sonic vs flash
Wiz: It's ridiculous, it's absurd, it's unexplainable!

He has since gone faster without aid. Other instances last a shorter amount of time.

(Boomstick glows and vanishes in a flash with a flickering scream, soon reappearing a second later, with a white aura, glowing eyes, and partially transparent). As in, he's a variable that cannot be accounted for, a wrench in the cogs of reality. The DC multiverse is far larger, and it is unlikely Sonic can perfectly recreate the SGW as in "Worlds Unite".

But that's not all.

Stream Sonic vs. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Even with their speeds being incalculable, this meant Wally could ensure he was faster. The Flash. Wiz: Speed. Sonic vs. One punch from Wally is, like, forty million of those.

But for Wally, his own coincidence is unparalleled.

The hedgehog's confidence bounces back. Boomstick: But Sonic's super forms were a different story. The track for this fight is "Way Past Flash" by Brandon Yates. Popup: As in the battle, Wally could time travel to the exact moment Sonic's super form time limit ends.

I ain't gotta explain shit" meme could be seen censored out, with symbols replacing the "shit" at the end. Life's not the same without his oval-shaped enemy to beat up on, so they're back at it every chance they get. Boomstick: So, it wasn't too hard for him to just wait out the super forms and strike at the first good opportunity.

But across a greater percentage of possible scenarios, Wally just happens to be the exception. Sonic: Nice try! Always poppin' up where you least expect 'em. Boomstick: You know you're a badass when the most powerful chaos wizard out there decides the only way to beat you is to just wait until you die of old age. Wiz: Many, many years from now, Earth will be no more. Wiz: Well, this matchup was incredibly complex. Wiz: Don't worry, it was never great, I took it from a refrigerator.

Wiz: Sonic, in his base form, really didn't stand a chance against Wally. Ultra Sonic is caught off-guard as the Flash tackles him, drawing into the Speed Force itself. Boomstick: Look at this!

But something else happens; Super Sonic absorbs it and taps more into the Chaos Force.

Wiz: Incredible! So don't get mad. Boomstick: Yeah, there's a bunch of wizards runnin' around Archie Sonic-land, like this Mammoth Mogul guy.

The ultimate showdown between Sonic and The Flash. Boomstick: Forget runnin', this guy looks at reality and spits in its face before givin' it a swirlie. Wally West was voiced by Joshua Waters and Archie Sonic was voiced by Nicholas Andrew Louie.

And Wally's family became sort of a cosmic lightning rod, rooting him to reality when he time travels. And I wish you gone!

But as fist meets head, the highly invincible hedgehog powers through dragging the Flash around the single planetoid many times.

No sooner Sonic gets to his feet, he notices something hovering above him. Even from those who are not linked to the Speed Force, like Superman. You might say, a pro-tee-gee. He was so fast, reality does not have any means to calculate or even comprehend his speed.

Wiz: Beings far beyond any physical dimension and immune to ordinary physics. Ultra Sonic is left by himself, confused as to where the costumed human went.

Popup: Despite being a "Roboticized Master" at the time, it is directly stated that Sonic's speed alone could resist time manipulation.

The connections between Wally West and Archie Sonic are that they both are speedsters that originate from comic books, they have the same name and exceed the speed of the iconic speedsters (The Flash and Sonic (their namesakes), respectively), as well as breaking the laws of time and space itself, are connected to a mysterious extra-dimensional force (the Speed Force and the Chaos Force, respectively), and are regarded as two of the most powerful speedsters in fiction.

Wiz: The year was 1985, and the multiverse was in crisis.

Until Sonic finds himself eye to eye with the Scarlet Speedster who proceeds to pummel him with lightspeed punches, but halfway through the barrage, he blocks and breaks off, landing on a road on the other side of the Cosmic Interstate. A dimension of infinite kinetic energy, which all Flashes draw their power from. Wiz: Well, that's exactly what I decided to find out when I laced your beer with cosmic kinetic energy.

Boomstick: Like a frickin' genie!

Boomstick: And Sonic from Archie Comics, the most supersonic Sonic of all the Sonics. Impressive, but the Infinite Mass Punch could still deliver over two quadrillion times more power. Boomstick: So, yeah, comic book Sonic is a little different from the video games.

He must maintain vibrations at all times while time travelling, and can do at length without issue. I would say this kid was super lucky, but... he did get struck by lightning.

Infinite earths were on the brink of total annihilation.

In the Archie continuity, Wily's robots cannot resist Flash Man's Time Stopper. The ascent halts when he suddenly vanishes in a blinding flash.

Sonic: Ooh, I'd like to hang, but I've gotta juice! Popup: For the reboot, writer Ian Flynn says the Chaos Force was dropped as a concept, implying the Super Genesis Wave may have erased it.

With a spinning throw, Wally hurls the Mobian through several planetoids. It's finally here! However, considering he's been knocked out by far less, black holes are already imploding stars, and it seems some snow also inexplicably survived the trip, it's probably more likely the black hole acted as a sort of wormhole in its last moments, and sent Sonic directly there.

Sonic knocks him again with more force.

Wally rushes past him and snatches his chili dog with Sonic feeling anger as Wally scarfs the Blue Blur's snack.

You need to enable JavaScript to use SoundCloud. Wally: What's the matter?

Aaahhh!~. It also features a remix of the Green Hill Zone theme from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, "Live and Learn" from Sonic Adventure 2, the Justice League Unlimited intro, and "Fastest Thing Alive" from the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series.

LoboGuara5bruxaria/My Favorites Death Battles, Infinite earths were on the brink of total annihilation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, it became the #1 trending video on the site in less than a day, Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long, Sonic boosts in front of Wally and the two start racing in the Cosmic Interstate. Popup: While Wally did need to steal speed for this, he also refused to fully tap into the Speed Force. Popup: Through use of Power Rings, essentially accessible containers of chaos magic, has restored speed previously removed from him, much to Silver's chagrin. These techniques are rooted in scientific theory and often require a mathematical mindset.

Popup: By becoming unmoored, Wally was so fast he could think multiple thoughts at once, and throw 100,000 punches as one.

A Super Emerald? While leading his Care Bear Viet-Cong in the fight against obesity and male pattern baldness, Sonic became a super skilled fighter.

Boomstick: Turning air to water, moving rocks around, opening portals across space-time, that kinda stuff.


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