pokémon team offensive coverage
Zapdos, Metagross, Giratina. PC gains energy quickly, and SB hits hard even when its just doing neutral damage. Nowadays, "Bulky Grass" has become a thing, but the prevalence of Steel, Fire, and Flying Pokémon gives these vegetables a hard time finding a place in teams when they’re competing with durable Water and Steel Pokémon for the same role. My name is Caio Romanini, aka Phantom Pumpkin, or @PumpkinPhantom on Twitter, and I got Top 4 in the Latin America Online Qualifiers for the Players Cup, allowing me to participate in the final stages of this competition. • Metagross (BP/MM): A strong overall generalist that has a combination of great bulk, quite a few resistances, and high damage output.

At its core, Pokémon is a game of prediction; a good trainer won’t leave his Gyarados on the field against a Pokémon he suspects knows Thunderbolt. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. I did not want Earthquake because the rest of my team did not have Protect with the exception of Dragapult and Togekiss. Your Water and Flying Pokémon (and you definitely have those) will be especially grateful to have a Ground Pokémon on their team when lightning strikes. I decided to go with the Serene Grace variant instead of the “CritKiss” with Super Luck because I really liked the idea of Babiri Berry to help me deal with Cinderace, and Serene Grace Air Slash can be a better win condition if needed. – Team Report from the Japan Decisive Battle Champion, Latest News about ‘The Crown Tundra’ and VGC. The Safety Goggles is mainly to reduce the amount of predicts against Venusaur and to help against Amoonguss. All the most powerful Dark Pokémon would likely be stronger with a different type; in fact, Greninja’s best strength is that it doesn’t have to keep its Dark type.

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The Speed was to outspeed Cinderace if Togekiss is at +1. Unfortunately, Series 5 is over, but I hope in the future I can use this team again, since I feel it can deal with anything in the metagame and fits my style. Aside from this weakness to Fighting, the Dark type has few weakness, but also few resistances, and Dark is similarly bland on the attack. , but with the advantage of being a more offensive option, in exchange of not lowering the opponents stats. Victory Road uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant content on the website. With only two types that shrug off Ghost moves (Normal and Dark), Ghost ties with Dragon as the least-resisted type (and is a good deal more reliable, given the prevalence of Fairy and Steel pokémon). Poison has had quite a journey over the years. Then, Poison's offensive Pokémon in Nidoking and Nihilego easily pressure Fairy teams, as their strong Poison STAB moves and great coverage make them hard to switch into, especially since Nidoking can beat Klefki thanks to Earth Power. I'm suggesting more than 3 so you can mix and match or prioritize some over others, depending on your resources: • Latios (DB/DC) or Legacy Dragonite (DB/DC): A great generalist and potentially your lead attacker.

First, I would like to thank my good friend Victor Vieira (Victor Kids) for all the help with the team; I don’t know what I would have done without his help. Etc. In Pokémon’s first releases, having the Poison typing was almost 100% drawback because it only provided restances to types that weren’t strong to begin with, in addition to absolutely no super effective moves against anything. Water Pokémon typically have diverse movepools with frequent access to Ice moves, which nicely cover its weakness to Grass. This makes Ghost Pokémon excellent additions to any team that fears Fighting moves, which is virtually every team; Blisseys in particular attract Fighting moves with predictable consistency. Additionally, Steel pairs exceptionally well with other types, so many of the more dominant Steel Pokémon mitigate the few weaknesses that Steel typing brings: Skarmory gains has immunity to Ground, Scizor loses its vulnerability to Ground and Fighting, and Heatran doesn’t have to worry about fire. Missing out on trick and treating this year? If you're bringing Groudon and Metagross without coverage moves, you're in trouble against a Kyogre, so make sure your third pokemon has a good matchup against it. My opponents were afraid to attack my Dragapult with super effective attacks, and regular attacks did not hurt that much, so I almost always had three free turns to click buttons with this Pokémon. On the other hand, the lack of Max Quake was a problem (this was one of the reasons I put Max Quake on Incineroar), because it took away a part of my Porygon2 end game. As far as coverage goes, the fact that Flying Pokémon are immune to Ground is largely offset by the super effective damage Ground deals to five other types, especially Steel Pokémon.

Ground isn’t perfect, obviously; having a weakness to Water, Ice, and Grass moves can make it a difficult take to keep Ground Pokémon up. An all-out offensive moveset was great to dish out damage from the moment it enters the field. Defensively, Fairy Pokémon only have to fear Steel and Poison attacks, neither of which were especially common before it became so necessary to come to every Pokémon battle packing answers to Fairies. The most common type remains a staple in the Pokémon meta. Simply start adding members to your team by clicking on the Pokémon icons below the "Your Options" header.

It gets even better on the attack: Water is only resisted by three types, putting it just behind Ghost and Dragon (both of which have to deal with immunities from Normal and Fairy types, respectively). Fortunately for Poison pokémon, adding the Fairy type to the mix shook things up in a few beneficial ways, the first of which being that Fairy Pokémon themselves are weak to Poison. Being super effective against absolutely nothing is a huge weakness offensively; typically its only use is to compliment another type like Water to ensure at least normal effectiveness against most Pokémon, and that’s only if that Pokémon has limited options.

Defensively, Fighting is common enough to negate the value of being immune to Ghost (many Ghost pokemon know Focus Blast anyways). It did a great job in redirecting Beat Up and Fire attacks from Ferrothorn. Dragon has always been a powerful type, and not just because it resists all of the major "starter" elements (water, grass, fire, and electric).

A Pokémon can have nearly perfect coverage just by pairing Shadow Ball with a move that hits Dark and Normal types. I tried U-turn too, but none of them were really satisfactory. Being slower than most Incineroar almost cost me some games. Still, Psychic doesn’t rank highly on the list of types trainers want to bring into battle. Being super effective against Water has been its one saving grace, but Water types usually pack strong Ice moves to punish them. That is a massive blow to Dragon sweepers who can no longer depend on the reliable damage output of Dragon moves; Togekiss can safely switch into both of Garchomp’s hardest hitting moves, for example. is manageable because Arcanine can burn and Incineroar can resist both STABs, but. Grass has historically struggled despite countering the ever-powerful Water type. With an almost unresisted STAB combination, high Special Attack and Ice Beam for the aforementioned Rillaboom, it is the strongest powerhouse of the team, breaking through defensive teams early to set up the path for Ferrothorn or Porygon2, or simply setting up the rain for Ferrothorn or the Misty Terrain to avoid Spore. It might seem at first that they do not have much synergy, since they share some weaknesses and resistances due to both being Fire types, but in reality they played different roles on the team (those I will explain better later), which justified me bringing them both in some matches. A Grass Pokémon can spread sleep paralysis with ease and spend turn after turn draining away the life of its opponent, but that gives the other player too much time time to counter it. They hit hard, too: Dragon moves have high base damage, and Dragon Pokémon usually have access to moves like Dragon Dance to set themselves up for disgustingly destructive assaults on the enemy team. The power level of Dark Pokémon has gone through frequent shifts with each generation. There’s not much you can do unless the opponent plays poorly. (Without second charge moves, as I'm stardust poor). Psychic Pokémon fell from dominance, and Steel Pokémon offset any gains the Bug type might have made with Dark’s inclusion. The rest of the team was the same, but I changed something in every Pokémon. The game advised players to use Bug and Ghost moves against them, but those moves were rare, and the only Pokémon with access to those moves (Gengar and Beedrill) were themselves weak to Psychic attacks because they also had the Poison typing. If it even comes, equip a Darkrai. Incineroar (M) @ Safety GogglesAbility: IntimidateLevel: 50EVs: 252 HP / 52 Atk / 4 Def / 188 SpD / 12 SpeAdamant Nature– Fake Out– Flare Blitz– Stomping Tantrum– U-turn.

I'd suggest starting with Groudon and/or Latios because both are excellent in neutral matchups.

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Generally, though, Rock is pretty low on the list of types to bring to a Pokémon battle. For the last Pokémon I wanted something fast so my team could have a reliable mode outside of Trick Room, since very fast and hard-hitting teams (Porygon-Z is an example) could overcome the damage control my team tried to deploy.

• Mewtwo (PC/SB): If you're lucky enough to have one of these from EX raids or a trade, it performs well at the master tier. You can watch my sets against Christopher Kan from 4:27:06 and against Julián Martínez from 5:10:39 here! It simply lived virtually anything, was a reliable Trick Room setter and a nice win condition alongside Ferrothorn. Ghosts being immune is a huge strike against it as well.

Porygon2 @ EvioliteAbility: DownloadLevel: 50EVs: 244 HP / 180 Def / 28 SpA / 52 SpD / 4 SpeCalm NatureIVs: 0 Atk– Thunderbolt– Ice Beam– Recover– Trick Room. Fighting definitely has a place in Pokémon teams offensively, and every team should absolutely come to battle packing some Fighting moves to deal with Steel types and Blissey. I still to this day do not know if I would rather have Helping Hand or Protect in the last slot, I think both have merits.

As I said before, not having Speed on Primarina was really bad for me in some matches during the Qualifiers, so I decided to put some investment to outspeed standard Incineroar by 2 points.


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