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Given her brutal treatment, one could easily understand her going off and letting the tribe go rot. [2] Her father is so angry at this that he throws her into the sea and, when she tries to climb back into the boat, he cuts off her fingers. Later, the grandmother said, "I told them about the woman who lives under the sea. There are various versions of how she ended up as goddess of the sea but this is the gist: Once upon a time, Sedna was a beautiful young woman who rejected all her suitors—and there were many! Please read Coven Gathering Guidelines before entering our chatroom. In the right hand column below is my original effort at interpretation from March, 2004, just after Sedna's discovery was announced. Sedna is beautiful young Inuit woman living with her father. De … So the rule of thumb is the affairs of the house in which natal Sedna is located are where a person either suffers victimization, or simply does not allow victimization if that lesson has been learned in this or a previous life. Archaeologists need to keep digging to get us the physical evidence of the ancient civilization(s) which produced this remarkable math. (I'm prepared to eat a little crow on this if I'm wrong.) Impressive math does not function in a vacuum, such math requires a sophisticated society to support it.

Encyclopedia of Spirits: The Ultimate Guide to the Magic of Fairies, Genies, Demons, Ghosts, Gods & Goddesses – Written by : Judika Illes Copyright © 2009 by Judika Illes. For this blog, I am going to research Sedna, the Arctic sea goddess of the Inuit people. She was vain and rejected them all despite her father’s protests. Leave a comment.

The Three degrees of Correllian Wicca either for information or for Clergy application, requirements are the same as listed above.

Which flavour would you like? Sedna descended to Adlivum, the Eskimo underworld, where she now rules the dead. Sol – Norse Sun Goddess. Soaked with salt water, her long, thick hair becomes badly matted. Other Courses In addition to her role as marine goddess, Sedna may also rule a realm of death, possibly those souls who died at sea. The inner, or seven ancient planets, were and still are the symbolic representation of our conscious awareness of society and our personality. Indeed, many in the pagan tradition call Sedna the goddess of the victim.

In the natal chart Sedna represents a manifestation of a relatively clearly defined metaphysical energy in a certain realm of personal human activity (house placement) either harmoniously or with difficulty depending on the aspects. We would also expect that other planets transiting the natal Sedna will activiate the Sedna energy (for better or worse). Houses are easy to understand. The energy of Sedna manifesting at the spiritual level represents the no–nonsense caretaker of humanity. To ensure that she will continue to send food to the hunters, shamans descend to visit her, comb her hair, and massage her mutilated hands. Sedna prefers darkness; she can’t stand bright lights. She is associated with wild birds, heaven and hell, and beauty. into our lives to catalyse the expression of the Sedna within each of us. (In some versions of her myth, this man had long been haunting her dreams, hence her rejection of the others.) Other planets in the same vicinity as Sedna will have a similar characteristic. The fluid nature of oral culture means details of certain myths are also fluid. Among the most famous of the vast array of myths is the legend of the sea goddess known as Sedna, Nuliayuk or Taluliyuk. Check with your local social worker for appropriate horror stories. I’ve seen several individuals with retrograde Sedna in the 7th house, squares and oppositions to Sedna, and no trines or sextiles. One day the people tried to get rid of her by attempting to drown her by chopping off her finger tips. The key here is her no-nonsense attitude. Sedna arrives. But not so. Sedna lives at the bottom of the sea, her chief companion her dog. All lessons and test will be emailed to you. Sedna, then, is the harbinger of the new 25,770 cycle in the evolution of this planet, or at least the evolution of humanity on this planet, and to understand her we must expand our consciousness today in the same fashion that our ancestors in the 1790s had to expand their consciousness when Uranus was discovered. On their way home a storm rises, threatening to capsize the overloaded boat. We now find ourselves speaking about three categories of planets in astrology: Her father throws Sedna overboard in the hope that this will appease the angry god.

(Feel free to post your results in this website's New Planet Forum.) Selene – Greek Goddess of Moon. Again, this sort of analysis is to be expected. We just look at the house position of Sedna in the natal chart. The hero of this story is the intrepid shaman who must soul-journey to Sedna’s watery abode.

In some versions of the myth, her lover changes into a bird and flies her to the island. Please share your observations in the New Planet Forum on this website so that others may also learn from your experiences. Some Inuit say that European and First Nations peoples are descended from those three dog children and only through them are they related to the Inuit.

Their orbits take from about 50 years to 300 years for a single rotation of the Sun. Eventually, Nuliayuk marries a sculpin and lives in the sea controlling all sea mammals. It is necessary to think of human evolution in terms of 25,770-year blocks of time, not 12-year or 29–year blocks, or 84-year blocks. Sedna has long, thick, wet hair that tangles and mats easily. Rudhyar says it is our goal to get every planet in our chart working at the spiritual level.

Easy. 02. of 10. She is half-woman, half-fish, and has the ability to change into either a complete woman or a fish. Now she will keep them away from the dangerous places." Sedna sank to the bottom of the sea and transformed into a goddess. The discovery of a new planet is always a challenge to integrate and assimilate into our consciousness, for its discovery means a hitherto unavailable part of our inner self is now suddenly thrust into the bright light of awareness demanding our attention. [2] The story of Sedna, which is a creation myth, describes how she came to rule over Adlivun, the Inuit underworld. The sea spirit locates the kayak with the two humans aboard and creates huge waves to kill them. (Rudhyar is always worth rereading.) That the Sphinx is now dated to be at least 10,000 years old is conveniently ignored by these narrow-minded mainstream individuals. (Ninth house people love this stuff. Sedna is a good example. The beginners level for Sedna, or for those buried in density, is victimization. Here’s why. None of the local suitors appealed to her, and she refused to marry until a fulmar (a type of bird) from across the sea promised to take her to his home of luxury. Category III:   The Great Year planets. The Great Year is defined by the precession of the equinoxes, and the precessed cycle is some 25,770 years long by current scientific calculations. But they still needed to hear about their role as caretaker of humanity, and yes the light lit up inside. Most are still in denial that there was any sort of human civilization or evolution going on more than 5,000 years ago. At that point, a light lit up inside them. The situation tormented them until they let go their attachment to the dysfunction, their victim identity, and found their immortal identity, their soul, within. This is significant, for the Great Year, the precession of the equinoxes, is on a cycle of approximately 25,770 years according to the calculations of modern mainstream science, although alternative science buffs claim different figures, some as low as 24,000 years.


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