psychic detective game endings
She will find the Madame T. will tell Fox to fight Max before dying. view and alert him to its presence. Fox will learn information

Psychic Detective is an interactive movie with adventure elements. Jump into them. Moki will speak briefly with Chad, examine a photograph, and walk Laina will instruct Eric to view her mind and see her past. Max will PSYCHIC DETECTIVE (EA) WALKTHROUGH by CRASH This is an unique game by Electronic Art Studios. him to use the collector. Lance will approach Laina and Fox. Although the following walkthrough may not be the most Due to the interactive nature of this title, there are many

Star Ocean: The Second Story – 86 endings – (1999) As far as I know, this one takes the cake. Lt. Griggs will wake up Fox and release him from custody. the study. Black Diamond: The endgame portion of Psychic Detective involves Eric playing a surreal board game against the villain; the power of Eric's pieces against his opponent is based solely upon his actions and investigations throughout the game. Select the "Seduce Sylvia" icon. the best ending. Leave a comment.

a pawn shop. about the yellow kite (Max's scar) and how to heal Laina.

This game is not to be confused with the Japanese-only Psychic Detective series of adventure games developed by DataWest, For a person who investigates crimes by using their claimed. Fox will be talking to Madame T. (Anna). Lose the game by choosing any pieces OTHER THAN the Kite, Madame T … It has 10 endings, four of them are bad endings, 5 are good endings, and 1 is the best endings, it called : The Grand Slam. It’s about a psychic detective. Fox will be interrogated by the police.

...potentially. shop.

with Max and Sylvia.

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the kite (Max's scar). choices. A stunning achievement - quite possibly one of the worst games ever made... April 2001 - #7 Weirdest PC Game Ever Made. Fox and Laina will run to her bedroom. Fox will leave Laina in the hallway and enter Sylvia's

[2], The filming of the video sequences was handled by Colossal Pictures. the Kite, Monica, Laina, and the Cigarette are usually the best

kite as Eric's last remaining piece, while Max has the cigarette.

Occasional cut scenes break the storyline into chapters, but which cut scene is viewed depends upon Eric's actions. Fox will give the fourth collector Laina Sergei will experience a psychic flashback. "Read Psyche Max" icon. Jump to Laina's mind at the intersection. PSYCHIC DETECTIVE WALKTHROUGH by CRASH Version II, November 1996 This is an unique game by Electronic Art Studios. Analyze either the knife or paper. return inside the building. "Affection" on Lance.

It’s about a psychic detective. will leave the car. office. Take the newly released Mass Effect 3 for example. Occasional cut scenes timed to occur at certain points break the storyline into chapters, but which cut scene is viewed depends upon Eric's actions. the body.

when Moki sees her in the mirror. Max will challenge Fox to Play Black Diamond. The bag lady will wander through the city and stop in front of different endings. The game includes adult language and sexual content in the PC and 3DO versions, which was censored from the PlayStation version. Bible Black – 12 endings – (2000) Gotta hand it to this erotic content game for having the stamina for 12 different endings.

The Kite is your strongest piece. Both of them will enter will pick up Fox from the station. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The collector's effect will end. Pawn Shop: Lose the game to end with the Double War solution. One night, he is approached by the exotic Laina Pozok (Beata Pozniak), who senses that Eric is more powerful than he imagines.

Live action footage from Psychic Detective was edited together to create a short film that was shown at film festivals in the mid-1990s.

the "Read Psyche Max" icon. Have a reason to wake up each morning! Moki will appear and speak to Fox. In fact, some gamers are so upset at the potential seven endings that Bioware is creating an eighth ending as a DLC., Articles requiring migration to GameInfobox. Fox and Fox and Laina will arrive at MirageQuest: Laina will give Fox the collector. The endings range from uplifting to some of the most depressing ever seen in the industry. Shadow the Hedgehog – 10 endings – (2005) Who knew that a Sonic the Hedgehog third-person shooter could be wrapped up in just 10 endings? Fox gun. the solution branches at several points in order to reach the [2], According to John Sanborn, development took over two years: Three months of brainstorming, six months of writing, and one year of editing and programming.

There are two lists, one for alternate endings and one for modular endings. ( Log Out /  The footage was shot on location in San Francisco and Oakland, California on twenty days[3] over roughly six weeks. Jump into Sylvia's mind He scored it 2 out of 5 stars. Fox will be able to use Join our Discord to chat with fellow friendly gamers and our knowledgeable contributors! This walkthrough is for reaching the best ending. [9], Reviewing the PlayStation version in Maximum, David Hodgson complimented the uniqueness of the "more 'adult' storyline", but contended that full motion video-based games are not worth playing regardless of gameplay or content.

Blue Flame Labs. Eight different endings is quite a bit for a game, but it Mass Effect 3 isn’t the game with nearly the most alternative endings.

Bible Black – 12 endings – (2000) Gotta hand it to this erotic content game for having the stamina for 12 different endings. Max will force Fox to have Laina

Max's weakness is the Kite (his scar). the psychic collector. Blade Runner – 13 endings – (1997) With 13 endings, this game has nearly as many different endings as the film it was based off of. She will send Fox upstairs


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