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Deli Demir’s death towards the end of Season 2 is truly one of the worst, saddest deaths that occurs on the show. ( Log Out / 

I would add Aliyar. His final courageous act of seeking to avenge his daughter Aykiz’s death (no matter how pointless it may seem) is an appropriate end for this passionate, beloved character. Apparently the daughter of the castle’s landlord once dreamed about a young man who rescued her after she fell into a pit and she fell in love with the man. However, because of the number of times he fake died (in almost every single season) and the fact that the whole tribe mourned him and held a whole funeral for him, I thought it made sense to add him to my list.

Along with Akça Koca and Konur Alp (both of whom also have graves at the Ertugrul Gazi Turbesi), Abdurrrahman Gazi was ordered by Sultan Orhan Gazi to conquer the Castle of Aydos, which was said to be built in the 11th/12 century AD.

The Kayi Tribe (Kayı boyu/Kayi Obasi) is considered to be one of the 24 Oghuz Turkic Tribes that descend from the legendary and almost mythical figure Oghuz Khan/Oghuz Khagan. His burial place along with his family and various alps (including those of Osman) are in Sogut, in the Bilecik Province of modern Turkey, in a mausoleum (re)developed by Sultan Abdul Hamid II in the late nineteenth century. After the declaration of independence (from the Seljuks) and the formation of the new (Ottoman) state, Osman gave him the authority over a large region where he served as the Sanjak Bey of Eskişehir. Boran is wounded and makes Byzantine troopers following him lose his track. Grave of Savci Bey (Credit: Humza Sheikh). The name “Kayi” is said to be still present in the names of tribal structures of modern Turkic peoples with around a total of twenty-seven (27) villages today bearing the name “kayi” in Anatolia. The entrance to the tomb of Hayme Ana also suggests that a Gündüz Alp rather than Süleyman Şah was the father of Ertuğrul and his brothers. Gokce . The operation was carried out by nearly 600 soldiers to also evacuate the 38 guards - one soldier was killed in an accident during the military operation.

Even though she knew she was walking to her death, and apart from Aslihan being a young newly-wed bride at the cusp of a long, full life, the fact that she leaves behind her husband Turgut, a man who has endured tragedy after tragedy his entire life, makes it so much worse. Andalusian Sufi mystic Ibn Arabi is wise who possesses a spiritual appearance and presence.

Goktug inquires about his brother Konur and feel apologetic about what occurred. This though was not entirely similar to the situation surrounding Osman and their uncle, Dundar, as Osman felt that Gunduz respected his authority regardless of their differences. Knights get into the fort and Sofia welcomes them.

Patience is his most significant virtue, and his biggest weakness is to get influenced by the people he values. We do know he was buried in Sogut in 1280. After the death of Osman Gazi, he became Orhan Gazi's most trusted advisor and even despite his age, joined him during further conquests. Dede Korkut himself then appears in the story, giving Beyrek his name and later helping him to outwit Crazy Karchar. Selcan says her why Osman kept secret his scheme and goes to prepare for the commemorations. Compared to many of the other deaths, however, Suleyman Shah’s passing comes after the end of a long, accomplished life. This isn’t to rule it out but like with many others we just don’t know.

Osman Bey cannot stay stand anymore and falls unconscious.

he was such a strong character. Like most historical TV shows, Dirilis Ertugrul/Resurrection Ertugrul doesn’t claim to be historically accurate but rather based on historical events.

That was sad Hazal calls the man of Dundar and tells him to murder Aygul on her way to Kastamonu. Burcin and Bala Hatun try to serene Aygul.

So, those are my top 11 saddest, most memorable Ertugrul deaths ranked. Halime Hatun (Ottoman Turkish: حلیمه خاتون‎) was, according to some Ottoman folklore, the wife of Ertuğrul (13th century) and possibly the mother of Osman I. In regards to Selcan Hatun, she is also a character in the new series Kurulus: Osman. A fearsome axe-wielding warrior, Turgut is one of the most skilled alps of the Kayi tribe.

Everyone in the fort is joyful with the news of the demise of the Osman. In effect, though some of the stories about Bamsi Beyrek maybe quite far-fetched, it is believed that he was a real person. Here is my list of the 11 saddest, most memorable deaths from Dirilis: Ertugrul. Gokce is the wife of Tugtukin but has an unrequited love for Ertugrul. Turkey became a republic after the War of Liberation in 1923. His death was really saddening, you should add him in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. During this period, Syria was under French rule. However, all of the deaths demonstrate that, just as in real life, ready or not, everyone’s set time will come.

She is a woman with many tricks up her sleeves. His date of birth and where he was born is not clear and though he was said to have died in the year 1329 AD (during the reign of Sultan Orhan I), and with his actual grave being in Erzurum, there isn’t anything about how exactly he died and how old he would have been.


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