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The Schoharie Reservoir is in the northern-most part of the city's water system where the communities are predominantly rural. The …

Another 11 miles (18 km) down the Esopus it empties into the Ashokan Reservoir.

Alewife, Cisco, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Chain Pickerel, Common Carp, Golden Shiner, Emerald Shiner, Common Shiner, Spottail Shiner, Spotfin Shiner, Bluntnose Minnow, Rudd, White Sucker, Brown Bullhead, White Perch, Rock Bass, Pumpkinseed, Bluegill, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Walleye. To obtain the Catskill Reservoir Paddler patch, paddle any of the four NYC reservoirs open for recreational boating (Schoharie, Neversink, Pepacton or Cannonsville). Providing good fishing opportunities, the lower reservoir is stocked with trout and walleye, and has several other species, including bass and is ideal for motor boating, kayaking and water skiing. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) maintains 11 continuous-recording stream gages in the West Branch Delaware River watershed above the Reservoir.

Schoharie Creek: County Route 13 Undersized Culvert Replacement (2.5 MB) Max Depth: 120 feet [7] After a minor earthquake on August 27, 2011 was recorded in the region and in response to the 2011 Virginia earthquake which occurred on August 23, 2011 and was felt as far north as Canada, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered an infrastructure inspection which included the Gilboa Dam.

Schoharie Reservoir: Walleye are the main target, but trout, panfish, and more are plentiful. Batavia Kill: Ashland Connector Stream Restoration Project Report (1.5 MB) Schoharie Reservor is one of two reservoirs in the City’s Catskill system, and the northernmost reservoir in the entire water supply system. Much of New York City’s watershed land is also open for fishing, hiking, and other types of outdoor recreation.

Schoharie Reservoir – walleye, trout, bass and abundant panfish provide great fishing action, stocked annually. To this end, the Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District (GCSWCD) and New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) have conducted extensive watershed assessments, authored four management plans for the various major basins and have embarked on an extensive restoration and outreach campaign. People do often swim here from a large, flat rock - but you may be subject to arrest if you do.

More NYC DEP Recreational Boating Information, NYCDEP 2009-03-06T09:17:51-05:00 Stamford Reservoir 5.

5'��#�����, Public Fishing Rights Maps: Schoharie Creek.

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Enjoy beautiful and scenic hiking trails, camping, fishing, boating, picnicking, swimming and more. Located in the scenic Schoharie Valley, Mine Kill State Park overlooks the NY Power Authority's Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project. Schoharie Creek in New York, flows north 93 miles (150 km) from the foot of Indian Head Mountain in the Catskills through the Schoharie Valley to the Mohawk River.It is twice impounded north of Prattsville to create New York City's Schoharie Reservoir and the Blenheim-Gilboa Power Project. Registered row boats are allowed and much of the shoreline is on accessible state land. The reservoir is stocked annually with approximately 1,500 - 2,000 brown trout 8-9" in length and 20,000 walleye 1-2" in length.

Batavia Kill: Maier Farm Restoration Project Implementation and Monitoring Report (4.5 MB) yq�O������c�K�����/_M�'�T_&��Rb���q����)D�iS[$���É���e?ŰH+�'� ����_�&K.<6���I�Z�R�$9-⸼V.��)�C�_�k����(�Y��$!`{���9NW#Ň��I|Y��~_���R�.��ĸ�� d��p$�*-����)Q9��AA���HT�Z[R� b]*�`�%�`�瘘���C�2�.�G?� M�R����ynkS�[�)@^���֦=u�4��!r����w�8�w5�-���B=�����,��Džq��j*� Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee trout streams This page summarizes the activities of the SWAC, and provides the background information and application materials for the Schoharie Watershed Stream Management Plan Implementation Program. [4] Estimated to cost $350 million, the project will add significant mass to the dam, install floodgates, and include a large tunnel bypass allowing water to be released safely from the reservoir into Schoharie Creek.

These gages measure the stage, or height, of the water surface at a specific location, updating the measurement every 15 minutes. Schoharie Reservoir Contour Map (238 KB PDF).

For more information about New York City’s water supply system, visit Water Supply. It was placed into service in 1926.

NYSDEC: G. Kozlowski maps Park on the left hand side in the overgrown parking lot, just past where you see the dam. East Kill Stream Management Plan Click on the Station ID number of your gage of interest to receive real-time water surface data from USGS.

The Schoharie Creek drains eight Greene County municipalities, not including direct drainage to the reservoir, including large sections of the Towns of Prattsville, Lexington, Jewett, Hunter, Ashland, Windham and the Villages of Hunter and Tannersville. %PDF-1.6 %���� It’s free! Well-informed living along Catskill streams begins with understanding stream basics – the important environmental functions and services streams provide and the relationships among these functions.

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Attempts by the city to regulate land use practices in Delaware county have caused considerable tension between the … Encompassing approximately 315 square miles, the Schoharie Reservoir watershed, is located primarily in Greene County, NY.


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