problems with traditional catholicism

When I read your views on this blog, my tears filled in my eyes. St.Joseph, patron of the universal Church, pray for the reconciliation of factions within the Church. Crusades were fought against Muslims, Slavs, Mongols, Cathars, Hussites and political enemies of the popes. We simply believe there are some serious doctrinal problems with the Catholic Church that need to be addressed biblically. [41] Concerned at the possibility that, in the event of an attack by the Catholic monarchs of France and Spain, English Catholics might side with the invaders, Parliament enacted restrictive legislation against Catholics. I feel like the Church is still here but Vatican II made it unrecognizable. "[38] In spite of some criticism, the movement was still widely supported in Europe long after the fall of Acre in 1291. It is not like the so-called good old days of pre-Vatican II, where we could pretty much go any where and hear the Faith taught.

and believe me I am a sinner ……. But then we stop talking with them or going to their events, because of all the evil activities that go along with these gatherings, (bad music, drinking, dressing scantly and dancing). Since its inception over 2,000 years ago, the church has resisted change that has diminished its membership, especially in developed countries around the world. This is barbaric and literally makes me sick to my stomach. The Archdiocese I live within produced what Fr Z called (paraphrasing) “the most cold and negative” response to Summorum Pontificum. Also, when I look at many priests / religious orders etc who do enjoy a regular canonical status , it often seems that a canonical status does not mean much anymore, in terms of guaranteeing orthodoxy / faithfulness.

Then we begin to only go to the Latin Mass because we have experienced the liturgical abuse and shows at the new mass most of our lives and we are tired of it. Why wouldn’t the church allow safe and effective methods to control the size of families (and population)?

At another Mass the priest scolded an (unnamed) parishioner for stating that those who attend the Novus Ordo are heretics.

The church is and probably always will be overly focused on sexual relations and the roles of men and women in society.

If our life is a Cross then we accept what is given to us on a day by day basis.

One of the priests who offers Mass according to the new rite was a bit dumbfounded.

Thus begins a whole new Catholic experience. In February 2019, the Catholic Church held a worldwide summit of bishops in Rome to discuss the steps that can be taken to prevent the sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults. The development of doctrine, the position of orthodoxy, and the relationship between the early Church and early heretical groups is a matter of academic debate. When I reverted the Bible quote(s) which stood out were Matthew 16:18-23. Thinley Norbu Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist lama, wrote a book to address the "serious, gratuitous misrepresentations of Buddhist doctrine which seemed to be based on misunderstandings" contained within Crossing the Threshold of Hope. Then we discover that the New Mass was made up, and the first mass ever made up, from scratch in the history or the Catholic Church. That said, I discerned a moment of weakness in your blog on “Isolation”. Griffin, Roger. Thank you, Father, this post describes my situation exactly. Amen brother! Your only choice is home schooling or traditional Catholic schools like the SSPX.

I go to an SSPX Church. I believe St Paul speaks of “brothers” who walk disorderly and tellw us we should separate ourselves from them. These are good points, and it would be much more pleasing to God if we only went to the Latin Mass where no Novus Ordo mass are offered. ", "Francis summons world's bishop presidents to Rome for meeting on clergy abuse", WELS Topical Q&A: Religion - Roman Catholic, Denominational Differences - Roman Catholicism, Christian thought on persecution and tolerance, The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, International Alliance of Catholic Knights,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 October 2020, at 22:42. Now all the Catholic schools I went to there are closed. Its Scriptural.

When John Paul II visited Prague in the 1990s, he apologized for the execution of Jan Hus on charges of heresy and requested experts in this matter "to define with greater clarity the position held by Jan Hus among the Church's reformers", and acknowledged that "independently of the theological convictions he defended, Hus cannot be denied integrity in his personal life and commitment to the nation's moral education. I fell in love with the traditional rite and only wish every Catholic Church would have the Latin Mass. Suffering and the Problem of Evil.

I am a homeschooling housewife – my place is in the home. It is shameful that women are not treated equally. [46] Shortly before the 20 July signing of the Reichskonkordat, Germany signed similar agreements with the state Protestant churches in Germany, although the Confessing Church opposed the regime. This restriction may be the most glaring example of how far behind the times the church really is.

I am sorry Father, but it popped into my mind “now, it’s coming from my traditional priest”.

Since 1970, the Mass has been celebrated in the local language of where it is celebrated, and the Mass in Latin less frequently. I am too smart for that Cross”.

This does not mean we need to be accepting to the ways of this world. From there families who may even be pagans.

And in Tradition, in indult parishes, FSSP, independents, SSPX. We pray for you everyday! Over the last several years he has grown in popularity.

I’m a bit surprised you would make such a blanket generalization of “almost every” member of the Society (SSPX).

When I was at my thirties when I moved to a small country I live now with my husband and 2 children, I was questioning and struggling with my faith when I witnessed the very modern Catholic environment inside the Church, people dressed immodestly for Mass. If I had to, I would die for my faith.

Clearly, Jesus spent little time with the Pharisees who were always trying to catch Him in a snare. And now, it is in the midst of scandal that possibly is the reason for Pope Benedict’s abdication. I say most as I don’t know what the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Phoenix teach. Even some Novus Ordo Bishops fall into this Category, men who should really know better and give better example. Look at Fr. I do not attend an SSPX chapel nor am I a “sede”, I attend an independent chapel. Hitler routinely disregarded the concordat and permitted a persecution of the Catholic Church in Germany. What are the specific recommendations that you can make to a family who wants to protect their children, yet fight isolationism? But one thing is certain. But all this isolates these families from; (I only believe in staying in the canonical Catholic Church, no matter how bad the Pope, bishops, priests, religious may be.) Some think so. [8] According to Roman Catholic thinking, the priest is acting 'in persona Christi' (that is, in the Person of Christ). On one hand it is great, because we now have good families with whom we can spend quality time with. All my life I have been a Novus Ordo Catholic. There is no conceivable reason why the church has resisted the ordination of female priests. We all know that despite its diverse factions, the Catholic Church is a world community, which sticks together when the chips are down.

Before the 12th century, Christianity gradually suppressed what it saw as heresy, usually through a system of ecclesiastical sanctions, excommunication, and anathema. Pax Christi, All this causes isolation and strong condemnation of our Novus Ordo family and friends. Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical Press, 2003. Christ wants everyone saved and so should we. Well something is definitely wrong when the SSPX, FLUNK kindergarteners and most of the parishioners have to send their children to the Public school the public school is more than 50 percent Catholic children .But this particular public school allows them to observe their Catholic practices observing abstinence on Fridays. While the treaty preserved the Church's ecclesiastical and educational institutions, and guaranteed the right to pastoral care in hospitals, prisons and similar institutions, it also required all clergy to abstain from membership in political parties, and not support political causes. By mandating celibacy, the church may be, in effect, encouraging aberrant behavior such as pedophilia and physical contact of priests with men and women. However, I was left feeling left hanging because I didn’t get solid and practical advice on how to avoid this problem and strive for balance. "[51], Catholic clergy have been implicated in the violent repression by the Ustaše regime in Croatia during the Second World War. Distinctions with Philosophical Differences.

[40] In many instances concern regarding the loyalty of Catholics arose in the context of perceived political threats. We do healthy clean activities together. I read your blogs and thank you for your wondeful insights and guidance. [25], In 1994, Pope John Paul II wrote Crossing the Threshold of Hope, in which he discussed various non-Christian religions, including Buddhism. Key events of the period include: the Council of Trent (1545–1563); the excommunication of Elizabeth I (1570); the Battle of Lepanto (1571); the adoption of the Gregorian calendar under Pope Gregory XIII; the French Wars of Religion; the Long Turkish War; the final phases of the Thirty Years' War (1618–1648); and the formation of the last Holy League by Innocent XI during the Great Turkish War. Nevertheless, like St. Peter you are human and prone to weakness. Women begin to wear a veil at Church and begin to dress a little more modest when they go to Holy Mass. “if we sincerely follow Him to the best of our ability, then we will not go far too.” "[18], In 1998, Pope John Paul II apologized for the failure of Catholics to help Jews during the Holocaust and acknowledged that Christian antisemitism might have made easier Nazi persecution of the Jews, whom the Pope called "our elder brothers" in the faith. This was another reason I sought out the SSPX.

The Mass is only once in every 2 weeks at that time.

For some, it is because we priest may say the Novus Ordo Mass or people may at times go to a Novus Ordo Mass sometimes, or we might go to a church where at other masses they give communion in the hand and there are crumbs of Jesus in the Eucharist being walked all over. Nosco, Peter. Very good, Father, and thank you for following God’s Call.


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