shadow king kingpin

As a side effect of its greed, hedonism and lack of self-control, the Shadow King's long-term telepathic hosts are often morbidly obese.

His nemesis is the X-Men's leader, Professor X, and he also figures into the backstory of the X-Man Storm. Beyonder | However, it is known that he knew Professor Charles Xavier, David's biological father, and had been connected to him since birth. Shadow King was once a slender crook. He ordered the slaves to hide underground because he was going to use Legion's power to destroy the surface of Muir Island. William Stryker | He was then tricked by Storm's son, and again imprisoned in the astral plane. Piledriver |

Graydon Creed | The Shadow King was sealed on the Astral Plane once more. The Fury | Sugarman | Shadow King appears in 552 issues.

Serpent Society | While he does not discriminate in who he clashes with in his never-ending power quest, the three most common foils to his plans are Spider-Man, Daredevil, and The Punisher.

In their battle to escape the Gladiators, Cannonball and Shadowcat recognized their obese antagonist as Karma (not realizing that she was controlled by the Shadow King). Calling down a lightning bolt that struck Farouk's host body through the heart, Storm allowed the Shadow King into her mind, where Bast, waiting to exact her revenge for his abuse of her people, ate his astral form.

Farouk easily overrid Cerebro's defenses and then noticed that Grey had lost her telepathic powers; without them, Jean was helpless. The remaining New Mutants and Storm fought their teammates in Cairo, where Karma took control of Storm and Mirage. As the room they are in transforms, they see three doors in front of them. Inside the sanctuary, he manages to possess residents, making them to kill themselves. The Shadow King tried to use his power to force Kitty and Kinross to fight each other but were saved by a young Logan.

An intelligent man, Fisk makes sure to never place himself in a situation in which the law can prove his responsibility for crimes, using middlemen and hired crooks to do his bidding. Leper Queen |

While Storm raced to save the Black Panther and the X-Men, she recognized a third option: to take down the one responsible for making her choose. Holocaust | Wendigo | Arcade | Nitro |

Brotherhood of Mutants | Storm was then deceived and made her believed that Africa was under a great fire.Ororo used her powers to its highest level for believing that she will destroy the fire not realizing that she is destroying Africa. Lady Deathstrike |

| Pryde surprised Farouk by calling him "Shadow King", enabling her to escape. Shortly before World War II, Amahl Farouk was believed to have worked with Baron Strucker on a plot to destabilize Britain's political structure, with the intention being Britain allying with Germany in coming war, or at the very least, staying neutral.

However, his weakened consciousness survived, and entered the mind of David, Charles' newborn son. Friends of Humanity | His mere presence is often enough to turn friends, teammates, etc.

Daken | Simon Trask |

During the 1930s, Farouk worked for Adolf Hitler's agents.


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