surface connect port pinout
The Surface Connect port is the only one on the market that combines high bandwidth data, power delivery, video, etc. The same wait until all four power connectors are seated before applying the full current from the power supply to the computer; occurs when connecting the power supply connector to the computer. That only provides power. I cannot find anything about the PCIe part of the dock connector online.

The pin out are duplicated on each sides. Does anyone know the pinout for the charger (the end part that mates with the computer)?

That's not to say I doubt /u/id000001's advice.

Does it charge at all? Inconclusive. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, SL1 i5/8GB/256GB / SP3 i3/4GB/500GB (upgraded storage). And no. And based on some posts I've seen elsewhere, I think the outermost (closest to the edge) contacts are +12V DC, the inner most ones are ground, and the middle one is .... something else... possibly a charge sensing thing. I dunno), even for a near-dead battery).

Thin blue wire connected to the centre pin shuts off the power when connected to +12v.Opening the connecter revels what the yellow wire connects to.The yellow wire connects through a resistor to an led and then to GND.

Or is that only required if I care about the LED indicator light working? This information definitely came in handy when repairing a relative's Surface charger where only the red wire was still connected.

While a diode connects between GND and the yellow wire.When the yellow wire is connected the blue wire turns to +5v.I can't work out how the surface connects the yellow wire to +12v.Even though I haven't figured out fully how t works hopefully someone will found this useful. There won't be any people in or out until then either, so he can't even ask someone to hand-carry one here.

I'm trying to repair the charger cable for a friend's surface pro 3.

If you know the answers to any of those questions, I'd very much appreciate any input. I'm really hoping I only have to deliver +12 V and ground to two or four of the contacts... the little circuit board that's inside the connector is pretty heavily damaged; I doubt it's repairable, though I could conceivably make a breadboard version. Got that concept? the center pin is used to energize the four power contacts with full current capability. The larger the water hose diameter, the more current available.Voltage can be measured with a volt meter and current with a current meter. I think each of the 4 groups of three contacts are probably all repeats of each other (they have to be at least repeated twice, since the charger is reversible).


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