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Things look good, though Mike gets drunk and she ends up having sex on the kitchen counter of Mike's apartment while Mike is passed out. Next, in "It's Time to Kill the Turtle", Fiona works odd jobs and is surprised her father and Debbie come home from a sugar rush after Frank decided to get sober. Er finanziert seinen Lebensstil, indem er von Mike und seinen Eltern schmarotzt, aber rechtfertigt seine manipulativen Taten damit, dass er kein normales, langweiliges Leben leben könne mit einem Schreibtischjob wie sein Bruder. 10 Most Obvious Baby Bumps In Movies & TV, Shameless: Fiona's 10 Most Ridiculous Relationships, Ranked, Shameless: 10 Most Shameless Things Fiona Has Ever Done, 10 Shameless Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words, 10 Most Shameless Things Fiona Has Ever Done, Timeless: 10 Quotes We’ll Always Remember, The Haunting Of Bly Manor: Ranking Each Character Based On Likability, 10 Best TV Shows Where The Villain Is The Main Character, Sex And The City: 10 Saddest Things About Carrie, The Boys: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Mother's Milk, Leverage: 10 Hardison Quotes We’ll Always Remember, Netflix's #blackAF: The Main Actors & Who They Play In Real Life, In Pictures, Friends: Each Main Character’s Last Line In The Series, Cristina Yang's Slow Transformation Over The Years (In Pictures), New Girl Meets The Big Bang Theory: 5 Couples That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn't). Fiona is a true South Side girl: she's scrappy, resourceful, and not afraid to get into a fight. The struggle between wanting to take care of her family and strike out on her own leads to problems for Fiona in later seasons.

11:26. From Craig to Davis, let's rank the most out there couples.

She struggles to barely make ends meet by taking on odd jobs, and more than once we see her searching for spare change throughout the house. She attends a party thrown by Jasmine and find Jimmy is there and she is still self-conscious about her previous knowledge from Debbie. Later on, she puts Mel in her place by threatening her. She hides her more sensitive side underneath her tough, confident exterior; it's difficult for her to ask for help. Playing next.

Fiona takes Liam out with her and he is able to help her with marketing because of his knowledge in school as she takes his advice.

In Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father, she is surprised to meet her father's friend Kermit. Fiona decides to take out a loan and buy the laundromat. She learns that a church down the road from her building will soon be leased as a homeless shelter, and Fiona chooses to intervene. Steve begs Fiona to go with him. After the party, Debbie tells Fiona that Steve's real name is Jimmy.

After all, these two crazy kids only dated a week before getting married. And then Gus wrote a scathing song about how much he hated her. Fiona tells Jimmy that it's over - forever. They go back to her house and have sex on the kitchen floor. NEXT: 10 Most Shameless Things Fiona Has Ever Done. Fiona Gallagher, Samantha "Sammi" Slott (Paternal half-sister), Ian Gallagher (Maternal half-brother/ paternal cousin). That night, she goes out with her coworkers and Lip while learning of Tinder. Fiona curses her mother for leaving her as a child and making her pick up her slack in raising the family. She, Lip, and Debbie take Carl to the hospital to get his arm treated while also telling Frank that Liam is his son after all and orders him not to sign his rights of the children to Monica. He understood both sides of her. When Robbie arrives at the Gallagher Household to sincerely apologize to Fiona, who is outraged to see him and slams the door in his face. In one of her various, short-lived single periods, Fiona ran into Craig and they decided to meet for a date. Robbie Pratt ist Mikes Bruder, mit dem Fiona eine Affäre anfängt, während sie Mike datet. In the season finale, "Lazarus," a judge sends Fiona to a women's correctional facility for 90 days; she's released only a few days later when she passes her drug test. 5'8 In God Bless Her Rotting Soul, while fixing up her apartment building, she goes to the hardware store where her father works and it is here he requests to be called Francis or Dad. While it's not too crazy to hook up with a guy you meet at a club, there was a washing machine and a few other signs that made it a little ridiculous. Fiona also forgives her father and lets him take care of the senile owner Etta by letting him stay with her in the apartment above the laundromat.

She told another passenger it was her first time flying too and sat down as she prepared for her new path. She leaves her family house but gives her family a large amount of money to support themselves.

Portrayed by

Mike Pratt is a former main character introduced in Season 3. When Fiona tells Frank he can't walk her down the aisle, he ruins the wedding and tells Fiona that he saw Sean doing drugs (even though he is a recovering drug addict).

Fiona kept holding on hope, though, because she liked him so much in high school. She soon lashes out at Monica for trying to make a family with Bob after leaving her old one behind. 1-9 At the end of the season, Steve has to leave the country after he is threatened by Tony, who has figured out that Steve is a con man. Fiona also officially gets a divorce from Gus, which gives Sean the opportunity to propose. Afterwards, she puts pressure on her siblings by telling them each of them (except Liam) will have to earn their keep and that she will not bail them out of a crisis and they will depend on each other.

Her friends and family believe buying the place was a mistake, and that she will not be able to make a profit, but she is determined to make it work.

He taunts Fiona by pointing out that she is also an addict, someone who craves chaos and can't stand an average, nice guy like Mike.

He was just happy to treat her like a groupie. Ford's intelligence often leads Fiona to question him and she gets no answer. 29 The social worker gets up to use the bathroom, hinting that Fiona can listen to the audio file of the man who called CPS; she is quietly enraged to discover it was Frank. Fiona also tends to her injured father and learns from him that her old apartment building was destroyed. She tells Gus about sleeping with her ex, which of course blows up in her face. Very soon, she discovers Peggy's activities in the basement and is worried when Carl is nearly caught in a meth lab explosion. Although Steve constantly helps Fiona with the kids and her problems, she worries he's "distracting" her from her responsibilities; she can't stand it when he buys her expensive things or gives her money. UK/USCounterpart Fiona's lawyer encourages her to plead guilty, which makes her a felon but rewards her with probation. The news of another sibling surprises Fiona and she is left in shock as her father glares at her for not helping him. Fiona fights for custody of her siblings in "A Long Way From Home." Ford begs for help to get down and Fiona shoots a paint gun at his rear end and takes amusement from the act, thanking her family for giving her the chance. Fiona, like her siblings, struggles with unstable self-esteem. RELATED: Shameless: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (And 5 That Make No Sense). She watches Carl and Debbie go out for unknown reasons before she is annoyed by her father's whining and exasperated that he will heal in three to six months. In the pilot, Fiona is the care taker of the Gallagher family, taking over for her absent mother, Monica Gallagher, and her narcissistic, alcoholic father, Frank. The best thing she could do for herself — and the men in her life — is to be single for an extended period of time. After her break-up with Ford, she fell into a drunk slump and constantly drank or lazed around the house. The owner of Patsy's gives Fiona full responsibility, which leads Fiona to hire the flaky wait staff that Sean hired.

Afterwards, she returns home with her family and watches her father dance around while remarking to Ian that he truly loved Monica and noted that she probably didn't want to believe it. She is surprised to learn this and leaves an angry voicemail while calling him by his name. Partner Very soon in Los Diablos, this led to concern from her siblings who took over for her in running the house as Fiona was no longer capable.

While outside, Fiona offers Rodney 4,000 dollars cash to leave and never come back. She tells Bill that she wanted to cremate Monica but he decides to pay for the funeral services and bury her.

She thanks and congratulates Frank on his first step of change by calling him Francis, as he requested and he takes it with a smile.

She tries to patch things up with Gus, but her poor decisions over the course of their brief marriage cause his bandmate to tell her it's best to leave Gus because he's too nice for her. Report. Frank Gallagher (father) Monica Gallagher (mother) ✝Samantha "Sammi" Slott (Paternal half-sister)Phillip "Lip" Gallagher (brother)Ian Gallagher (Maternal half-brother/ paternal cousin)Deborah "Debbie" Gallagher (sister)Carl Gallagher (brother)Liam Gallagher (brother)Patrick Gallagher (cousin)Frances Harriet Gallagher (niece)Chuckie Slott (half-nephew)Unnamed nieces and nephews (via Carl)Freddie Gallagher (Nephew)Clayton Gallagher (uncle)Jerry Gallagher (paternal uncle)Wyatt Gallagher (paternal uncle)Peggy Gallagher (paternal grandmother) ✝Ginger Gallagher (paternal great-aunt)✝Bill Darrgen (maternal grandfather) Fiona and Steve fell fast and hard in love, which made up for the initial craziness. She's short-tempered due to stress, often so tired and overworked that she neglects to brush her hair or get adequate sleep. Fiona then has to get a mortgage from the bank to bid on the house at an auction. This forces Debbie to go to her apartment and find the bruised Fiona who informs her of her situation with Ford and her debts. During We Few, We Lucky Few, We Band of Gallaghers!, it has been six months since she left and Fiona calls her family to check in but nobody answers the phone. She is Frank's second daughter, due to him having a daughter before her. By Stephanie Marceau Dec 25, 2019. Fiona gets a promotion at Patsy's Pies to Assistant Manager, after Sean pushes her to accept the job. Fiona takes a cashier job at the grocery store, even though the manager bothers her about how much she likes "deli meats" -- i.e., propositioning her to blow him. As the season wraps up, Fiona continues to leave messages for Jimmy. Sean decides to make it official and move in with Fiona. She loses her bid to another family, so the Gallaghers move everything out of the house and disperse. Fiona finds her father and tells him about this. Fiona later enrolls her brother into public school. Lip asks about this and Fiona tells him that she has to branch out now that everyone is grown up. Fiona receives an offer to sell the laundromat and ultimately Fiona accepts, making a 100% profit after much negotiation.

They decide to have a wedding, white dress and all, which Frank insists on paying for. Fiona took one last look at the house and set out by taking a train to the airport. After she decides to help, Liam and Frank (who had experienced guilt) arrive and he also volunteers to help and she has him use his job to get tools for them. Emmy Rossum Since she was 16 years old and her mother walked out, Fiona has taken care of her siblings and dysfunctional, alcoholic father, Frank. In "May I Trim Your Hedges?" She visits Ian in prison and she tells him of her plans to leave and begin anew, something he supports. Even though Frank ruined her wedding and she kicked him out, Fiona revealed to Veronica that she appreciated his acts since he saved her from a potential failed marriage and slowly forgave her father. When Carl is almost taken away until Steve shows up and poses as Fiona's husband, ensuring the principal that Carl is in good hands.


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