revolut app crashing

I am not able to log into my Revolut account. Can you check it? Revolut nefunguje v iOS 13 (Revolut App Crash) [Ako opraviť] Internetové bankovníctvo iOS iOS 13 aplikácie pre iOS iPhone revoluta Revolut App Crash IPhone Revolúcia. Revolut sent me a private message on twitter and it was resolved step by step. Found a solution : Do the update In Germany we say: Tja. I am unable to login and I am going around in the circles. I think Revolut closed my account because I’m living in another country and I lost all my money. I resolved my issues by going on twitter and commenting saying I have a problem with my app. Have you figured out what the problem is? This is a problem.

There was nothing he was able to do, but he told me that developers will be informed. Finoc via Revolut Community 于2020年6月22日 周一11:06写道:, thank you, followed your lead and they replied immediately and fixedit, yes they fixed it, I contacted via Twitter and they replied immediately. Not Working For Me!

Ask our community Get help from 12M+ Revolut users. Other - 100 %Outage History Aug Sep Oct. ... @RevolutApp I can’t get into my app it keeps crashing I can’t even log in help. Really appreciate your suggestion, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Aplicatia Revolut este disponibila gratuit atat in App Store, pentru posesoriid e iPhone) cat si in Google Play, pentru posesorii de Android. It. No contact, no reaction? We’ll take a look and come back to you once we identified the issue.

Put your phone number / act like you are a new customer

Not sure if this applies, but I did try changing the WebView implementation from WebView to Chrome - app still crashes. Currently there are no updates for Revolut in the Play Store and top ups does not work. Yesterday I’ve managed to solve the problem by uninstalling all Chrome updates (cannot remove it completely as it is a system app on S8). I did top up successfully using the same steps on Feb 6, but I do not recall which app version was used back then, it updated several times since then. I have a same problem. Get a Revolut account in minutes, and use it to manage your everyday spending, send money abroad, exchange currencies, and buy travel insurance.

Automated testing. It was, probably more than a month ago. Acelasi lucru se poate intampla si pentru posesorii de device-uri Android care au adus schimbari sistemului de baza. I change my passcode but the same problem still there, after that I uninstall app and reinstall the revolut app but the problem still crashing. Put the code received on your email account No other app is responsible for the crash.

Please check in what app the window with login details is opened. Second thing: Same problem here, I wanted to use the app and I’m out of it and it’s not possible to log in, the only thing I can do is to ask for a new account/card. I moved from the UK in the past months. Cannot verify some bank cards. I cannot do anything in the app, it just takes me to the Identity verification step automatically. Asa se face ca in ultima perioada tot mai multi utilizatori de iPhone care testeaza iOS 13 Beta, nu mai pot deschide aplicatia Revolut. Reports in last 20 minutes. NB: All this worked fine on my old iPhone. Choose to send an authentification email could prevent the app from crashing. I can see now that I’m not alone so please Revolt contact us and fix this this issue. I would give it a try. Probleme cu functionarea aplicatiei Revolut sunt si pe sistemele de operare aflate intr-un stadiu de dezvoltare Beta.

It provides me only the option of "residency permit". Also, I noticed that since I updated the app it’s lagging. Install it again

Revolut's goal is to adapt to the needs of customers, businesses and consumers by offering them control. Anyone can help ? on iphone) it will be accessible on your revolut account on any other phone, when you log in using the same account details. Please check in what app the window with login details is opened. so I’m trying to top-up my account with MasterCard issues by Swedbank LT. I am not an Android guy, but it sounds plausible. on iphone) it will be accessible on your revolut account on any other phone, when you log in using the same account details. iOS 12.4 - Aktualizujte iPhone a iPad [Novinky vydala nová verzia] [Vyriešiť] App nemožno otvoriť, … Second thing:

I reinstalled the app and rebooted the phone, nothing works. It allows purchases online, but there is additional verification steps.

Get help in the app Just head to «Help» in the app So I was right

Please! Din cauza acestor modificari, o serie de aplicatii nu vor mai compatibile cu iOS 13 sau vor genera erori. Buy and sell crypto, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. App version 4.13.1, Android 8.0 (Oxygen OS 5.0.1 on Oneplus 3). It didn’t crash but idle in loading screen. Hello, REVOLUT Give the face and answer to your customers…. Uninstall the app This is a new phone, moved the sim from the old one. ING DiBa Visa.

I change my passcode but the same problem still there, after that I uninstall app and reinstall the revolut app but the problem still crashing. So I wanted to transfer my money to my now local bank and I can’t even access my account. When the page where I chose phone to verify the transaction is opened inside Revolut app, it freezes and a crash ist reported. We are waiting for you. Sa faca downgrade la cea mai recenta versiune finala de iOS (iOS 12) si sa renunte la Beta. Valabil pentru aplicatiile care stocheaza date local. This is a user forum … there is no way we can help you. Another advantage of trading with Revolut is the ability to fund your trading account in multiple currencies, directly from the app.


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