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For specific milestones in Spinone Italiano development, refer to the following chart: Though Spinoni are energetic hunting dogs, their exercise needs are not as extensive as other breeds in the Sporting Group (of which Spinoni are AKC members). And finally: these dogs form deep bonds with their owners (particularly withe the family members who train them), and will respond much better to activities in which those people also participate. With consistent training using positive reinforcement techniques, Spinoni learn quickly. Mask measures 7" wide by 4" tall (with pleats collapsed), excluding ear loops. The Spinone is an adequate watchdog, but not a guard dog. And these dogs aren't known to drool much--though they often collect lots of water in their facial furnishings when they drink it. Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. Alone Time Bored dogs may become destructive, but with enough mental and physical stimulation, the Italian Spinone may be able to stay alone for five to eight hours per day. A few exercise ideas: When indoors, it's a good idea to give your Spinone access to one or more balls or chew-toys that will allow the dog to burn excess energy.

Evidence of the breed dates to around 300 B.C., with the mention of pointers with rough coats in Roman history. The dogs’ numbers declined greatly during World War II, and a rescue movement was soon created, resulting in the formation of a breed club, La Famiglia dello Spinone, in the 1950s. They are fantastic swimmers, will retrieve on land or water, and have a keen nose for tracking. The wiry coat of the Spinone doesn't require excessive grooming—occasional brushing, hand-stripping as necessary, and bathing bi-weekly to monthly will keep this breed's coat and skin in top condition. They can be couch potatoes and often enjoy stretching out on the furniture for a good nap. Regular trimming is not necessary—and because it may alter the texture of the coat, it is not recommended. Though the origin of the breed is unknown, one popular theory holds that the breed was developed from ancient Celtic wirehaired dogs. Spinoni who test 'clear' may be bred, and carriers may also be bred—but only with dogs who have tested clear. Muscular and powerful in appearance, the Spinone Italiano looks the part of a hardworking gundog. This is an active, enthusiastic dog that needs an owner capable of matching his intelligence and activity level. The dog needs only occasional brushing and stripping of the coat. If you aren't happy with a product or service, we want to know about it.


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