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It’s unclear how long before he held a photoshoot with her. No these people right here are the most f***ed up.” Yes, then at this point viewers released she was under influence of some substance. Wetherbee is not talking. His pictures are artistic, yet capture the true beauty of his subjects. Many of Johnson's fans are talking about how weird it is that a producer and photographer with a history of working with young girls is now apparently dating one of his clients. According to his profile in Discogs, Steven Wetherbee is an engineer and producer of music and photography with the Golden Truck Studio in California. Camila Mendes Posts Flirty Pic With Another, Tana Mongeau & Jake Paul Say “It’s Okay To Get Divorced” After Announcing They’re “Taking A Break”, Scooter Braun Defends Making Pedophile Joke About Justin Bieber, Natalie Portman’s Female Directors Cape Fuels Debate Since She’s Worked With Few Women Directors In 25-Year Career, Scandal Erupts Over Ariana Grande’s 2020 GRAMMY Performance Despite Abuse Allegations. So, 2020 doesn’t exist for me” and she said I hope everyone enjoys their lives. YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson freaked out her fans when she posted a livestream where she appeared to be under the influence and was making out with a man thought to be her decades-older producer Steven Wetherbee.

In the feed, she was in a dark room, talking to the camera and she appeared to be under the influence of something. Well, it used to be. Read on for all the weird details. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. In the video, it shows that she was highly intoxicated and seen kissing Steven Wetherbee. Johnson has been back on Instagram, though she isn't spilling any details about what's going on with her and Wetherbee. The age difference and history together raise a lot of questions but fans aren't getting a lot of answers. Last week, Lia Marie Johnson posted a worrying livestream on Instagram. RELATED: YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson Alarms Fans With Very Disturbing Instagram Live Of Her Kissing Older Man.

Lia Marie Johnson went live on Instagram earlier today while she was in the studio with her producer and it was shown that they were making out and she was possibly being groped while she was intoxicated and possibly high. In her stories, she shared that she isn't ready to talk about the situation but she announced that she is canceling a music performance that was scheduled for January 11th.

© Steven Wetherbee Photography Johnson replied, “No,” but the man persists with his questioning. Created 19-Oct-10. This Website provides you with the latest information and Knowledge on Hollywood and News. More recently, Lia Marie Jonhson credits him as the producer on her 2019 single "Moonflower". If we look at his Testimonials page there are about 7 comments from his students and the last message was on February 22, 2011, by the user Tina Randolph Bernard, she wrote. ). On January Lia Marie Johnson posted a disturbing Livestream video to her 1.3 million followers on Instagram.


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