puzzle agent walkthrough
Rearrange them as follows: Talk to Darrel and Daryl and you will see a problem involving bugs. Of Mifpik Marsh or Abdominal Swamp, one of the two groups swimming through that area will be eaten. If they were on the left in either position, that group would send four through Abdominal swamp, and it is not posisble to have exactly one additional fish swim there. It appears she went to the factory, leaving food outside. For a population count, there are four red fish and two visible blue fish. When you escape, you can get back to the lodge. These fuses follow a pattern. This indicates that there are two other visible fish on that line. He was working on finding a way through the forest before he froze to death. Once you complete the puzzle, you may also collect pieces of gum (to provide additional hints to later puzzles.) Once all pieces are assembled, you can click submit. Place logs as indicated on the grid here: Get on your snowmobile and head to the woods. When the pipe is repaired, you will now need to return to the diner. If done correctly, there should be a minimum of five crows. Also, the ham can't be placed on the right because the banana split doesn't fit. Look at the photograph on the wall, then talk to Bjorn twice to see a series of photos. In particular, set the cut starting at the top-left, and just below the middle on the right. Upon returning to the hotel, you will spot Glori sneaking around. This time draw a single continuous line from the far left player to the top left player, going through each pane of glass just once. The sheriff will ask to meet with you at Moose Ear Diner. They cannot be elsewhere, since they will split. Pop can't be the first shift because his was too short, and not the third since Bernie's expression indicates he was on that shift instead. As such, she starts at 6AM. After waking up in a space ship, you need to fix the machinery. The painting resembles whats found at the lodge. You must recreate a picture showing a red crescent moon eating a green plant. The second puzzle involves determining how fish should head into the water. However, this pipe is stolen and taken to the back alley. In this jigsaw puzzle, the pieces are spread apart. Once all pieces are assembled, you can click submit. When you speak with the sheriff in the diner, he shows the security photographs. However, they were mixed up. The red wire is connected by taking the long path around the far yellow terminal. Head to the lodge and try to peek through the window. You know that the key is hidden inside one of the fish, and need to figure out which one. You will need to place five arrows along the path. Select the whiskered redfish on the top left line. Three hours. On the sixth sock, it's guaranteed to match one of the previous five. Next, you can tell the capacity of the mallard, which should be 2. Note that the image should be right-side up: The mouth should be on the bottom. With five socks, there is a chance of taking out one of each type. Keep talking to Glori to get another puzzle. Place the chairs on the left to produce an image. After completing the puzzle, you will learn a bit more about the accident at the factory. This is the first puzzle in the game. The easiest path is an N-shaped path, created by placing a log above and below the traffic lights. Other boxes should be obvious from here. All fishes eat the next smaller fish, except for the tan fish which eats its own kind. This leaves the only option, the red fish on the upper-left line. From here, there will always be 16 fish reaching the river. For this puzzle, you can use the border to identify the general location of pieces, or construct the red text directly. The fish start at four points, and will split in half each time they reach a fork (or stop if there is an odd number of fish. Puzzle Agent is a heavily puzzle-based adventure game by Telltale, staring FBI agent Nelson Tethers. This leaves the man at the back with the banana split, and the large man with the ham. When you enter the hotel, you need to fix a pipe. The winning woman is at the bottom right, saying "Flo's Grizzly Grip couldn't whip me!". The best staring point for the puzzle is at the bottom-right, which has one corner pointing towards the center. The series continues with Puzzle Agent 2. Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. You will start this puzzle but get interrupted. The easiest path is an N-shaped path, created by placing a log above and below the traffic lights.


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