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32 (The Royal) Squadron and The Queen's Helicopter Flight which forms part of the Royal Household. 0000001776 00000 n

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The work was carried out by the Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, who told the BBC the plane was much bigger than ones they would usually work on. 0000081066 00000 n

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0000072770 00000 n Her Majesty then flew from the Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados, to London Heathrow, England. [11] The Voyager refit cost £10 million and the government estimated the use of the aircraft would save £775,000 a year versus the cost of charter flights; The new arrangement was expected to cost around £2,000 per flying hour as opposed to £6,700 for long-haul charter. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. An Augusta SPA A109S, registration G-XXEC, is on long-term lease to TQHF,[24] and a second Sikorsky S-76C, G-XXED, is owned by TQHF, based at RAF Odiham.[25]. In November 2015, it was announced the government would fit VIP seating to one of the nine core fleet of RAF Airbus Voyager tanker/transport aircraft for the use of senior government officials and members of the Royal Family. RAF's VIP Voyager Enters Service . The first aircraft ordered specifically for transport of the Royal Family, two Westland Wapitis, were delivered to No. 0000085827 00000 n When the Prince ascended to the throne in 1936 as Edward VIII, The King's Flight was formed as the world's first head of state aircraft unit. All Rights Reserved. The flypast was caught on camera [read more], The Royal Air Force’s latest aircraft the F-35B Lightning is being put through its paces alongside the B2-A Spirit Stealth Bomber in the skies around Britain. As The Queen's Flight from 1952, the unit operated a variety of aircraft for the transportation and pilot training of members of the royal family, including Vickers Viking, Avro York, de Havilland Heron and Devon, Westland Whirlwind, Westland Wessex HCC.4, Douglas Dakota (for the Royal Visit to Nepal in 1960), de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk, Beagle Basset and Hawker Siddeley Andover aircraft. 0000074302 00000 n .css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}The £900,000 refurbishment of RAF Voyager - the plane used by the Royal Family and the prime minister - has been completed.

[15] Its first use as a VIP transport was on 8 July 2016, when it was used to take government ministers from London Heathrow airport to the 2016 NATO conference in Warsaw, Poland. 0000047227 00000 n Also in 2013, 101 Squadron retired the RAF’s final VC10s and began flying Voyager alongside 10 Sqn and AirTanker’s reservists. Between 1929 and 1935 the Prince of Wales purchased thirteen aircraft[citation needed]. [6] The trial was a success and three VIP-configured BAe 146-100s entered service with The Queen's Flight (as BAe 146 CC.2s) from 1986 as the flight's first jet aircraft. There have also been concerns about the cost of the livery, estimated at £900,000, however, Voyager ZZ336 was due to repainted anyway. Please switch to using Chrome if you can. 0000033115 00000 n 6�( ڔK�6̴�� �̀���J�K*qb�u�����ƪ%�h��\K�����%�*�H%��L1�JB7.�jLC���r���4[����*��\;?�nH���X�:�2˗>�����M�\� X�:ھ��v���b��m�}���pNl͟�����w�/? This includes an Airbus Voyager of the Royal Air Force, No. ��TK�jNP-�� �„j�P����P�I9���S2��E|@��� ��9SL����)��c@�$>`5>`�a��P�kQ�@��:B�� �X��{���Nk����ؔ���� o��y��Ë���$���j�…��٤���@GՆ�:pC�+C���a$�Q�[���k���Լ���@�O�������ZL�C��Х��H�99�@spu:��%%. It’s based on an Airbus A330 and has been fitted with 58 business seats to … criticised by Labour, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats. !% H�)v\E��e��qj��)I"%I�� Just my play on the RAF and BMI scheme as the RAF VIP Voyager is getting a repaint as we speak

�� ����KU��H���hY3N`�҆w��C����� ���,��(�g��� ��b;��o��[�H��j�| ��H�6%E\$lA����U�8��MH�jR�R�ä�)� E��+�~/���V�������Tӄ����>#��� @�k�T��Kʼn���~�99�ܵU� ,�`�Ɂ�(Ɂ59b��Q�#J�59�&Jr�$GX��A� Ntt+p��d6�� 0000073572 00000 n This is a database of all RAF aircraft serial numbers that were active during WW2 and after. One aircraft is always available on the Falkland Islands, primarily in support of the Typhoon QRA jets, but also available to the Hercules. PM's plane to be rebranded at cost of £900,000. This most often involved Vickers VC10 C.1s, XR807 and XV106, of the now disbanded No. In many logbooks, Pilots would have noted only the number component and left out the alphabet component. The plans have not been confirmed from any official source but that didn’t stop one aviation enthusiast creating a Photoshop “mock-up” using the diagram. [1] In contrast the first flight of a sitting U.S. president was in January 1943.

He has his finger firmly on the pulse on Aviation, not only in the UK but worldwide. 0000072207 00000 n

The funding comes in the form of a royal travel grant-in-aid provided by the Department for Transport. This includes a so-called ‘Core Fleet’ of eight military serialled and one civilian-registered aircraft, supplemented by a ‘Surge Fleet’ of five civilian-registered aircraft that AirTanker uses commercially to generate additional revenue. Voyager is the RAF’s sole air-to-air refuelling (AAR) tanker and also operates as a strategic air transport. The RAF Voyager, an Airbus A330 jet, was repurposed for use by the UK government in 2015, at a cost of £10m.

This was declared officially in 1999, with the Ministry of Defence stating "the principal purpose of 32 Squadron [is] to provide communications and logistical support to military operations; the Squadron's capacity should be based on military needs only; and any royal or other non-military use of... spare capacity is secondary to its military purpose. 0000019281 00000 n This tool helps identify the possible aircraft based on the serial number patterns. 0000071465 00000 n That occasion was also the first visit by a Concorde aircraft to Barbados. }c���|Y?� X� �����CX���2]Y�.�x�i�se��2�ݶ�uH�i�3�uˤ���[���S���2� �� �d� �đ �[A�2��e��2���}Gv�ǣW!���U(+e����DY�0k��ь���t���kdx�/��kd�� �DF�njd�^"�Kd�j7D�~����n��:��W骪���sa��Ϝ'��>ٷ�#x�|�*$��x�� �� 9"��̘���̈�̀-��BQ���7a��2�3# The outbreak of World War II in 1939 led to the replacement of the Envoy III with an armed Lockheed Hudson. A plan of the new UK livery has been widely circulated on Social Media although it has not been verified. 0000072707 00000 n The aircraft, serial ZZ336, retained the standard Royal Air Force livery and continued its primary military duties when not in use by the government. The responsibility for Royal Family travel was transferred to the Royal Household on 1 April 1997. The United States Air Force (USAF) has deployed 3 B2 Stealth Bombers to RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire which in itself is a rare event [read more], ©2014-2020 UK Aviation News - Managed by Aviation Media Agency. H��[������+�h?h��fv�5N�7 ��P�{�m���F[��wf�$w(��$�V��!G��fv?~z�ݛ��~h~�J�_}��mt��L��F+���o�w�O�E������]n����*a��W�>7��oEC�b�q�!�Ԑ�v����{t�!F�����`�]��4 ��&�՘&���%_c�o�n\�liQY�厯�[FT t��ǖNEjG �L5*����s�T�J�`W�{-�rKZl�t��DC��Lb�J�rb� �b�AK�ų� 7��S���ӏ�9r%��=��X#�;.�#�;��#���H 5R�DJ�H EB�It��2��. In 2018, the then Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, criticised the arrangements, protesting that the Voyager "never seems to be available". In 1942, The King's Flight was disbanded and its responsibilities transferred to No.

[citation needed] The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall flew the BAe 146 to Madrid and Lisbon in March 2011 (4 flight hours), and one non-itemised flight was taken on a BAe 125 (1 flight hour). [27] Two of the most expensive charters were for visits to South America in March 2009 (£660,594) for a tour related to the Prince's ecological concerns, and a trip to Japan and Indonesia in October and November 2008 that cost £665,674.


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