tekken 7 hwoarang move list ps4
24 RFS B+4 S!

If there is one thing players can agree about Hwoarang, it’s that he is not for the faint of heart, literally. Having the same exact purpose of creating space from your opponent in a sense resetting neutral. This is a character whose feature is the confusion of opponents. l  B+1 Hwoarang inherits his master’s evasive move and is a huge boost defensively. It has been mainly used to run out time, and bait opponents. Right Foot Forward serves as the middle ground for Hwoarang’s pressure and neutral game. Since Tekken 7 is a 1v1 game and not a 2v2 game it would seem that giving a Natural Combo Low-High string was too much that they decided to nerf the move as a whole. l  UB+4 The third get off me option Hwoarang has to evade pressure, it is safe on block with decent recovery on whiff. You will at least punish them with 70+ combo damage at the minimum. This when you launch your opponent to the wall with DF+2 or RFS B+3 that is the general distance to take note of. It transitions Hwoarang to Right Foot Forward and leaves him at a +5 frame advantage. But to do this, the player who chose Hwoarang needs not to get confused … DF+1 is the shorter version and is -1 on block! B+3 F+2 RFF34 RFS B+4 S! LFS 3+4 RFS/RFF244 RFF F+3 LFS F+3 LFS 3F+4 S! l  CD+3 This move has transformed for being a Counter Hit Launcher to a Wall Bounce in Season 2. l  BT LFF 4 is a plasma blade that launches on hit and is only -13 on block and leaves Hwoarang in Right Foot Forward. l  Flamingo Jab (LFS+1) is the most deceiving and deadliest option as it is +5 on block and starts up at 13 frames but will essentially start up at 10 frames or less if a string  was used to transition to Left Flamingo Stance. It puts the opponent’s head facing upward and right at your feet for great okizeme.

#2392 CD+3 B! In open it can start up  dangerous mix ups but you should choose your moves wisely based on the data you had gathered from your opponent as they can backdash out of the pressure. It is the offensive starter to most of Hwoarang’s mix ups and something that allows him to enforce his will upon opponents. U3+4 B+3 = 63 DMG (Easy), 2.) Retrieved from https://drunkardshade.com/2017/05/27/tekken-7-top-15-moves-for-all-characters/, Z. These two low kicks are important in setting up Hwoarang’s offense. Bait your friend with endless juggle that discourage your opponent. I will list five combos with the same launcher/break move for you to get a feel of what to do as you research more about this combo situation.

l  RFS D+3 is the snake edge in Right Flamingo Stance; similar to LFS D+4 it high crushes and is a reminder to players not to contest Right Flamingo Stance with highs. –      UB+3,3 (Mid-High, +3 on Block, Tailspins on hit, Transition to Left Flamingo Stance, –      LFF/LFS UF+3,4 (Mid-High, -8 on Block, Slow), –      LFF U+3 (High, +3 on Block, Transitions to Left Flamingo Stance), –      LFF U3+4 (Mid, -7 on Block, Can be floated out off), –      RFF 3~4 [Backlash] (High, +4 on Block, Powercrush, Homing, Punishable by experienced, players, Transitions Hwoarang to Left Foot Forward), –      JFSR (Mid, -10 on Block, Just Frame, Punishable by Gigas, Jack, Marduk, Nina, & Brayn, in open,  Punishable to the rest of the cast by the wall), –      LFS UF+4 (Mid, -14 on Block, Transitions Hwoarang to Left Foot Forward), –      LFS 3,3 (Mid-Mid, -14 on Block, Only with Rage D3+4,4 at Forgotten Realm, Only with, Rage D3+4 near walls, Transitions Hwoarang to Left Foot Forward), –      RFS B+3 (Mid, -10 on Block, Transitions Hwoarang to Left Foot Forward), –      LFF D+4 (Low, -28 on Block, Slow but High Crushes, Transitions Hwoarang to Left Foot, –      RFF D+3 (Low, -28 on Block, Slow but High Crushes, Transitions Hwoarang to Left Foot, –      RFF DF+3 (Mid, -11 on Block, Only at the wall at a specific angle, Transitions Hwoarang, –      RFF F+[4,4] (Mid, -13 on Block, Keeps Hwoarang in Right Foot Forward), –      BT LFF 4 (Mid, -13 on Block, Transitions Hwoarang to Right Foot Forward), –      BT RFF 3 (Mid, -13 on Block, Transitions Hwoarang to Left Foot Forward), –      LFF B+4 (High, -9 on Block, Moves slightly to his right, Transitions to Right Foot, –             LFF D+4,4 (Low-High, -8 on Block, Duckable on reaction), –      LFF B+1 (Mid, -13 on Block, Only at the wall at a specific angle), –      SS3,3 (Mid-High, +3 on Block, Duckable on reaction, Transitions Hwoarang to Left, – LFS F+3 (Mid, +3 on Block, Keeps Hwoarang in Left Flamingo Stance), –      LFS B+4 (Mid, -8 on Block, Transitions Hwoarang to Right Foot Forward). 69 damages, u/f 4 , 4 , f 1+2 , d/f 4 3 , f 1 , f f 1 , f f f 2+4, Requires #SEASON PASS 3 UPDATE Too quickly or too late, and it will not work after the neutral…” – Hibineko, 2018 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28O0mw9UCTI), VIII.

More often than not you’ll press a button and these three moves will come out. Think of it as a keep out move that reminds opponents not to attack Hwoarang as you stance cancel around the stage. Don’t forget his rage capabilities most especially the D3+4,4 buff for juicy combo damage. Side note this Rage Art has been nerfed in Season 2 removing the free B+3 hit in open a small price to pay for the D+3,4 buff. Boasting a humongous 100+ movelist, numerous stances, lack of reliable defensive tools, having matchups only ranging from even to bad, and a steep learning curve.

Remain safe by not pressing a button, sidestepping, or making use of a move with lesser risk like RFF B+2 to simply check your opponent. UF+343 F! l  LFS D+3,4 slightly different from LFF D+3,4 as the first hit of this string hits grounded opponents. This is one of the moves to go to when Hwoarang is in Right Foot Forward simply mix it up with RFF DF+4,F and your opponent will eventually stay blocking. You can go up to five cancels at max against those who respect flamingo pressure. 9 hits RFF F+3 LFS F+3 = 58 DMG (Medium). This simply means you’ll be hit out of Left Flamingo Stance but thanks to the power crush buff you can tank a few hits and still remain in mix up city.

This is more often than not Hwoarang’s go to punisher for moves that are -11 to -14. 15 hits RFF F+3 LFS B+3 = 75 DMG (Hard), 1.)

l  U+3 Hwoarang short hops to Left Flamingo Stance at +3 on Block. DF+2 make not hit at times so going for plus frames with 43 and remaining in Left Foot Forward always sounds like a good idea. (n.d.). 13 hits 4444 isn’t that useful a string not unless your combo involves breaking a wall with it. JFSR Backlash S! You might have gotten tired of seeing yet another generic tool in this list but it is what it is. Making this string a huge threat to the opponent and a powerful option to go to in Left Flamingo Stance. This move is rotated with F+2 and JFSR as a Sidestep mixup. l  12F3/4, 2F3/4 these are your important jab strings that keep space between you and your opponent. However this can be ducked on reaction so make use of this string carefully. l  LFS DF+3,F this is part of the four reasons why the blender exists.


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