remington versa max vs benelli
3 years and my Versamax has never jammed(did break an extractor shooting 3.5" the 3rd year)......2 months on the V3 and so far so good. It will be mainly a waterfowl gun with a little sporting clays thrown in.

love it. got it back 3 weeks later very first time I tried it it failed to load the second shell again I then sold it.

But all things considered, I think I like the Remington the best of the four shotguns, even considering its price tag. Some interesting additions, as it turns out. $700 ish. The failures both revolved around the gas tubes and the fouling where the hot gasses hit the magazine tube. I’m with you, I didn’t read anything that said “twice as good as a JM pro Mossberg 930. While that might be a hindrance for those who take the “tactical” in the title literally, paint scheme certainly stands out on the range. Learn how your comment data is processed. What really turned me off the Versa Max was watching the pistons getting soaked and scrubbed to get them clean.

Other niceties include a cushion-soft buttpad, better wood, and an action tuned to function with light target loads. ^This. So now on to my other choice. They all have welded carriers (a trivial $45 expense), but only one has the loading port opened up (a nice-to-have, not a necessity IMHO). I have never thought the Versa Max was that heavy. In comparison my inertia driven gun is simple, a thousand times cleaner, and much easier to clean. this gun has been perfect. Shot the Benelli and it was good but found the Versamax slightly softer shooting and the recoil was easier to get back on target quickly. First I am new here and I want to say thanks to everyone in the forum. (All prices from Gun Digest 2000.). May shoot slugs to point of aim it may not. It is a forend/trigger housing/ mag tube hanger. Not too long ago 3-gun shooters who wanted to run a semi-auto shotgun needed to buy a “tactical” or hunting shotgun, tear it apart, and build it back up to get the right configuration. Unquestioned reliability in a competition is a primary requirement and the Versa Max performed admirably. I really love my son’s Franchi and how easy it is to clean. I have shot the Benellis too, but I don't think spending that much more would give me a return on my investment. There are two beads on the ventilated rib, the smaller, silver mid-rib bead measuring 0.07 inch wide and the front white bead measuring 0.12 inch wide. They all MSRP for about $860, and sell for around $675 (Gun List). Experts in the game shoot guns ranging in price from expensive stackbarrel Krieghoffs, Perazzis, and Berettas (to name a few) down to field-class autoloaders. The Vinci takes LESS money to make it ready. I know several very successful 3-gunners that run camo guns. You should receive this issue of Gun Tests around October 27, or about a week before the elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020.... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. You might even be able to do it as a wash. +1 on Mark's idea. So I have broken down and decided that I am going to get a semi auto after shooting my sons Franchi Affinity which he received as an early 13th birthday present. If we were a Remington adherent, or if money was an issue, we’d pick it over the Benelli. Thank you all for the input. THE VERSA MAX FEATURING THE VERSA MAX SPORTSMAN. ). It’s clearly an improved design. simple as that. They only need a mag tube and an easy home gunsmith port job. We can’t say for sure these features are worth the dollars to you, but they do add some value and flexibility to the Sport that its stablemate lacks. If we all did the same thing life would be boring. I'm not a fan of shooting 3.5" shells. We never had any trouble shouldering the gun as a result. And there is that. The SUPER is the 3.5" and does not. If we were a Remington adherent, or if money was an issue, we’d pick it over the Benelli. From what ive read I want to replace the hammer, cam pin and extractor. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. We shot a range of loads in the Benelli and found it functioned easily with all of them, and we got a nice spread of patterns with the five chokes.

The Sport’s length of pull can be adjusted from a maximum of 14.4 inches, down to 14.1 inches or as low as 13.75 inches by placing or removing optional spacers. Accuracy * * * * * Out on the range I threw everything I could at the gun and I couldn’t make it so much as cough. As you own both, you are in the fortunate position of being able to try both. WooHoo another fanboy debate! The Versa max was Remington's response to the Benelli Super Black Eagle, Remington wanted in on the waterfowl gun market. I’ve got my grandfathers ’61 model 870 wingmaster. We initially shot the Benelli with both the trap and skeet ribs and wound up preferring the narrower skeet rib.

So your saying that the m2 is much more reliable and that it will last longer? Grippy and easy on the hands, it does the job admirably. I find it much faster to line up non-precision shots using this system, out to 50 yards or so on a plate rack.

Also looking at brownells, I … I've got a 1301 and a Versamax. So now on to my other choice. Keith Garcia and Greg Jordan are full time cops and Keith uses a Benelli and Greg a Browning A5. I couldn't find a Versamax at the time. The simplicity and the reliability really drove me to rank this shotgun very highly. The Remington is much cheaper. Price: $1,733 MSRP. In two years Of shooting 1-2 matches a month and several majors I've had one malfunction with the Beretta and it was due to ammo. Just as reliable as the Remington, for less than a third of the price. serial numbered part! But you’ll have to do some work to it to get it to the same performance level as the Versa Max (and it still won’t feel as nice). There’s a vent rib running along the top of the barrel to keep everything aligned with etched grooves to reduce glare and make the sights stand out more effectively. I will end up putting a side-saddle (velcro style) and flashlight on it. I felt fine afterward and didn't have a bruise lol. But as we mentioned above, the Sport’s lighter weight could be a problem for some shooters, because in our view, the Benelli kicked more than the gas-operated 1100. So now I am just waiting for my M2 to come in so I can go to the store and pick it up. Speaking of the gas system, the VersaMax uses a nifty auto-regulating design that varies the pressure in the gas system based on the length of the shotgun shell. 2. If you are interested, it is US 8,065,949 B1. I want to buy American. tube and home smith port work. They may shoot slugs to point of aim, they may not. The Montefeltro’s respective dimensions are 14.4, 2.4, and 1.5 inches.

Board index » I Love MY.... » Remington Shotguns, Registered users: Bing [Bot], deadbird995, FreeShot, Google [Bot], Google Adsense [Bot], goosedowner, hammontw, Hwcn, Kannoncocker, mactownbob, skeetsit, I'm going to buy one of them. I don’t see any way around that. We’d remove both of the damn beads, however, since it’s easy to shift eye focus to the beads and away from the target. The regular Vinci 3" has a speedbolt option. Definitely more reliable than the 930. The green receiver might not be for everyone, but otherwise the styling is spot on. but no more big green for me. I'm not sure why you mentioned the color of the guns. But, out of the VM it isn't as bad as I figured it would be. Versaport™ gas system which exposes more or less gas inlets based on how long the shell is – which allows it to function and cycle with pretty much every load out there. And is replaceable if you really get out of control. The flat, nonreflective top surface of the skeet rib lacked a channel on the trap rib we found distracting. Roxy, thank you I will pm you, but before I waist anyone's time I would like to lay this out there. Both are good choices both have issues. The Versa Max shotgun is a gas piston design that functions in a shockingly similar — but litigiously distinguishable — manner as the Benelli M4. Cleaned it good that night tried it next day with different shells it did the same thing. I dont like the behind-the-triggerguard safety of my remington 1100 trap.. 3. They are the heavier of the two. The pad had been cut down on top and rounded at the toe to reduce the chances of it snagging on clothing. And quad-loading is straight up the fastest way to load a shotgun, with the exception of magazine fed guns. Benelli’s Sport shotgun, listed in the company’s catalog as item number 10610, is based on the Montefeltro line (in fact, the Sport owner’s manual is for the Montefeltro Super 90), but has exterior styling more like a Super Black Eagle, primarily the squared receiver. I bought an 870 of my own two years ago and it was complete junk. I have a Benelli Super Black Eagle and a Versa Max. On November 29, 2011, it was awarded to Remington. The semi-fancy American walnut stock has a gloss finish, and the receiver is blued with a high polish. Or is that just a waist and putting me basically right where I am now? Both guns come with five chokes (C, IC, M, IM, F), they have satin walnut finishes, red-bar sights, capacities of 4+1, and similar physical dimensions. Our recommendation: This gorgeous shotgun functioned flawlessly and didn’t pound us quite as hard as the Benelli, mainly because of its greater weight. Wow that's disappointing! “The Mossberg safety and the 700 safety are in the “right” place for me to work it with my thumb.”. Have been running mine in 3gun for 2 years now with ZERO issues. The other nice part is this is American made, which is important to me.

In this case Remington has gone with a “lollipop” design much like the XS Sights “big dot” system. The issue is when you start trying to make more accurate shots. I love my Remington 870s (I have a few in different configurations) – but I just couldn’t close the gap in (admittedly perceived) reliability between the M2 and the Versa Max. On the other hand the Benelli competition guns are decidedly more than the Remington Versa Max. Vinci. From what I understand if I can get my hands on a speedbolt that should mitigate the issues with the lighter loads.? for me the Versa Max is my kind of gun. Do not think you can put an extended mag tube on it. Called Remington sent it to Paducah guns ???? If your Benelli was a regular Vinci not the Super Vinci I would pick it. The welded carrier is a nice upgrade to the VM, even if it never leaves the duck blind. Its a complete non-issue.

My son has one. Also, Kelly do you have a photo of the larger loading port I could use as a references? I will try to get some pics of both guns for you. Zero issues of any kind. Sporting Clays Shotguns: Benelli and Remington Go Head To Head, Colt Government Model MK IV Series 80 380 ACP, Lone Wolf Distributors TWF-F Lower/G34 Upper 9mm Luger, Colt Mfg.


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