pvp anaconda build
Anaconda (275m/s → 367m/s, Torpilleur PvP… The latter has a number of “health points” represented by a percentage, in the module panel, on the right. 3. conda-build Documentation, Release 3.20.5+2.gf7874c19.dirty 4 Chapter 1. Notes: If you like big slow ships, very sturdy with weapons in every directions, you will be delighted: the Type 10 Defender has NINE hardpoints! It has everything you need, where you need it. All rights reserved. that gives it out much more damage dealing while tanking. The way you install any specific version from that information is: The Federal Assault is reserved for the Federation at the rank of Chief Petty Officer. All of these configuration change depending on if I’m under fire, if I need more speed or shields strength. Your gameplay is in Alpha strike, each shot must hit in order to inflict damage, make your enemy lose the lock on you and disturb its non-fixed weapons each time time. Notes: The most expensive ship in the game right now, up to 1 billion credits and more! Kinetic weapons are encouraged because like the Mark III, it dissipates heat rather poorly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You will find this option in the right-hand menu, last tab, at the bottom of the list. You can find a few builds examples below in this article. The tanks have a very strong armor and a heavy ship absorbing damage without problem. The Python is for me THE ultimate versatile combat ship. Aside from the ever-powerful railgun which will go all the way through any ship currently in-game (but still can’t hit a second ship!). Stay in the blue zone to keep a decent turn-rate. Gestion de communautés, analyses, traductions, réseaux sociaux et bases de connaissances. Notes: It’s heavy and long, this federal ship is unlockable at the rank of rear admiral. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Full Double-Shots Fragmentation Cannons, you play in close combat.

Once the enemy is interdicted, no more than 50% speed and NO boost!

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://coriolis.io/outfit/anaconda/2putpFklkdzsuf50x1e152f2f2f2d2d03040404040404034k2d2d2d0404f50303242f.Iw18ZlA=.CwBhrSunfEg=?bn=assault%20frigate. You must absolutely keep your shields active because your Power Plant is Modded Overcharged, and it is therefore fragile. It has a small jump range and is very fragile, so I recommend a shield and a Shield Cell. You then use the conda build command to build the conda package from the conda recipe. Do not engage targets larger than you can eat. 4) The current meta favours very fast and nimble ships with Railguns.

If you have a big ship, a Electronic countermeasures module also does the trick. An anaconda gazing at the relics of a fallen alien. Yes, I dared you with an Asp Scout build, sorry! Si oui, bravo, vous maîtrisez la gestion d’énergie de votre vaisseau ! Notes: The maintenance and modules of the Anaconda are very expensive but once properly equipped, you can easily attack several targets at once and use gimballed weapons or turrets. Vous devez normalement consommer la moitié de votre énergie maximum.

Its weak point could be its speed and its ability to return to the charge quickly. for that explorer build on this anacanda ship. With the biggest possible DPS of the game if played correctly, the Type 10 can cause very heavy damage and scare away Cutters if it wishes. Different users or organizations can have their own channels but the default channel is defaults and another popular channel is conda-forge.. You can find materials from the tutorial here. Used to absorb your ship’s current heat. It has a fighter bay and is the fastest large heavy ship. It’s not “the best”, it all depends on its builds, but it’s a very good challenge to play and to fight.

Its maneuverability is high but its lower speed only slightly exceeds the Type 10’s. For example with an aChieftain, iClipper or Mamba in order to easily catch your targets and make hit&run maneuvers with Alpha strikes. In the current live build (1.3.07) there’s a bug where this penetration distance is much larger than intended, which has been fixed internally for 1.4. Anaconda (276m/s → 369m/s, Combattant PvP) – 827M 346k Crédits My Anaconda, the Fragda: Fragmentation Cannons and tanky enough to counter large ships in PvP. Little seen as this gameplay has been nerfed lately (gameplay & night vision). Doesn't require a big explanation, but should be strongly felt. If you find yourself in front of enemy cannons, I do not give much of your skin. Try not to get too closed as I said, especially if your enemies are small because they will surely be more agile than you and you will not have a great angle to fire at them.

Not to be used against medium agile ships, it has special anti-large gameplay. Roles: Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Guardian, (AX en Support). The Python is a medium ship. The Federal Gunship has excellent engines which allows it to turn around very quickly if it keeps its speed within the maneuverability limit (blue zone). If you want to engage the fight, cut your engines directly and once out of hyper-space, look for your enemy calmly with full points in the engines and shields. The Power Plant is the core module, your ship’s heart. Apart from that, I have had a fantastic combat and piloting experience with it. all of weapons are on gimballe mode. Fuel Scoop, Interdictor, Cargo if you are a fighter.

All rights reserved. Specialist in small and medium engagement, no one will know where you are!

Switching to silent mode cancels your shields, which is why stealth hunters do not use shields.

I put it back an original build... if i don't have to go into unknown space regions then that is not issue unless i'm really go into a void of unknown space regions where i never visited them. You will need to count on a good armour and a very agile ship. To engage the bigger ships only, you offer 1C4 Multicannon and 2C3 Multicannons in Incendiary mods. Shields are your best defense using the high base value of the FdL shields to place a C4 Prismatic and a C5 Cell coupled to no less than 6 Shield Boosters. Notes: 2 medium and 3 large weapons. Roles: (Pirate en Escadrille, manque de cargo), Mercenary, Assassin, Bounty Hunter. In addition, they have excellent penetration as an energy weapon.

There are not many tanks in-game as this usually requires a team to coordinate. ▲ There are various combat archetypes, among others: ▲ These methods are used by different pilots roles: Any ship can fight and fulfill all the fighters roles… but some are more advantaged than others. Being intrigued by Hazzmango's Anaconda build in his tutorial about railguns and inspired by the ship of my Prototype Anaconda vs Federal Corvette Elite Dangerous PVP Combat. The Cutter is incredibly sturdy and its shields are known to be invulnerable with Prismatic. The main intent of this mechanic is not to penalise small ships, but to make large weapons effective against large ships without one-shotting smaller vessels – they don’t actually do that much more flat damage than a small weapon but by piercing much better are far more effective against the harder target. For help packaging a Python project, see the Setuptools documentation. || Example: Federal Gunship or Imperial Clipper. In addition, it has poor heat management… but it is a good ship if we equip it smartly; For example with Long Range Beam Laser with the Experimental Effect “Thermal Vent” to reduce your heat and inject it into your target. i will keep overkill armour and strong shield strength that way. Do not hesitate to share them with us. You could do both, it all depends your gameplay, for example my might Anaconda is a heavy tank with excellent shields, modules, resistances, 2 fighters, turrets, fixed, gimballed, … well yeah ok it’s a complete Anaconda. Popular with PvP players for its speed, maneuverability, armour and weapons placement. The Imperial Clipper is reserved for the Empire at the rank of Baron. Let’s dive in a little bit more, shall we? The imposing Vulture is very popular with former Viper players because it has the same strengths and the same weaknesses. I would retracted my weapons down before enabling FSD then jump out into hyperspace.

It provides the energy needed to power your modules. The lower the percentage, the lower the energy it generates. In addition it is very heavy, with a lot of armour, and can ram its enemies easily.

Utility modules to further specialize or defend your ship.

So i have about 350M in assets and i want to fly a good anaconda that can handle itself on RES sites and on general PvE situations.

What do you want to do with the ship? Notes: 3 medium weapons placed under the nose of the ship and in front of each of the lateral reactors. I have 5 shield boosters that are thermal resistance and the hull reinforcements are a mixture of kinetic and thermal resistance. ◄. You can build a conda package to bundle software files and information about the software—such as its name, specific version and description—into a single file that can be easily installed and managed. Purpose: PVE combat / Material collection, Description: An alliance chieftain build using cryptoscramblers and pacifier frag cannons to take down large NPCs for material collection. # Display information about current conda install conda info # Install conda-build in the current 'root' env conda install -n root conda-build Building Your Own Packages You can easily build your own packages for conda, and upload them to anaconda.org , a free service for hosting packages for conda, as well as other package managers. Personally I think you should ditch the conda and buy a Mamba or FDL. Uses: Hunter, Fighter, Torpedoes, Support, Tank, Notes: The Asp Scout is the AspX’s little brother. Notes: 2 small weapons, 4 medium and 1 large; the Federal Gunship is a big and slow tank (with turrets, it’s great). Notes: It is not a bad ship, but compared to its brother the Fer de Lance, it has two big cons: it maneuvers badly and it has less shields. It’ss inferior to the Eagle MkII in combat, so remember to upgrade as soon as possible! I figured out to build something out of it. A sturdy build to quickly destroy the NPCs. Extremely fun to play with its 4 Multicannons and Rapid Fire under thermal and corrosive effects! The build works well regardless of your abilities as a combat pilot. Notes: Familiarize yourself with this ship if you start the game. The heat from your ship will increase as time goes, and it will increase even faster if you use modules and weapons until your re-open your heat vents. If you only want to stop your enemy, you are free to choose the thrusters or the FSD for example. From 3 km you can hit your target but from 1.5 km the damage will become much heavier on your target. Note that you will need to select the subsystem again. Lasers are more effective when they are close. anaconda assault frigate build I figured out to build something out of it. Don’t be afraid to fully upgrade a ship before buying a new one as the modules’ prices won’t change and you can resell it 100% of its price while your ship will be 10% off. Notes: 4 medium weapons and 1 large. Its shields are also weak. They are modded to inhibit enemy Cells. 4. So think about installing a powerful Power Plant. Kinetic weapons in group 1 and energy weapons in group 2. Even your weapons are barely visible when you fire them so you can remained concealed. Notes: 4 medium weapons and 1 huge, the Fer de Lance is a fantastic heavy combat ship and it is extremely maneuverable for its size. It is the only ship in-game able to equip two huge class 4 hardpoints as well as 1 large, 2 medium and 2 small. Exercise your FA off by maneuvering around an asteroid or a friend of yours. ✔ Thermal weapons don’t need ammunition or reloading time.

Impossible to use it well because the Hull Reinforcements stop at the Class 5… and yet that’s exactly what the Challenger needed: a Class 6 Hull Reinforcement; Armour is its gameplay.


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