should i go away for college or stay home quiz
You might have friends who are also staying local, meaning that your social circle can remain intact. People have been wondering whether they should be in their relationship even since relationships became a thing . If you are organised about when you want to travel and book in advance then you can travel by train or National Express quite cheaply, especially if you buy a 16-25 railcard or a Young Persons Coachcard, which both give you 1/3 off tickets. Every student is unique and no one university experience fits all, so I’m afraid I can’t just tell you the answer. “Location, Location, Location.” That’s a common mantra for home buyers and business owners alike, but it is also one of the most important factors in choosing the right college for you. A home-cooked meal and a free laundry room are only a drive away. We’ll outline some of the common pros and cons of each decision to help frame your thinking as you make this important choice about your future. You are no longer with the same group of people since kindergarten. Should You Stay Home or Go Away to College? The opportunity to experience a different setting or more diverse surroundings for a finite period of time does not surface often in life. Also, you won’t want to haul or ship all of your belongings to another state at the end of the school year, so you will probably end up renting a storage facility to house your stuff. The No.

Hehe! While there are obviously plenty of benefits to staying near home for college or university, there are some downsides as well.

Over your four years in college in a different, more diverse region, you can work at internships and part-time jobs in your chosen field, find a mentor to help you transition into the working world and form friendships with those who will also settle in your new hometown. There are benefits to moving into university accommodation, such as living with your peers or being close to your lectures  and seminars, but it isn’t for everyone. You will take on adult responsibilities and experience what may be your first real-world independence.

On the other hand, some students feel more comfortable going to university with a pre-existing network of friends to rely upon and see throughout the semester. Think a plane ticket instead of a tank of gas. The highest rated public school is the University of California, Berkeley. Drawbacks of Going to College Close to Home. You will also have to accept that you’ll be missing out on milestones at home. You’re choosing a career path that will set the course of your life for years to come, trying out new social and cultural experiences, and working to earn top grades.

Therefore, if you are someone who would prefer to have a more accessible support system then it may be best to look at universities that are a little closer to home. While this is comforting to some, to others it might seem a bit suffocating. Here are a few factors to help you decide how far away you might want to move: A common misconception is that you have to move far away to gain your independence – that’s not true. This can help you feel more confident in your first few weeks, and you can even invite new friends to places that you know! There are cons to choosing to move far away for four years. Of course, attending college far away is not without its disadvantages. That is a pretty big financial responsibility to be burdened with before you even apply for a job. Perfect for those who need to balance work and school. That is the experience almost every student who decides to go away for college has when they leave for school — be it a few states away or across the country. And some students know that going far away will be initially difficult, but they will be be able to adjust over time, if the school is the right fit.

Students can attend a school of their choosing without ever leaving home, thanks to digital course offerings. You will need to pay for travel to and from your college each time you go, and for some students this means that going home for the holidays is not in the budget. 10 Considerations For Making Your College List.

What is Vanderbilt’s Acceptance Rate and Admissions Requirements?

The long-term benefit of higher education lies in finishing your coursework, not in attending an Ivy League school. For many people, part of the fun of college is meeting new people and dating. Sign up for your free CollegeVine account today to get started!

Many students want the chance to reinvent themselves after high school, and when you go to college far away, you can create your new life from scratch. While this will probably go away as you get to know your new hometown, the unfamiliarity of a new place can make the transition to college life difficult. By submitting this form, I agree that Vista College may use this information to contact me by methods I provided and consented, including phone (both mobile or home, dialed manually or automatically), social media, email, mail and text message. You may have the option of visiting anytime you need a break from campus. and will also mean that traveling home for appointments, such as at the dentist, isn’t feasible.

The financial benefits of saving the room-and-board fees and the personal benefits of letting Mom and Dad do your laundry are obvious, but what about having a curfew at age 21? If you stick close to home, you’ll likely have lots of support from your family and even friends while you tackle the next chapter of your life.

Another benefit to moving away is the ability to define who you are on your own terms. What Does It Mean to ‘Fit’ With A College. You will still have your independence, but also find it easier to connect with family and friends. Beyond that, think about dating! from Lesley University. Another benefit to going away to college is putting down roots in a new city. Either way, I completely agree with the fact that moving away for college is the best way to go.

What if you’ve decided you want to go into a health care field, but there is no school nearby with that focus? Simply put, online education can provide the balance you are looking for. Now that we’ve talked about the pros and cons of going away for college, let’s talk about staying near home. Some families might even offer to help with travel costs or logistics. Surveys show that the average college student graduates with around $30,000 in student loan debt. Some students know right away that staying close to home is not a top priority, while others recognize that they will have difficulty relocating any significant distance. You’ll also need to consider the shipping costs to send your belongings to your new college. Some can easily fall into old habits, like allowing mom and dad to take care of all the cooking, cleaning and bill paying. Finally, if there is an emergency and you are attending a college that is far from home, it will take longer to be reunited with your family. To learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of going to college close to home or going to college far away, keep reading. How to prepare for an Oxbridge interview? When you choose to stay at home, you’re not changing your surroundings either. Even with financial aid, scholarships and grants, room and board will be a necessity for all four years (either on campus or off) and travel to and from home will be more expensive. Other students might prefer a school close to the ocean or one known for its engineering program.

And it’s not all about being on one’s own. If you have to travel home unexpectedly, the costs may be exorbitant. While this adjustment period is normal, it sometimes takes longer than others and you’ll have to decide if you’re willing to put up with it for however long it lasts. For example, some students know they want to attend a small college in a big city. It may take you a while to adjust to your new life or you might not find a new group of friends right away.

There are many benefits that come to mind immediately when you think about staying close to home as you begin your college career.

If you can’t ship them, there will be things you’ll need to buy when you arrive.


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