steampunk city map generator
:), This is absolutely stunning, and I fully approve of this fun and fresh steampunk island plus the elaborate description of everything about it that you provided to us.

Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. I builded my own world, but i don't like it very much. ^~^ It's fun. :3, Hell yeah! This map was created as an environment to support a MMORPG server called Heroes of Galderon (what will happen to HOG is still a mystery). I cannot imagine how you got so good at this. share. So this so super neat and pretty for me, personally. Maybe in the future I'll use its code as a basis for some game or maybe not. This has been enough to keep the isle safe from invasions as of yet. :D I appreciate it. To get started, this Medieval Fantasy City Map Generator ( does not simply generate a static image. hide. What gives Conderial it's extra bit of character (to me, at least) is how crammed together it all is. You can randomly generate a city map, then even edit it and tweak to suit you. I'm glad you like it!

Join us! I love pink & purple and steampunk a lot.

Beautiful! All creations copyright of the creators. After the initial map is created, then you’ve got a bunch of creative freedom to edit! Explore. Thanks man, will have another project coming eventually, thats even more tasty than this one ! I can only wonder how do you do this????!!! And if you reload the browser window housing your City Map from the first app, then the Toy Town one changes too. All rights reserved. Ah, that's quite fair. Replace it first. ^~^ :D. Thank you, King Doge. When you imagine a city, you'd normally see it sprawling out a bit more. :) I made three little pieces and organised them around and had sponge beneath them to be ready to do "//gmask air,35,32,185,95" and "//replace
I appreciate that. The city has known many an invader in its time, and while it has managed to repel every single one through some mix of skillful soldiers, height advantages, technological prowess and the valuable energy they've managed to generate, and sprinkles of sheer dumb luck, they still have others attempt invasions due to the aforementioned energy. :) And I'll keep building, yes. Travel. You can see the side by side in the featured image of this post which is the flat city map beside the 3D rendered version of the same town! I may be a bit crazy, perhaps, yes, but if so then I welcome it. Saved by Carrie Frost. :) Glad to know you also read the story, and even moreso that you liked it. It's very.....compact. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Support This Generator. Notux, I was wondering if I could use this build for an adventure map. I have no idea how you can support more but the support you've given is already a. I'm not entirely sure overall, but when I started on the terrain back in April that part was slow and took around 20~30 hours, but the rest of it - structures, blimps, balloons, tracks, finishing the terrain, water and waterfalls and gears and so on -, took around 20 hours, so probably about 40-50 total? I wish I could have been a part of the building process. This is one of the most amazing city generators I’ve ever seen. Saw a picture back during the Athion stream. Jz401 for creating the map with worldpainter.

Amazing Overhead & 3D Fantasy City Map Generators! :D, Tfw getting over Galderon takes longer than getting over an ex. and amazing build btw! © 2010 - 2020 The project was created over 2 weeks of time, requested by Ogedi, and in collaboration with Jz401. The only downside of the 3D Map Visualizer “Toy Town” is there seems to be no way to save. ti sposerei solo per farmi insegnare da te o almeno fare una sorta di builder team insieme xd, HoW dO i sUpPOrt MoRE??? Thank you! this is amazing! Then, you can even see a 3D Rendering of your City! Surely one I envision exists? I thing this is the best map I've founded, so; can I use it to make my adventure map? Ville Steampunk Steampunk City Steampunk Weapons … me if i can't support more: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻, XD Thank you, TropicalTuNA., WordPress Calendar for Campaign Event Tracking, 459 Historic Professions/Jobs/Trades for Fantasy RPG Settings, Relentless the next Drizzt Book by R.A. Salvatore to Release July 2020, Weapons & Armor Special Materials & Magical Properties, Funny Meme for Ptolus : City by the Spire, Settlers of Catan Simple Version for Kids, 104 Great Old School Words (and Insults!) :) <3, :) Thank you for the approval, Kord! What program did you use to make the first three pictures? :) It's nice to know the lore (and minutely more technical thoughts too) is welcomed. I- xD Is that a compliment? 227. :) I mean- a few months ago (May) the terrain base took pretty long as I was way less efficient back then, but I finished off the terrain and added the structures and blimps and gears and railways in somewhat under 5 days recently, so it may be easier to imagine. The project was created over 2 weeks of time, requested by Ogedi, and in collaboration with Jz401. I'd appreciate the sharing of the knowledge. Overall the build basically took around 5 days now, but the terrain back then took like 5 days by itself even though I hadn't finished. The shaders with that purple glow really make it look like it runs on magic too. The things that produce a map don't really give me what I'm looking for. Resources for D&D, Pathfinder, d20 & More. This is a simple generator intended to help a GameMaster quickly generate steampunk-themed names in an urban area for a previously unnamed street, whether this is in advance when designing a town or city, or on the fly, should the players suddenly need to know a street name. Good story to go along with it. I want to live in that city in real live ;-; Beautiful Architecture Possibly more detailed that Fallout Towns. ^~^ Here it is, and here's the lore I thought about when making it and, well, some of the thought process in making it too.

If Random is On the following options are removedCitadel/Castle: Yes/NoPlaza: Yes/NoTemple: Yes/NoWalls: Yes/NoShanty town: Yes/NoRiver: Yes/NoCoast/Ocean: Yes/No. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! The wheeled castle wall just tops it off :). xD The hardest part for me, I think, would've been the first structure I built for it, because I had to start off without any particular plan or idea about how I wanted to tackle steampunk so it was going to set the theme for my entire build from then on.


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