnamese citizens. While questioning the village chief, Barnes loses his patience and senselessly kills the man's wife despite his denials that they are aiding the Viet Cong. While Parker (Peter Hicks) dies of his wounds, Wolfe, Doc and Tony Hoyt charge at the NVA. Taylor boards his helicopter. He also confesses that he's disillusioned with America's mission in Southeast Asia, that he used to believe it was winnable, but knows now that it's not. Anonymous "Platoon Characters". Taylor talks with Elias one night and Elias tells him that the United States is due for a loss in war because they'd been mostly successful in past wars. A narrating Taylor speaks of this as "a civil war in the platoon. O'Neil tries to use Elias' R&R days for himself in order to escape the impending battle (in which he believes he will die). Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. An Analysis of the Characters in the Movie Platoon PAGES 2. From the viewpoint of the movie, the watchers are actually given more reason to hate Barnes than the Vietnamese army. - Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA . Taylor becomes a more seasoned soldier as the patrols continue and soon no longer stands out amongst the others. Elias, with Taylor, Rhah, and Crawford, go to intercept flanking enemy troops. | }), assistant military technical advisor (as Mark K. Ebenhoch), assistant military technical advisor (as Robert M. Galotti Jr.), travel arrangements: Trudy Salven Travel International, insurance provided by: Albert G. Ruben & Co. Inc. (as Robert A. Jellen), assistant: Arnold Kopelson (as Mayes Rubeo), assistant military technical advisor (as Stanley White U.S.M.C. Rhah is promoted to Sergeant, commanding the remains of Elias' squad. Barnes is about to murder the man's young daughter to force him to tell them where the enemy is, when Sergeant Elias arrives at the scene and starts a fistfight with Barnes. One day, another new arrival, platoon commander Lieutenant Wolfe (Mark Moses) discusses the plans for a patrol later that night with the platoon's sergeants: the compassionate Sergeant Elias Grodin (Willem Dafoe), harsh but suicidal Staff Sergeant Barnes (Tom Berenger), cowardly lifer Sergeant Red O'Neil (John C. McGinley), and heroin addict Sergeant Warren (Tony Todd). Platoon (1986) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. | Just hours before nightfall, King is allowed to go home as his tour of duty has come to an end. | Next door, Barnes leads the more traditional members of the unit whom drink beer and play cards. During one patrol on New Years Day, January 1, 1968, two members of the platoon, Sandy (J. Adam Glover) and Sal (Richard Edson) find an abandoned bunker and are killed when they stumble upon a booby trap attached to a box of documents. Most helpful essay resource ever! About this essay More essays like this: vietnam, chris tucker, platoon, vietnamese people. He didn’t always manage to follow through on his wishes but did what he could. While King agrees, Doc believes they should wait for "military justice" to decide Barnes' fate. O'Neil survives only by hiding himself under a dead body. Written by people who wish to remain anonymous. Flash (Basile Achara) is killed and Sergeant Warren and Lerner are badly injured in the resulting skirmish. Big Harold has his leg blown off by a trip-wired booby trap while trying to escape the artillery barrage. Sure, Lieutenant Wolfe is nominally in charge, but Barnes really runs the show. Barnes (KIA): Killed by Taylor. These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. At the base, Taylor tries to talk his dwindling group of heads, six including himself (King, Rhah, Francis, Doc & Huffmeister) into killing Barnes in retaliation. Tony is wounded, Doc and Wolfe get killed. He orders the rest of the platoon to retreat to be airlifted from the area, and goes back into the jungle to find Elias' group. GradeSaver, 3 July 2019 Web. Barnes is very much the antagonist of the movie from the start, nearly as much as the Vietnamese.

(as Nick Nickelson), Soldier with Guitar As Taylor enters the platoon, he notices that there are two very different groups.

Nonetheless, Barnes at first doesn't feel threatened, and he dismissively orders Taylor to call a medic. Bunny states that he feels no remorse for the murders he has committed, saying that he enjoys Vietnam, and goes on to proclaim himself to be "Audie Murphy", a famous and highly decorated World War II hero. That night a large attack occurs and the American defensive perimeter is broken and the camp overrun by hundreds of attacking North Vietnamese troops. He enters the room, daring them to kill him. Elias and Barnes have the same title but couldn’t be more different. As he is evacuated onto a helicopter, Taylor is reminded by Francis that because they have been wounded twice, they can go home (Francis is evacuated on another helicopter along with Rodriguez (Chris Castillejo).


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