royal pleco size
Royal Plecos have a bold and somewhat intimidating look. Not only that, but the rivers they come from in the wild are murky.

(2011). As long as there are not other Plecos or catfish species present, Royal Plecos do just fine in a community tank.

Generally, non-aggressive fish species that originate from the same area are good options. So, you might want to hold off on vacuuming the substrate if you’re trying to breed your Plecos. The stripes are imperfect, creating a distinct pattern from fish to fish. Common name: Royal Plecostomus, Royal Panaque, Royal Catfish, L190. These are large fish with unique feeding habits!

It grows to a length of 43.0 centimetres (16.9 in) and is a popular aquarium fish.[1].

These fish are known to be very territorial with their own species! Royal panaques can grow to 43 centimetres (17 in) in length. When you’re decorating the aquarium, pay close attention to the bottom of the tank.

They get big, up to about 17 inches (43 cm) and need a larger tank for long term success. The fish will explore the tank looking for sources of food. The average Royal Pleco size when fully-grown is around 16-17 inches in length! All it requires is some foundational knowledge about the needs of these fish, and the dedication to maintain their tank. These large, interesting-looking fish are quite popular among aquarists for obvious reasons. While Plecos are nothing new to the aquarium trade, the Royal Pleco (Panaque nigrolineatus) is sought-after species with a lot to offer. Whether or not you choose to incorporate plants is up to you. You can either ask us through the contact page on our website or on Facebook!

Though, some minor physical differences among regional variances do exist. Strong filtration is paramount for a fish of this size! Otherwise, you may encounter fighting! The presence of driftwood creates natural dead zones where waste can settle and affect water quality. These fish originate from several countries in South America.

It is known for being one of the few fish that digest wood. These varieties are: The royal panaque is valuable as an aquarium fish. "PlanetCatfish::Catfish of the Month::May 1999", Web streamable Ogg video of a royal panaque swimming and feeding in an aquarium,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 29 April 2020, at 17:25. So, you’ll have to quarantine the fish and slowly raise the water temperature over several days. The best way to go about breeding is to simulate the breeding season in the wild.

On top of the head, the Royal Pleco has bright red eyes! If your tap water is soft and acidic, consider using something like aragonite in your filter.

In fact, these fish commonly outlive their tank mates, requiring long-term dedication to their well-being. The width of the tank should be at least 24 inches from front to back. Royal Plecos are at risk of experiencing many of the standard freshwater diseases. Scientific name: Panaque Nigrolineatus, Chaetostomus Nigrolineatus.

It’s important to plan their habitat to fit their lifestyle. The wood will act as a food source while also facilitating the growth of algae. They are not powerful swimmers. Not only do they bring a neat aesthetic to the tank, but they’re low-maintenance as well! Accompanying that base color are bold stripes of black or dark brown. They’re not the strongest swimmers, but they can get by as long as the tank isn’t too crowded. [4] This fish is territorial, so a suitable resting area for this fish is necessary. This armour is made of strong plates of skin, not scales.


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