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The Justice Department, the Federal Election Commission and the House Ethics Committee are investigating loans Spano obtained from friends, which he then apparently put into his campaign, saying the cash came from his personal funds.

Nearly 9,000 opportunity zones were created in all 50 states, DC, and five territories, with 427 opportunity zones designated in Florida.

“I was an athlete my entire life and I wasn’t an informed voter,” he said.

While he took some heat for this, it has become clear this measure was important, but it is now evident further action is needed,” said Spano. “He wants to make the race about Donald Trump, not about Ross Spano.”. College GameDay analysts engage in a heated debate over the Big10’s coronavirus protocols, Luke McCaffrey praises Adrian Martinez despite their ongoing quarterback competition, ‘90 Day Fiancé’: Loren says she is 'going through a down', fans try to motivate her. Spano would successfully prevail in both the Republican primary and the general election. “I am asking the president to declare a national emergency to ensure local, state agencies have the resources needed to protect our constituents.”. The facts are clear, President Trump built the strongest economy in the world once and, based on the last two jobs report, he is poised to do it again. Beckner said he checked with the HCTA about the wording used in his Facebook post. He has tweeted repeatedly with the hashtag, #StopTheSchiffShow, bashing Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. That could give Spano reason to tie himself to Trump. Facing a potentially difficult 2020 re-election clouded by a criminal investigation, U.S. Rep. Ross Spano, R-Dover, is tying himself tightly to President Donald Trump. Stuart contests Beckner’s endorsement claim. It is imperative that we provide our veterans and their families with the resources they need to have a good quality of life. At least one individual who complained to the FBI in the matter was Republican Neal Combee, who lost to Spano in the primary. In ads, each candidate is attacking the other’s credentials as a conservative and Trump supporter. Spano’s 2014 vote for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants went along with an initiative by Republican leaders including then-state House Speaker Will Weatherford and then-Gov.

In May 2018, he was part of a unanimous commission vote to fund the removal with private money. “We have good relationships with both candidates,” she said. Republicans want it back and Democrats want to hold it, so both parties are likely to spend heavily — which means the heavily funded Republican leadership PACs and corporate interests will likely boost the GOP nominee. “It’s not appropriate.”.

We provide you with the latest news and from all around the state. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. President Trump and Republican leadership put Americans first by repealing and replacing a 30-year old, outdated tax policy that was crippling our economy. For some time, Spano has been the focus of an ethics investigation, as noted by CNN. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. “It took working in the community to see how overlooked people are.”, Democratic Commissioner Les Miller has frequently allied with the three Republicans since a four-member Democratic majority took office on the Hillsborough Board of Commissioners last year. Franklin is a veteran of the Gulf War, the Bosnian War and the Kosovo War. “This emergency funding package included more than $4 billion to make diagnostic tests more broadly available to the public, $2.2 billion for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), $20 million dollars to administer disaster assistance loans for small businesses impacted by the virus and over $1.2 billion to the U.S. Agency for International Development to prevent the further spread of the virus.”. Kemp then lost to Overman for vice-chairman on the same 5-2 vote. In the Sunshine State, Floridians received an average tax cut of $1,354 and in 2018, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created more than 12,600 jobs. Fan of many things.

A Franklin ad also hits Spano on the hot-button immigration issue, noting that as a state House member he voted to allow in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, and claiming he voted against funding Trump’s border wall. SITE DESIGNED BY. He was defeated before he even got back to the general election. “It took working in the community to see how overlooked people are.”, ©2019 the Tampa Bay Times (St. Petersburg, Fla.), Visit the Tampa Bay Times (St. Petersburg, Fla.) at

Most recently, it's been represented by Republican Ross Spano. “He’s trying to make it look like my own teachers won’t endorse me,” she said. But Murman nominated Miller for re-election, and he won on a 5-2 vote, with Democrat Kimberly Overman joining the Republicans and Miller.

Reach Kevin Derby at The Lakeland City Commission voted in December 2017 to move a Confederate memorial statue from its prominent location in downtown Munn Park — but Franklin, elected that November 2017, didn’t take his seat until the following January. © COPYRIGHT © FLORIDA DAILY | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Kemp next asked Miller to appoint her to replace Republican Commissioner Ken Hagan on the Economic Development Corporation, and Miller refused. “I was an athlete my entire life and I wasn’t an informed voter,” he said.

Self-funding Owen leads D59 fundraising race. Neither candidate is anywhere close to liberal or even moderate. Read more on the same topic from Samantha Spencer: This article has been curated and verified by, This area provides transparent information about Blasting News, our editorial processes and how we strive for creating trustworthy news. With a compelling personal story and strong small-dollar fundraising, political neophyte Mark Oliver making an impression in the District 59 state House Democratic primary, where Andrew Learned is the apparent frontrunner. Because of this, the Sunshine State trusts our economy in the hands of President Trump which is why we will send him back to the White House in November. U.S. Rep. Ross Spano, R … “President Trump took decisive action by stopping flights from affected areas early on to stop the spread of the coronavirus. These opportunity zones have already spurred hundreds of investments in communities across our great nation. Both Republicans and Democrats alike. “Ross Spano is not a credible messenger for the Trump agenda.” But in a statement to WFLA, Spano said he has stood by President Donald Trump. It's unclear how well that would or wouldn't have worked in the general election. OCTAVIO JONES 5/8 Times Hillsborough County Commissioner Kim Overman was elected vice-chairman, defeating Pat Kemp on a 5-2 vote. But she contends that Beckner didn’t really get an HCTA endorsement. President Trump wants Floridians to see more of their paycheck in their pockets, while Joe Biden wants to take more away. Beckner and Stuart, both Democrats, face off in the Aug. 18 primary, but because no other candidate is running, all voters can vote in the race, not just Democrats. U.S. Rep. Ross Spano, R-Fla., was first elected to Congress in 2018. He didn’t explain how “the left wing” could orchestrate an investigation by Trump’s Justice Department or why the timing is suspect — it began just after his 2018 election. [OCTAVIO JONES | Times ], Cold case plea: Help find mom and baby who vanished from Brandon market.

With a compelling personal story and strong small-dollar fundraising, political neophyte Mark Oliver making an impression in the District 59 state House Democratic primary, where Andrew Learned is the apparent frontrunner. It might seems strange, but I have suspected there might be an accuracy issues with the 'Reader' tracker.. '90 Day Fiance:' Ashley Martson reveals that Jay Smith has been spying on her, Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune reportedly hospitalized in Germany with COVID-19, Two-time Grand Slam Champion Simona Halep tests positive for COVID-19, Former Heisman Trophy winner and Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard tests positive for COVID-19, ’90 Day Fiancé’: Deavan ask fans for prayer, reveals that her daughter is having health issues, Tom Brady sends love to his mother via post; TB12 to ensure AB won’t be a problem for Bucs, Media supports Huskers over canceled game as Big Ten chief Kevin Warren issue statement, Tom Brady attracting huge bets to win MVP award; TB12 calls AB a ‘good friend of mine’, It’s not true: From George Floyd threatening a pregnant woman to a missile attack in Beirut, Rabbis compare China's treatment of Uighurs to the Holocaust, North Korea demolishes office used as liaison office for the two countries in Kaesong, China collecting men and boys' DNA thanks to American tech. Spano weighed in on why he wrote the president on the matter. Joe Biden’s plans to crush our economy do not end there.

As a result of the GOP tax cut, small businesses are experiencing a 20 percent deductionon business income, full and immediate expensing of short-term capital investments, and a 25 percent tax credit for businesses offering paid family leave. The Franklin campaign notes that Spano himself supported Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the 2016 presidential primary against Trump, then declined to endorse Trump in the general election. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Then, without seeking a vote, Kemp agreed to give the port board seat back to Murman. The Republican congressional primary with Lakeland city Commissioner Scott Franklin challenging incumbent Rep. Ross Spano is turning nasty, as each candidate attacks the other’s credentials as a conservative and Trump supporter, and Franklin highlights the apparent criminal investigation of illegal loans to Spano’s 2018 campaign. But what does seem clear is that it wasn't successful in the Republican primary. There are indications from congressional officials that the Department of Justice is looking into the Spano 2018 campaign, potentially a criminal investigation. Blasting News is working with the European Union in the fight against fake news. Spano has become a vociferous Trump defender and is comparing the investigation of his own 2018 campaign financing to the impeachment, which he calls a partisan sham.

Spano supports the border wall, but in December 2019 voted against the entire federal budget, citing the growing national debt. We must im Spano was stopped short in Florida's Republican primary election. Democratic political consultant Barry Edwards noted that Trump outperformed Spano there, winning by 10 points in 2016 while Spano won by 6 points in 2018. The HCTA sometimes endorses candidates on its own and has endorsed Stuart in the past, but has made few independent endorsements this year. The ethics issues would become a focal point in the 2020 Republican primary for Spano's seat. Ross Spano has lost his attempt at a second term. He has tweeted repeatedly with the hashtag, #StopTheSchiffShow, bashing Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

Spano has heavily used social media and emails to supporters to criticize the impeachment, repeating GOP talking points that the investigation is secretive, based on hearsay, and violates “due process.”. Oliver, son of a teenage mother and the first college graduate in his family, played football as a walk-on at the University of South Florida and now operates a non-profit foundation providing fitness training for the developmentally disabled. As of June, Democrat Andrew Learned was leading the race for contributions in what’s expected to be the county’s most hotly contested legislative race, state House District 59, with $122,539 — but Republican Michael Owen’s $72,400 in loans to his own campaign put him into the overall fundraising lead with $184,728. In an email to supporters after the first televised hearings, he wrote, “All we’ve heard is hearsay that fails to produce real evidence or that refutes the idea that this is merely a political game motivated by the 2020 elections.”, Retired University of South Florida political scientist Susan MacManus said Spano’s vociferous stance “seems a little unusual, but maybe it’s trying to solidify the base.”. The Franklin campaign notes that Spano himself supported Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the 2016 presidential primary against Trump, The “open borders” accusation is based on Franklin comments in favor of “comprehensive immigration reform,” a phrase the ads call “Bush era code language for open borders … reduced national sovereignty and lax security.”, Cindy Stuart, 2020 candidate for Hillsborough County Clerk of Circuit Court, Kevin Beckner, 2020 candidate for Hillsborough County Clerk of Circuit Court, then declined to endorse Trump in the general election, RELATED: Democrats compete in more Florida legislative races, but still face long odds, Ranking Florida’s congressional delegation for vulnerability this election year.


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